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Beyond Facebook; Meet the people who’ll love your Facebook Ads

I’m pleased to share that Facebook Ads have yet another great tool in their advertising arsenal. While you could previously show off your Ads solely to Facebook’s ginormous audience, you can also stretch to people outside of Facebook. If you’ve run a Facebook Ad you might have noticed a tick box for Audience Network, otherwise …

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Don’t build an email list… Build a Messenger list!

Something big has happened in Facebook Messenger that we’re keen to shout about. It’s very important for all the business’ we work with.  It’s so important that it can and should be part of your forward strategies for marketing on social; Facebook are now allowing marketers and business owners to tap into its GIGANTIC network …

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Retro TV

Showtime on Facebook

These days we are glued to the devices we carry in our pockets, watching TV shows, movies, documentaries (whatever we can!) more than ever. This trend has only just come about in the last ten years or so. We’re currently using the likes of YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Netflix for our binge-watching. Now it’s show time for Facebook, and this could potentially be the only place you’ll need to go to watch videos! Facebook have introduced Facebook Watch, launched last month, …

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superfan facebook

Facebook Groups for Pages

Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Groups for Pages, allowing brands, businesses, and artists to connect and communicate with their super-fans.  Before going into what Facebook Groups for Pages actually means, can I please start (just to keep a clear head!) with the difference between  Facebook Groups and Pages…  So, like a friend’s profile, Facebook pages mean that businesses, organisations and other entities can create an …

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Custom Audience

Engagement Custom Audiences on Facebook

Okay, so what is an Engagement Custom Audience? (sounds fancy I know!)  Firstly, we need to figure out what Facebook means when referring to “engagement”.  Facebook has defined this as post clicks, likes, shares and comments. So now that we have that covered.     An engagement audience is an audience made up of all the people that “engage” with any of your content on Facebook.  By creating these audiences, you …

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Facebook Messenger Advertising

More Space for Social Advertising in Facebook Messenger

With Facebook running out of ad space on its news feed, they are now beginning to place advertisements on other areas of their platforms, hoping that this will boost their income.   According to a report in ReCode, Facebook has determined that it can’t put more ads into users’ feeds without harming their experience. “The industry term for this is ratio of …

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