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Leveraging Instagram Stories for Business

Introduced in 2013, Instagram stories have become an essential feature to the platform offering users and businesses the ability to share a vertical, full-screen post that disappears after 24 hours. In January 2019 Instagram reported that 500 million Instagram accounts use stories every day. It’s clear that Instagram stories opportunities are for the taking!

Instagram Stories mobile

Located on the top of the screen on mobile and the right-hand side on desktop, these mini insights into people’s lives are easily accessible, and simply require a tap to progress to the next story.

Instagram Stories desktop

With multiple different ways to take photos and video and additional “stickers” to add once taken, there are several ways Instagram users can interact with one another. Users can add their location; tag a friend or business; add a hashtag; add a GIF; add the time; create a poll; be asked questions; add a countdown; add a rating slider; ask a quiz; add the temperature; take an extra photo. When it comes to Instagram stories ads the focus is on vertically optimised content, ideally video, to capture the attention of your audience. According to internal Instagram data 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses, with 50% of businesses worldwide creating at least one story in a typical month.

Instagram Stories assets

German fashion brand JOOP! partnered with influencer Toni Mahfud to create an engaging Instagram stories video campaign offering users the chance to win a signed t-shirt from the Toni Mahfud x JOOP! collection. The video focused around this campaign, displaying the range clearly, keeping both Toni and the collection in clear view. During the campaign’s duration from April 7th – May 20th 2018 campaign ad recall increased by 60% and the cost per person reached decreased by 27%.

Similarly, Dineout India created a series of Instagram stories campaign with the objective of app installs. The ads focused around the kinds of food and drink diners might experience at one of the restaurants they could book through the Dineout app, as well as including an enticing offer. This campaign ran for 5 months between July and December 2018, resulting in a 17% decrease in cost per app install and a 39% decrease in cost per purchase.

Toni Mahfud Instagram story

These campaigns were Instagram stories at their most basic too. 60% of businesses on Instagram use an interactive element in their organic stories every month. It’s no wonder then why Instagram has now introduced these engaging features to stories ads! Beginning with just the polling sticker, this new era of Instagram interactivity will help bring users and businesses closer together. Not only will you gain a better insight into your customer but in 9 out of 10 of the beta campaigns, the polling sticker increased three-second video views. Dunkin’ even achieved a 20% lower cost per video view with the polling sticker and Next Games’ poll drove 40% more app installs.

Dineout India Instagram story

The best part is, it’s no more difficult to add a poll to an Instagram story. Start by selecting just stories in the placements section at the ad set level.

Facebook Ads Ad Set Level

Then, when you come to the ad creative you will have the option to add an interactive poll. Simply tick the box and fill out the question, options, shape and position of the sticker.

Facebook Ads Ad Level

Instagram stories offers businesses the ability to be both creative and interactive when creating a new ad campaign. How will you leverage Instagram stories ads to your advantage? Perhaps you have a burning question you want to ask your audience, add a poll and find out! Maybe you’re not seeing the results you want, but notice you have better results on Instagram. Why not try an Instagram story optimised ad to tap into that particular audience? Here at Upbeat, we’re excited to see what Instagram adds next and how this could be used in some dynamic ad campaigns!

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