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4 Ways To Use Messenger To Grow Your Business

We all love using Messenger to get in touch with friends, but are we using it to it’s full potential to grow our businesses?  For those who have not yet embraced Messenger advertising, the time is now. Facebook’s research has highlighted that 63% of people are using Messenger more than they were two years ago, and that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message. These two factors combined make some serious sales potential. Not only this, but Messenger is used across all devices, and many people prefer online customer services, rather than speaking to people over the phone.

So, here’s a few ways you can start using Messenger to generate sales:

  1. Chat Bot

For the people who want to get involved, but with minimal time, a chat bot could be the perfect solution for you. By purchasing a monthly subscription, and simply downloading a bot, you can increase brand awareness and build up your customer databases without lifting a finger. Even for those of you who are able to spend time marketing through Messenger, we would highly recommend paying for a bot so that you can send customers messages on auto-pilot. 

Here, Forbes has put together a handy little list recommending the best ten bots for marketing.

  1. Messenger Destination Ads

Destination ads are ads which open up a conversation in Messenger where customers will see a message from your business. Similar to an ad that leads to a landing page, when a person sees your ad and decides to click on it they are taken out of Facebook and into Messenger where they are shown a greeting message. If a person is interested in what you have to offer they can select the call-to-action you provide as part of your ad set-up and move onto the next step of the sales process. Destination ads are a great way of increasing your customer database, as when they click on your CTA they are automatically added to your customer Messenger lists.


Facebook Marketplace


  1. Comment-to-Messenger Ads

The image above depicts a standard destination ad, but another useful form they come in is Comment-to-Messenger. This is the most beneficial way in Messenger to build up your customer database, as when people comment on your post they are automatically added to your Messenger customer list. By encouraging people to comment on your ads through competition giveaways and other instructions, you really increase the reach of your adverts and therefore reduce your pay-per-click costs. You will most likely get a lower conversion rate through these than the standard destination ads though, as you will be messaging people that haven’t been directly engaged with your business yet.

  1. Message your subscribers

Through a combination of an ad bot as mentioned in step one, and your now built up Messenger customer database from steps two and three, you can set up conversation flows to increase customer engagement. Based on where in the conversation flows people end up, you can see the amount of warm and cold leads you have generated, and send customised messages to customers depending on how close they are to purchasing. This is a great technique to increase your sales. Remember, all communication in Messenger should be short but sweet.

It’s as easy as that…

The bottom line here is that Messenger has so many users, and there are so many different user-friendly features for your business to use, that it’s really worth your while to give it a go.

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