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Key factors for Facebook post engagement in 2019

Key factors for Facebook post engagement in 2019

Long gone are those early days of Social Media, when you were able to get your post instantly in front of your fans on Facebook. Today it might seem like a hard task if you don’t have a direct relationship with your audience. To reach your page fans and customers on an organic level is increasingly harder due to Facebook’s and Instagram’s constantly changing social landscape.

Year after year the studies have revealed that one of the most important factors in Facebook’s ranking algorithm is engagement. When your post gets more engagement, it is going to be highly favoured in the algorithm, increasing your reach. Increased organic reach means that you have to spend fewer pounds to reach your target audience.

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Next time you are crafting together the perfect post in your Facebook Business Page, keep in mind these factors to skyrocket engagement to new levels:

The Best Type of Facebook Post

It is not a big surprise that the best type of Facebook post is Video format. Video posts have made their way to the top, and there is no reason why this would change in anytime soon. Facebook places a lot of importance on video format, due to its way to create more meaningful interactions with users – and this is exactly what Facebook is aiming for on its platform.

If you want to impress your audience, you should be focusing on creating a vertical video. The Buffer study found 79 percent of the users to choose vertical video format over horizontal content. 65 percent of the users also thought that companies using vertical video content are “more innovative”.

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For our extensive guide on choosing the best placements and video formats, click here.

The Best Time and Day to Post on Facebook

This question is probably as old as the platform itself, and the best way to start is to try out when your audience is the most active since this differs significantly depending on the industry and users’ habits.

It is good to remember that this is only general guidance and it is recommended to test what is working with your audience. In any case, save some of your best content for these hours and try testing it against the hours you normally post.

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According to the study, you might not want to skip posting content on the weekend. The study reveals that engagement increases towards the weekend, Saturday and Sunday providing the most engagement. If you have been only posting from Monday to Friday, you are probably missing out the best days to engage with your audience.

For a more in-depth look into when your users are active, we strongly recommend using the ‘Insights’ tab, available on both Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to this incredible feature you can be better informed about when your audience is online and plan accordingly.

Facebook Insights Tab

Facebook Posts TabOn the left-hand side click “Posts” where you’ll be presented with a bar chart and graph displaying the times of day your fans are online. 

The Optimal length of a Facebook Post

As you might have noticed, what comes to Facebook post length, we can agree that “less is more”. You need to be able to grab people’s attention quickly, and this means up to 50 characters in the Facebook Post copy.

After all, it is important to think also why engagement has decreased in general, it is not only the algorithm but the increasing competition and quality content across the platform. Top pages are posting a lot more content and audiences not only appreciate but most likely expect higher standard quality content. So even if you are posting less content, keep in mind to focus on the quality of it.

What motivates Facebook engagement?

A New York Times study from 2011 concluded that people shared information online for 5 primary reasons…

To delight others with valuable & entertaining content; to identify and present ourselves to others; to foster relationships; for self-fulfilment; for spreading the word about issues, products and brands.

When it comes to Facebook engagement in relation to a marketing strategy, the idea is to “Edutain” your audience, a suggestion made by Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith. A good Facebook strategy will include posts of varying nature, with individual purposes. Your Facebook strategy should be fully integrated with your overall marketing plan.

One example of this is planning Facebook posts to nurture your Facebook audience by getting them to subscribe to an email list, visit your site or try a product. This is when calls-to-action identifies to your audience what the next step should be and encourages them to move closer to your eventual goal. Sometimes posts can simply be helpful. Not everyone will want to engage with requests for their time, attention or money.

What will your 2019 social media plan look like? How can you weave the highest engaging topics into your social calendar, in the most engaging post formats? Hopefully, you will now have a renewed idea of considerations for posting on Facebook, as well as some inspiration for your own social posting.

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