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Autoimmune Case Study

Using Social Proof in the supplements niche. Autoimmune wanted to take their health supplements and use Paid Social to drive the business forward and reach more customers. Upbeat saw an opportunity to leverage Social proof across the platform and were able to help grow the business.

Highlighted Results

Autoimmune Institute, founded by health specialist Greg Williams, sell health supplements dedicated to those suffering from autoimmune conditions and chronic health problems (such as Psoriasis, Arthritis, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Hashimoto’s). They provide ultra-high-quality products to support people in achieving optimum levels of health.

3,559 reactions

Autoimmune Institute is the only supplement dedicated wholly to serving those who suffer with autoimmune conditions and chronic health problems.

35% increase in reactions


2x volume increase

110% revenue increase

Before Upbeat Agency

When Autoimmune Institute contacted Upbeat Agency, Greg had been running his own ads for a couple of years.

He had built up some knowledge and was doing an okay job but decided that he wanted an experienced agency to take things to the next level and keep up-to-date with Facebook constant changes.

Greg wanted to free up time to work on other areas of the business, as he knew this was required to help scale Autoimmune Institute.

The main objective when Upbeat came onboard was to increase the value of the Facebook channel and provide a consistent flow of sales so the client could sell on the company. The aim was not to scale big, but to be consistent.

To improve performance and achieve sustainability we decided to use a Social Proof campaign.

Social Proof is basically getting other say positive things about their experience of using your products. There is a saying – people buy from people.

Therefore we want to show our new potential customers that Automimmune have a great track record with their existing customers and there is lots of proof that their product delivers on what it promises.

This is really important in an industry like supplements. Without social proof you are hoping that your customers believe what is written on the label. Which often enough, they don’t.

People often associate some supplements as scams, showing fake results or making big promises they cannot live up to. This is something Facebook have clamped down on throughout the years and now social proof is the best way to get across the authenticity of the product.

The best way for us to get social proof was to simply approach happy customers and ask for it! If you have a great product that has genuinely added value to your customers then this won’t be a problem. We then started to receive lots of pictures and videos from happy customers with their Autoimmune products.

This did take a bit of time to gather, so for our strategy to work there was some heavy lifting that needed to be done at the start. However once we had these valuable assets we were able to begin our campaigns.

Our social proof campaign dramatically changed the results the client was receiving previously and allowed us to push budgets on the ad account and achieve way more sales that previously achieved.

Check out some of this creative. Not only do we have social proof in the actual creative, but check out the thousands of likes, shares and comments – this is more social proof!

There are a couple of things I want to mention here:


Reply to comments – Autoimmune were great at replying to comments on our ads. This is really important as it adds more authenticity that you are a great business and you will achieve more sales as a result!


Creates a buzz – When you see a post like this that has thousands of engagements plus a raving video review this creates a buzz about your brand. People enter into a buying frenzy as they feel like everyone is buying. This is exactly what you want to create to grow your sales on Facebook and Instagram.

Good quality social proof allowed our media buying team to increase the conversions in the ad account and sustain a really good level of sales for the client to meet their needs.

With our great creatives plus all the additional engagement were we getting this was giving Facebook really strong signals that the users on their platforms like the post. This does several things:
Facebook will charge us lower CPM’s
We will get higher click-through rates on the ads
We will get lower CPA’s
We will have better quality traffic coming through to the website

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