Beyond Facebook, Meet the people who are going to love your Ads

Beyond Facebook; Meet the people who’ll love your Facebook Ads

I’m pleased to share that Facebook Ads have yet another great tool in their advertising arsenal. While you could previously show off your Ads solely to Facebook’s ginormous audience, you can also stretch to people outside of Facebook.

If you’ve run a Facebook Ad you might have noticed a tick box for Audience Network, otherwise known as FAN, unknown to some, Facebook can feed ads to other mobile websites and Apps, expanding your reach. The sky is the limit!

Why does your business need it?

So you’re in the swing of things – benefiting from Facebooks Ads personal touch; they’re relevant and easy to measure both from your desktop and mobile. Things are going well – you’re seeing growth and profits based on your brilliantly executed Facebook campaigns, but what if Facebook could bring this to you on an even larger scale?

RESULTS AUDIENCE NETWORKThey say globally people spend roughly an hour on Facebook every day, but that doesn’t mean they’ve switched off the net completely, they may be searching elsewhere for exactly what you can offer them.

“FAN” enables your brand to extend your Facebook campaigns off of Facebook’s network, but with continuing to target the people that matter to you. Keeping all the information you’ve collected; your custom audience, core audiences and lookalike audiences.

And Facebook does it all for you!

For ads on Facebook, using the Audience Network takes just one click. The Audience Network will be available in all ad interfaces, as well as the API.

Once a campaign is running in the Audience Network, Facebook’s system handles optimisation and delivery.

Also to help deliver the best ads possible, the Audience Network supports captivating and valuable formats, like custom native units for display and video, as well as standard interstitial and banner formats.

THREE EXAMPLES OF ADVERTS ON FACEBOOK What are Native ads? They are highly flexible formats that complement the design of your app, so they look less like traditional ads and more like an engaging piece of content.

A Interstitial ad? It is a full screen ad that you can show in your app.

And finally, a Banner ad? These small rectangular advertisements appear on all sorts of Web pages and vary considerably in appearance and subject matter.  They all share a basic function: if you click on them, your Internet browser will take you to the advertiser’s Web site.

You don’t need to make any new creative, the Audience Network uses the same images you already used. Whatever the format, there’s nothing else to upload.

How do you know it’s working?

You can see for yourself; the results from Facebook campaigns and Audience Network campaigns can be separated to show what’s working, and results can be reviewed thoroughly.

It has all the same measurement tools you’ve already used for your Facebook ads.

Mark Silverstein, Head of Business Development at HuffPost, shares how they’re able to provide both a great content and ad experience with a multitude of Audience Network formats including native ads, in-stream video, and Instant Articles. See the article here and quote below.

We found with Audience Network both the click through rate is strong and the retention in our app is strong. For our mobile app experience, Audience Network has driven 42% of our mobile app display revenue, which we find is very successful.

With Facebook SDK (a kit of tools and libraries that help in development of a software) or by working with a mobile measurement partner. Marketers can measure app engagements and conversions, demographic information and more.

‘In past tests, Audience Network Ads helped the US Navy increase their campaign reach by 33%, which is incredibly substantial when you think about what those numbers are. Rosetta stone digital marketing director TJ Hunter echoed this, noticing that these ads were highly successful in driving users to install their mobile app and reducing cost-per-impression by 40% while reaching users whose engagement and likelihood to purchase was 30% higher than “comparable” platforms.’ Ryan Shaw

More ads, apps and publishers are joining the system, which will also increase performance throughout the next few years. Watch this space!

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