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Tenpin Case Study

Client Overview

Tenpin are a national bowling company with locations all over the UK. They wanted to use Paid Social to drive bookings on a location specific basis. The team were able to successfully drive up booking by targeting specific areas with tailored promotions and prices. 

Our team will review your business objectives, competitors, product offering and put together a solid strategy about how you get the best results in your marketplace. This will be converted into a design-and-build plan then the execution will begin.
  • Fully understanding the objectives of the store and offering
  • Analyse existing data to see what are the existing issues
  • Put a strategy in place that is designed for maximum performance
  • Reviewing competitor stores
The main objective of Tenpin was to get more people to take up their special deal bowling offers.

With many locations up and down the UK their ad account was broken up in lots of different sub-sections with different regions having different ad creatives and targeting.


Our initial ad strategy focused around bundling a lot of the areas together so Facebook had more data to play with, allowing the algorithm to optimise faster and find the best audiences to go after.


Bigger audiences is quite a new strategy on Facebook and we often find now the more data you give Facebook the better results your ads can produce.


Video Ad Creatives​

In terms of equipment, industrial lights were essential to illuminating what was an incredibly dim set. The equipment used was an incredibly important factor in terms of the success of the shoot, in order to ensure that the emotions of the actors, in particular, were vivid and clear.


A variety of shots were made including close ups of the actors having fun and showing dynamic facial expressions, and tracking shots of the bowling ball rolling down the lanes. Establishing shots and wide shots were made to help tell the story.

Tenpin wanted to highlight other aspects of their services, such as their food and arcade. So we spent the second filming day shooting a B roll which focused on these things. This helped demonstrate to prospective customers the kind of unending fun they can expect from Tenpin.

We were commissioned by Tenpin to create a series of new ad creatives to promote their bowling offers. The objectives of the new creatives was to decrease CPA and increase the volume of bookings compared to previous ad creatives.


The shoot took place over 2 days in their Croydon branch. When it came to selecting actors for the shoot, it was decided that the 2 demographics that would be targeted was families and groups of friends. Two groups of actors were sourced: one set of young actors for the groups of friends and another set of actors to comprise the family dynamic (mum, dad, son and daughter).


Customer Service Chat Bot

Tenpin Bowling approached us to explore the possibilities of ChatBots to assist their Customer Service team in managing the high volume of incoming customer enquiries on their Facebook Page.

We proposed a Tenpin Virtual ‘Receptionist’ ChatBot and a Hybrid Human-Bot System that helps to manage customer queries and messages through a series of automated questions and options that assist customers in Messenger. The ChatBot and Customer Service Team work together to resolve any potential customer issues and answer all questions effectively.

The Tenpin ChatBot has helped to:

  • Alleviate pressure off their Customer Service team to help save time and money
  • Manage the huge influx of daily customer queries
  • Create a pool of engaged users available to Tenpin
  • Segment Tenpin’s Messenger List to create personalised messaging
  • Convert customer enquiries into in-store Tenpin visits
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