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This is the latest update on Facebook dynamic ads

Picture the scene – a potential customer has been clicking through website after website, searching high and low for that perfect birthday gift for their impossible-to-buy-for other half. They’ve settled on clothing (which is what your business sells), but no matter where they look, there just doesn’t seem to be anything they think their partner would like, and they’re not sure where to turn next to find that perfect dress. They’ve not heard about your business before, so they have no reason to seek you out.

It’s a familiar scenario. You know that you’ve got a dress in stock that is just what they’re looking for but other than through pure luck or a recommendation, there’s little chance that the browser will stumble across your site.

This is where the latest Facebook dynamic ads update comes into its own.

So whats new with Dynamic ads?

Originally, dynamic ads allowed advertisers to show off their products to potential customers who had already interacted with their website. So, if you’d been looking for shoes on Topshop earlier in the day, then your Facebook page might start showing you a selection of these shoes on your feed.

Sounds good, right? Relevant advertising is much more likely to earn you a click through and it’s an easy way of nudging somebody who’s already aware of your brand that they might want to return and make a purchase. It’s called ‘remarketing’ and is undoubtedly effective.

However, the updated dynamic ads offer something a little bit different and potentially something that might work a little bit better for you. The new adverts don’t limit your advertising potential to just those who have previously engaged with your site. Instead, if somebody has been looking through multiple women’s clothing websites (to no avail) or their Facebook activity suggests they’re interested in buying some new jeans, then Facebook will recognise them as a good candidate for a dynamic advert for women’s clothing.

All of a sudden, your brand or business is opened up to a whole new audience – or, as Facebook is calling it, a ‘broad audience’. To reach this audience, you can target your ads to people based on their age, gender and location. You can even choose to include some people who have previously interacted with your website but exclude those who’ve purchased something from you in, say, the past week. It’s a flexible system that we think has huge potential for large and small businesses alike.

Our conclusion…

We think that the major benefit to the new update, which is gradually rolling out, is that it offers much greater personalisation for customers, as well as helping you to reach previously inaccessible audiences. We feel confident in saying that this update is just the tip of the iceberg and we’ll be seeing more and more of this sort of targeted advertising in the future – stay tuned to the blog for future developments!

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