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Your Parking Space Case Study

Client Overview

Your Parking Space is an online marketplace designed to simplify parking your car or renting your parking space. It enables you to find and book a space online instantly (hourly, daily and monthly) via their website or app. Your Parking Case wanted to reach more potential users and maximising Paid Social exposure was the route that Upbeat took to see an uptake in more customers. 

Their service can be used by drivers wishing to park their car and by space owners wishing to rent their space. It provides a quick, easy and simple solution to the difficulties of parking – saving customers money, time and hassle – whilst also providing the opportunity for space owners to help out others and receive a financial reward in return.


Your Parking Space has over 250,000 spaces UK-wide, including in towns and cities, London areas, stadiums, train stations and airports.


300% volume increase in bookings

16% cost reduction per booking


21x more reactions than the 6 months prior


9x more shares than the 6 months prior

17x more comments than the 6 months prior


The Strategy

When YourParkingSpace contacted Upbeat Agency, they had very little experience of Facebook advertising. They had attempted to boost some posts on Facebook previously, but had not yet used Instagram advertising.


Overall, YourParkingSpace had not yet achieved any results through Facebook or Instagram advertising, but knew there was a huge opportunity to grow their business on these platforms.


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