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Messenger marketing – the untapped gold mine

Just last month our CEO and founder, Jordan, travelled to Sweden to deliver a talk on the power of Messenger marketing.

As it stands, Messenger is largely considered the untapped gold mine of Facebook’s marketing suite. The figures, however, speak for themselves. Messenger boasts an impressive 1.3 billion monthly users sending 8 billion messages every month, with 53% of people more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. With an audience of this size, it’s likely that your customers are not only on Messenger but using it every day.

Taking advantage of Messenger’s potential can begin with something as small as adding a snippet of code to your website. This one snippet of code will embed a Messenger bot to your website, giving your customers a direct line of contact with you and your business. Apart from being there as a port of call for customer service, if the user opts in to receive cart updates then these Messenger bots also have the power to send abandoned cart messages.

Perhaps you are looking for an alternative way to generate leads or fancy testing a new landing page? This is another fantastic use of Messenger bots allowing users to receive updates through Messenger, whilst simultaneously being added to your Messenger list. Not dissimilar from an email list, your Messenger list is more powerful and more active, with Messenger broadcasts boasting an incredible 90%+ open rates and 60%+ click-through rates.

Messenger bots can also become an integral part of your Facebook ad campaigns. Creating an ad with the objective of receiving messages will send people directly to Messenger in an open chat with your business, which they can begin to engage with.

And as Facebook introduces more and more features to Messenger, you and your business can leverage these in new and exciting ways to engage your audience. One of the most intriguing examples is of Nike’s launch of this feature, whereby messaging @NikeSNKRS on Messenger a unique code, an AR filter for a pair of basketball shoes was unlocked. Nike and Messenger even provided the ability to purchase direct from Messenger. Thankfully both AR filters and the ability to purchase are commonplace in Messenger.

With Messenger the importance lies with asking questions, engaging the user and be real – use a bot and address them directly for that personal touch. Once you have engaged and built up a relationship you are in a prime position to finalise the sale, send them an offer every now and again, remembering to be interactive and fun.

Finally, be nice or be banned, Facebook does not look kindly on those who spam! Some businesses have had their entire Facebook presence wiped for not following the rules, be wary of the messages you send and don’t overdo it.

There are thousands of possibilities with Messenger and Chatbots, including the ability to send links and share videos. What special way could you use Messenger bots to benefit your business? We hope we have inspired you to think outside the bot. Let us know in the comments below how you have used bots to your benefit. Check out Jordan’s talk below.



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