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How to produce high-quality creative for Facebook Ads

We’ve recently had another creative shoot at Upbeat Agency, which makes it a great time to share our top tips on producing content.

Content production can be one of the most fun parts of advertising, but whilst it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing you need to make sure you spend your day working towards something that will be of value to your business. After all, without the right creative even the best targeting options won’t produce the results you’re looking for.


As ever, preparation is key. You need to have a strategy in place before you get the camera out of the bag. This doesn’t go to say that every minute has to be planned out, but it does mean that you need to know a few things before you start.

Know your business goals

You need to know what you are aiming to achieve with your time. After all, without this how are you supposed to know if things are going well or if you need to make any changes? Identifying the purpose of your advertising gives you direction from the get go. Different objectives will require different images, copy and everything in between. So, ask yourself, are you aiming for increased website traffic, increased sales, or increased brand awareness?

Upbeat Creative

Jordan and Desislav iron out the final details of the preparation plan before the shoot

Hopefully, this part of your preparation won’t be too difficult as you should know who your business’s target audience is. However, for brands which have different ranges or that sell to a variety of people you may need to give things a bit more thought. This point is crucial, as knowing your audience is the defining point of stylising your ad.

Things to consider here are age brackets, location demographics, gender, interests, and anything else that may make someone typically interested in your product identifiable.

Know your topic

Knowing your business goal and target audience will make it much easier to decide on a topic for your ad. For example, featuring an employee or a behind the scenes will help build identity and trust with your brand, whilst featuring a new product may keep people within your sphere of influence for longer and attract customers back to your product pages. Other options include featuring tutorials to show off product benefits, or have a more generalised lifestyle topic to try and encourage new people to your website.

Upbeat Creative

Our model is briefed on how to present the product

  • Arrange your products to make them aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching (a favourite for jewellery and stationery marketers)
  • Showcase the best of your produce (this works extremely well for restaurants
  • Use people like those in your target audience using your product or service

Upbeat Creative

Joe taking a well-earned break part way through the shoot

Create high-quality images

This doesn’t mean you need to have the best camera out there and spend hundreds on shooting equipment – your smartphone is more than capable of taking a good shot. What this does mean is that you need to care about the image you are producing. Ensure you avoid low-resolution images, blurry images and clip or stock art. Always take photos in good light with the image size specifications in mind for the ad you are building e.g. square, rectangle.

Try not to have too many things crowding your frame and feel free to use filters to enhance your images.

Upbeat Creative

Some of the team setting up the shot and getting the lighting right

Writing copy

Apart from the obvious of spell-checking, there are a few simple tips you can follow to write effective text for a Facebook or Instagram post.

Tone of voice

Be sure to convey your brand’s personality through the tone of voice you choose to use. Whatever your voice, ensure it’s consistent.

The images below demonstrate how a range of voices can present the same image to appeal to a variety of audiences e.g. high end, sports-themed and family friendly restaurants.

When considering what tone of voice to use, put yourself in the shoes of your core audience and think about what is important to them.

Upbeat Creative

Be concise

People never spend long looking at a single post in their News Feed, so make sure you include the important information and not much more. Too much text will be off-putting and detract from the overall point of the post. Get the key information in at the start and make sure you include any specific call to actions you want from consumers e.g. visit the store or website, or call now.


Having a plan of action will always make it easier to get the most out of your creative. Every decision you make should be with your target audience in mind, putting yourself in their shoes to create content that they care about. Equally important is staying true to your brand identity and being consistent with your tone and style. Not to mention, ensuring that the images you take are of a high-quality with the right lighting. Taking these things into consideration will stand you in good stead for creating high-quality content for your Facebook and Instagram adverts.

In the meantime, here are a few more behind the scenes from our shoot.

Upbeat Creative

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