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These days we are glued to the devices we carry in our pockets, watching TV shows, movies, documentaries (whatever we can!) more than ever. This trend has only just come about in the last ten years or so. We’re currently using the likes of YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Netflix for our binge-watching. Now it’s show time for Facebook, and this could potentially be the only place you’ll need to go to watch videos!

Facebook have introduced Facebook Watch, launched last month, a new platform for shows on Facebook. Watch will be available on mobile, desktop and laptop, and in TV apps. It will feature shows following a theme or storyline, it will be a series of episodes that are live or recorded. 

It’s a platform in order to give support to creators and publishers.  A great way for them to connect with their audiences, build their communities, and make a profit for the great work they are producing. 

Facebook users currently search for shows, stumble upon videos in their news feed, get recommended via their friends and family, but now they can also subscribe to your favourite shows.  

Facebook WatchFacebook have discovered through their own progress that people like to share reactions to video’s as part of their experience, they like to converse with other fans, or connect with friends with similar interests. So as you’re watching the show you can see comments and reactions, even becoming a part of loyal Facebook Group for the show. Each show in Watch will have its own dedicated Facebook page, through which publishers will be able to share new episodes and other content, such as web articles. 

It’s personalised 

Watch has a Watchlist which will help you locate new shows. This also helps you ensure you never miss the shows you love, and it will keep you up-to-date with the latest episode. 

Facebook is offering a range of different options for discovering video content, including a carousel of featured programs, and sections like “Today’s Spotlight”, “New This Week”, “Popular Now”, “What Friends Are Watching”, “Most Talked About”, “Suggested For You”, and a special “10 Minutes Or More” spot for long-form videos. via 

Great examples of how this may work.. 

Live Events  

It might be for a sports event, music events or something that brings a community together.   

Personally I love watching the highlights of Glastonbury – I’d love to watch that live from my Facebook account (perhaps on my commute in and out of town). 


I came across a nice example in the USA that is going to be streamed on Facebook, ‘Returning the Favor’,  a series hosted by Mike Rowe where he finds people doing something extraordinary for their community, tells the world about it, and in turn does something extraordinary for them. Candidates are nominated by Mike’s fans on Facebook. There’s more information on this and other examples here 

Shows having a consistent theme  

This could be a cooking show – perhaps Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, (not that he needs an introduction)  but Jamie can show you how to make a main meal, side and even a pudding in the time you’d normally spend on one dish!’ 

Or how about a Fashion theme, whether it’s seasonal, or daily inspiration on what to wear that day. 

Shows connecting directly with fans  

Shows where the host can answer questions directly from viewers. Could be great for say personal trainers like Joe Wicks, a man on a mission to rescue people from the awful dieting industry.  

Perhaps with new game show or reality shows where the public decide who stays or leaves the series. 

Here’s a great video showing how this works…

Facebook will interestingly welcome submissions from any of it’s user-base:  

Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice-president of partnerships, told Variety “Anybody is going to be able to create shows for Watch, as long as they meet our community guidelines,” he said.  

I’m not sure about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing what type of shows will be aired and whether perhaps Facebook can compete with the existing heavy weights of video streaming.

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