4 Tactics That Get Great ROI From Your Website Traffic

4 Facebook Ad Tactics to Get Great ROI From Your Website Traffic

Ok, so you’ve got a website up and running, people are visiting your site, they leave and they never come back again. How can we re-engage with the people that leave? And more importantly how can we get the people that leave to come back and CONVERT! (buy something or sign up etc).

Don’t worry, Facebook have got you covered. Their tools for re-marketing are pretty robust and with the help of some nifty targeting and fancy advert types there are some pretty cool ways you can get great ROI from the people who visit your website.

Here are my 4 tactics you can use right now:

Tactic 1: 7 and 30-day traffic

Don’t delay, get the Facebook pixel on your website. It’s free, it takes a few minutes to set up and will unlock a vast realm of advertising options. The Facebook pixel is an incredible little snippet of code that goes on every page of your website.

It can track website visitors, people that have added products to the shopping cart, people that have converted, people who visit specific pages, the list of options is fantastic.


Facebook Website Audiences


Ok, you get it. The pixel’s great. Now what?

Set up your re-marketing audiences!

You need to create audiences from people who visit your website in the last 30 days and people who visit your website in the last 7 days.



People who visit in the last 7 days are the cream of the crop (I think that’s the saying). They are interested, warm and haven’t long left your website. You need to get your business in-front of them – now.

30-day traffic are less warm, but still interested. Show them some nice lifestyle images in a carousel ad format. Maybe even throw in an offer to entice them to come back. Trust me, they will.

Tactic 2 – Dynamic Ads

If you aren’t running dynamic ads your business will fail. I joke. But seriously they are very good.

You’ve seen it before. You go on Amazon, you look at a watch, a bracelet, a hairdryer and some new undies.

Those EXACT same products – the watch, bracelet, hairdryer and undies – appear in your newsfeed.

That advert was DYNAMICALLY created specifically for you!

It’s super tailored, its super bespoke and the conversions are often off the chart. 



Tactic 3 – Find more of your purchasers

You want and need to find more customers on Facebook. This is where we can really use the power of Facebooks algorithm to do some fancy work for us.

By using the Facebook pixel (as mentioned above), Facebook will track people who purchase products or service from your website (You can do the same for leads if lead gen is your focus).  This is called a purchase audience.

When your purchase audience begins to build Facebook will learn more about what type of customers you’re after and who the people are who are most likely to buy from you. This is where is starts to get really clever.

You can simply then ask Facebook to go out onto their platform and find more people who look similar to the people who have purchased from you already!

This is called a ‘purchase lookalike audience’ and most of the time, this is a great audience to find new leads and sales.



Get your purchase lookalike audience set up asap.

Tactic 4 – Be creative and get into the lifestyle groove

Too often I see businesses cranking out product pics in their adverts and hoping that people will buy. An old sales quote comes to mind “no one cares about you they care about themselves” (no idea who said it, but it makes perfect sense).

You need to get people to visualise themselves wearing or using your product… I’m gonna say that again, it’s important:

You need to get people to visualise themselves wearing or using your product.

Show them some lifestyle pics. Show them what the product looks like on, how it makes them feel when they use it, where they should use it. Put the product in a real, natural setting with the target audience using it.

This will connect them so much more with your product or service than a boring product pic. It will get more engagement and will get you more sales.

So there you have it. 4 great tactics to getting ROI using your website traffic. We use all these tactics in our agency and they work very well.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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