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Messenger News at Facebook F8

For the past few days here at Upbeat we’ve been glued to Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose. Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech declared the “future is private” before proceeding to focus heavily around Messenger news.

One thing is clear, the Messenger app is going to become a far bigger tool in Facebook’s arsenal. For starters, the Messenger app will soon have its own news feed and Messenger will become a secondary, more personal social network for friends and family. It can, therefore, be assumed that more and more time will be spent on Messenger, meaning that businesses without chatbots are at risk of being left in the dust.


Messenger Facebook F8


On top of this, Facebook are launching “Operation Lightspeed” – their plan to improve Messenger’s usability, making it a smaller app size and reducing load time by 1.3 seconds, as well as introducing end-to-end encryption by default. All of these updates to Messenger will lead to higher levels of engagement and will, in turn, mean that businesses using Messenger marketing will have an advantage and experience far more successful Messenger ad campaigns.


Messenger Facebook F8


Also worth noting is the announcement of a Messenger desktop app, something Whatsapp has had for quite some time. Simply put, this opens up yet another way of communicating with your customers through Messenger. It would be safe to assume that this will further increase the amount of time spent on Messenger, and benefit the success of Messenger marketing campaigns.


Desktop Messenger [Facebook F8]


Another feature worth taking note of is the announcement that Messenger users will be able to message contacts on WhatsApp and Instagram and vice versa. This move towards multi-channel compatibility will not only increase the reach of these 3 apps but will allow businesses to leverage the use of chatbots for this enlarged audience. Think of the potential customers who may not have Instagram or Facebook but do have WhatsApp that you might be able to reach with this messaging platform matrimony.


Mark Zuckerberg [Messenger Facebook F8]


This is also a signal that we could be entering an era where email marketing becomes inferior to this holy trinity, with chatbots receiving far superior open and click rates. Due to the varying email services people use, it has often meant that businesses haven’t had a viable alternative for business-to-consumer communication. This is beneficial for both users and businesses, as it would give businesses the power to reach most internet users while eliminating the spam consumers receive because Facebook requires opt-in for messages from businesses.


Messenger Facebook F8


Messenger will also provide new lead generation in Ads Manager, allowing businesses to drive customers to a Messenger Q&A sequence. This will then, in turn, allow businesses to segment customers and provide a more personalised experience. Just imagine the power of a Messenger Q&A form that leads into a chatbot that provides a tailored selection of products for the user, for example. Powerful stuff. Thanks to an independently designed lead generation sequence, put together by General Motors, the success of their lead generation campaigns increased by 30%, creating 3,000 leads in 8 weeks. Take a look below at how Original Coast Clothing used theirs.


Messenger Examples


In addition to this, Messenger will also natively be able to book appointments with businesses, making this task easier and further streamlining this new Messenger experience. This new booking interface can be integrated into a business’ calendar, seamlessly pulling through new bookings and allow customers to check for availability. Beauty brand Sephora created an appointment booking function on Messenger, increasing store bookings by 60% in comparison to alternative channels. Check out how Auto Galleria are using this to book test drives below.


Messenger Examples


It is without a shadow of a doubt that Messenger is going to be HUGE. It’s not only going to become a formidable app in its own right but will advance Facebook’s advertising capabilities making it essential for businesses and personal for customers.

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