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Get More Traffic With Local Awareness Ads

If you’ve just set up a women’s clothing shop in the heart of the trendy East End of London, then the chances are that you have a specific audience in mind – both in terms of age and gender, as well as geographical location. In other words, if John in Aberdeen sees your advert on his Facebook feed, the likelihood is that he won’t be popping down to make a purchase any time soon.


Promote Business Locally


However, if Chloe from Brixton sees what you’re offering and it’s just her style, then a sale could be on the cards. This is where Local Awareness Ads come into their own.

These adverts, hosted on Facebook, allow local businesses to reach audiences who are within their neighbourhood – boosting their chances of generating interest.


Local Awareness Ads Setup


The adverts let you choose the age range, gender and radius you want to cover. Once your advert has been seen, the idea is that the Facebook user can then connect with your business via a call to action button.



They could get directions to your shop, call your business in just one click, send you a private message for more information or ‘learn more’ by clicking through to a particular page on your website.

As part of the advert, you can also choose to share helpful contextual information with the Facebook user. This might be a map pin for your business, the distance to your business, or your opening hours.



The ads also give you the chance to highlight promotions that would be of more interest to somebody close by – an instore flash sale will be more relevant to somebody who lives just a few miles away, for example, than to someone in a different city.

Crucially, Local Awareness Ads are all about personalisation – whether that be by age range, gender or radius.


The advantages…

Potential customers will see adverts that are aimed at them and where they live, rather than ones that aren’t relevant to them.



It means that John won’t be frustrated by seeing adverts for shops that are too far away from his Aberdeen home or irrelevant to his age bracket, and Chloe will be first through the door of your clothing shop and pleased to have found a gem of a store that’s near to where she lives, that she can then share with her friends.

These ads also mean that you don’t waste your marketing money. Instead, the adverts target those who are close by and in the demographic that you want to attract.

Facebook has recognised that a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply isn’t effective for every business.


Local Awarness Ads- Get directions


By considering the variety of advertising options available to you, including local awareness ads, you’ll get more bang out of your advertising budget buck and end up with higher returns.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it, leave us a comment with your thoughts on Local Awareness Ads.


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