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Facebook is introducing 3D photos

A new immersive format has been introduced to Facebook in the form of 3D photographs, and before long we will be able to add these to our News Feed. This is another piece of awesome tech coming from the giant in a year that we’ve already seen other immersive technology such as augmented reality added to Messenger bots and augmented reality ads brought to our News Feed.

Whilst this is exciting news for everyone, it’s even more so for e-commerce stores. Here’s a couple of ways that we think 3D images can help your business:

  • Bring your products to life – 3D pictures are instantly going to catch the attention of someone browsing their News Feed
  • Make it easier to advertise your less photogenic products – some products just aren’t as photogenic as others, meaning that more time goes into planning creative and we can sometimes feel limited with our advertising options. With 3D images, products will immediately look better, making it easier to sell.

The technology works by capturing the distance between the subject in the foreground and background, so a dual-lens camera is necessary*.

You have to take a photo in portrait mode first, then you can share it in the Facebook app by selecting the “3D Photo” option.

How to add a 3D picture to your News Feed

How to Create 3D Photos

We presented the 3D photos feature and now we're handing the creativity off to you! We can't wait to see what you come up with. If you need a little help getting started, check out our video on how to post a 3D photo. What are you excited to bring to life using this immersive format?

Posted by Facebook 360 on Thursday, 11 October 2018


A few tips

  1. Create a few feet of distance between you and your subject and have another item in front or behind your subject (or both) to help your camera build the 3D perspective
  2. Don’t use blank backgrounds, it doesn’t look as effective
  3. Use a background that contrasts in colour to what you are photographing. This will make the 3D effect much more noticeable
  4. Be aware of texture. Shiny items won’t photograph as well, whereas things with hard edges will produce a higher-quality image.

*3D photos will only be available to those of you with a 7+ or newer model of iPhone.

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