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How To Get The Best From Facebook Video

We all have those friends who love to share the latest viral Facebook video, whether it be a litter of fluffy puppies or the newest heart-warming John Lewis advert. As the view counts show, these videos are hugely shareable, and find their way onto multiple people’s newsfeeds.


You might be thinking that it’s all well and good for big name brands with huge production teams dedicated to creating online video – they’ve got the resources to create viral hits every week, after all. Can Facebook video really help your business in the same way?

The answer, we’re pleased to say, is yes. Here’s how.



Whose opinion do you value the most – that of a business owner or that of a friend who has tried a product and enjoyed it so much that they want to tell you about it? Chances are, you’re going to listen to the friend over the business. As such, video testimonials are powerful tools – they don’t have to be long, can be easily shot on smartphones, and will provide you with ringing endorsements and boosted credibility.



Video analytics

We love all things data – in our opinion, it’s what makes the world go round. With Facebook video, you can learn about how viewers are engaging with your content – that could be anything from how many unique views it has had to how many watched the majority of the clip.

If you know this, you’ll be better positioned to create content that is likely to be watched to the end and shared with friends. As an aside, it can also be a good move to create scaled down versions of longer videos for Facebook – so a 30-second ‘teaser’ of a fuller video that can then be linked to.




Video ads are among the best performing ads on Facebook – it seems silly not to take advantage of that. If you’ve created a video that you’re particularly proud of and think will really help to bring in new customers then it is definitely a smart move to create a Facebook video ad.

The ad element will give your clip the little boost that it might need to reach new people. We suggest you think carefully about the call to action link you use on these ads – what does the video say and what’s the goal of it? If you can nail this, you’ll be sure to see the results.





Playlists can be particularly useful if you’ve created a series of videos that follow on from each other – the likelihood of a user trawling back through your posts for the start of a series is low, after all. Pop the videos in a playlist and all of a sudden it’s much easier for a user to engage with multiple videos, boosting the chances of engagement and increasing your views.


Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook – all of them have recognised that video should be championed. It’s easy to watch, easy to share and, when used properly, it’s an easy tool to help you increase engagement with your business.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog post – Let us know your thought by leaving a comment below.

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