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Things are getting exciting for businesses using Instagram at the moment. With more than 200 million daily active Instagrammers visiting an Instagram business profile each day its unsurprising that the platform’s attention has turned to harmonising the interactions between businesses and consumers. Here’s what you should be keeping your eyes peeled for.

Inbox simplification

Direct Messenger is a big hit on Instagram. Over 150 million people converse with businesses through this tool each month, a third of which are through Instagram stories. This month, Instagram decided to streamline this process to make it easier for businesses using Instagram Direct. You can now expect to see new customer messages in your Direct inbox rather than your pending folder. This update is accompanied by a new starring feature which lets you mark conversations you want to go back to later and a filter feature too. We particularly love ‘Quick replies’ which are currently being tested and allow you to easily respond to frequently asked questions.

These changes will make it much easier for customers to contact businesses as they can send messages with ease without having to leave the app to send an email.



Making the move from discovery to action

Continuing with the streamlined in-app functionality, Instagram’s new action buttons make it easier for customers to make the transition from discovery to action. As people interact with businesses on the platform they are now able to complete a series of actions such as Book, Start Order, Reserve or Get Tickets. This is only available to some brands at the moment but is definitely something to get excited about! You can learn more here.




Relevant businesses are also able to add action buttons to their Facebook pages, so you should also look at enabling the feature there.

Get involved

It’s safe to say that both of these features are a clear nod to businesses that Instagram takes its platform serious as a place for business to be done, and that it is committed to making it easier for businesses to operate on the platform moving forwards. Make sure you check out the new features and if you haven’t created an Instagram business profile yet, set one up here.

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