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The Best Facebook Lead Generation Method Ever

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You’re gonna like this blog post.

Having been running ads on the FB platform for almost 5 years I’ve never been more excited than I am right now.

The platform has matured, the user base is solid and the advertising product is coming into its own.

One of the most exciting developments about 18 months ago was the birth of the Facebook Lead Advert. This advert type works incredibly well at getting cost effective leads.

Let me explain what a lead ad is:

You’re on Facebook, you see an advert. It could be a video, a slideshow, a carousel or a single image ad, the usual formatting.

You click the call to action button at the bottom of the ad.

The advert flips and turns into a form..

No messy landing page. No leaving Facebook. No long page-loading times. Just a smooth transition to a nice form that is hosted by Facebook in the users Newsfeed.

Your details are pre-filled out in the form!.. That’s right. Facebook take your data you have given them already and they pre-fill the form for you. You don’t even have to type your name.

Check it out (this is what appears on your feed when you click the ad):

Lead Ad Form
Lead ads are the new way to generate leads on Facebook. They are fast, reliable, flexible and allow you get incredibly cheap leads into your business.

Let’s be clear, this is how the lead generation process works:



Step 1 – The Context Card

Rather than having the form immediately appear when someone clicks the call to action, you can now opt for a nice homepage to appear. This is really good and can have a positive impact on the quality of the leads.

People can read a paragraph or a few bullet points of what they are signing up to before they fill in the form.

Here is what a context card (homepage) can look like after some clicks the call to action button on the ad:

Contaxt Card

Step 2 – The Form

Aside from the basic name, email and phone number you can create custom forms inside of Facebook that will allow you to ask unique questions, get users to select answers or have more detailed information pre-filled out.

Here are the current form creating options:

Step 3 – Customer Disclaimer

You can get the customer to agree to a disclaimer if needed. This step is optional, but if this is relevant to your business then it’s very handy indeed.

Step 4 – End Card

The end card lets people know the form has been completed and their details have been sent to your company.

As you can see the process is slick, easy and can all be built inside of the Facebook platform.

One Last Important Feature

There is one last important feature I want to point out with Lead Ads – Integration with 3rd Party CRM’s.

Facebook will send your new leads straight into your CRM so you can begin marketing to your new leads. Facebook don’t have every CRM in their rosta, but they are working hard to get it that way.


For any CRM’s that are not currently supported in Facebook you can use 3rd party tools such as Zapier in order to connect Lead Ads to your chosen CRM’s.

Here is an example of Zapier connecting Facebook Lead Ads and Mailchimp:


So there you have it – Facebook Lead Adverts. The lead generation process has been shortened, the potential lead has less information to fill out and the entire process is handled by Facebook.

I hope lead ads serve your business well.


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