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Forcewear Facebook Advertising Case Study

We took a military-themed apparel store from an inconsistent £300/day revenue side-project to rock-solid £5000/day machine… until we had to slow down for the client to buy new premises, machinery and hire new staff to keep up with demand.


This apparel brand is an online store owned and operated by veterans, offering high quality military-themed apparel and accessories. Their designs sport emblems, weapons and words steeped in military culture, and that legitimacy has built them a fiercely loyal following.


With thousands of happy customers, a highly trained squad of ex-military veteran employees and a host of charities and groups they support, Force Wear is doing an exceptional job of lifting up those that serve in Her Majesty’s forces.

The Onboarding

This was originally a passion project, on the side. The client told us during onboarding that it wasn’t necessarily where they spent a lot of their time, but they couldn’t deny its warm reception and strong conversion rate.


They were looking for someone that could harness their raw potential.


When they came to us…

  • They had boosted occasional posts on Facebook and Instagram for engagement but had never run a conversion-optimised campaign.
  • Their store was built in the BigCommerce ecommerce platform, which was causing them a lot of problems, including bad tracking on their website pixel.
  • They saw semi-regular organic sales of a few hundred £GBP, especially when announcing new designs.

In short, they were seeing good results on a small scale, but it was a hamster wheel – they had to keep churning out new designs and had no way to build momentum or reach new customers at will.

Low Hanging Fruit

Despite all the work they’d put in to warm up their audience and give their page followers a good experience, they were unaware of how to capitalise. As a result, our ads came rocketing out the gate with hundreds of purchases under £4 (our breakeven Cost Per Purchase was £20).

Website Overhaul

In reality we were bringing more purchases than this – our tracking was still missing conversions. The client had consulted with several expensive BigCommerce experts in trying to fix their site, so instead of fighting an uphill battle we guided them through migrating their BigCommerce site onto the Shopify ecommerce platform. Shopify allowed them to very quickly spec out a revised store, and the Shopify App Store enabled them to implement a complete set of custom features with minimal development time.


This was important because their space is hyper competitive – military types are passionate and don’t mess around. Force Wear’s customer base lives cramped together in barracks, so word gets around quick when they have poor experiences.


Facebook’s advertising auction is a volatile thing. If more people are spending that day, traffic quality can suffer. The site, on the other hand, is something entirely under our control.


If we create a more attractive, more conversion-optimised site, with great product offers, clean navigation, engaging apps, and just-in-time upsells – we can spend more than the competition and bully them out of the auction.

Maxing Out

We had to reduce spend early on as you can see on the spend chart, as we’d gotten them too many orders and they were moving premises to accommodate all the extra business. They’d recently risen their original ROAS target of 1.5 up to 4.5 in the short term so they could continue to be making profits while moving to a bigger place, buying new manufacturing equipment, and bringing on extra staff to accommodate our success, and we continued to bring them this profit despite the large jump in requirement.


A big part of our success this month was in celebrating D-Day’s 75th anniversary, and a lot of the sales came from promoting our D-Day shirt design (this continues to sell pretty well even though the anniversary was on 6th of June)

You can see the great ROAS around that time at the start of the month. We had to also shut down ads for the t-shirt around the date to make sure there’d be no disappointment for people that saw the ad too late and didn’t get their t-shirt in time.

Here is an interview with PR & Marketing Manager Simon Cooper about what his experience was like working with Upbeat Agency:

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