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Hey there. We’re Upbeat. 👋

Your new
favourite digital
marketing agency.

If you’re a DTC brand looking to increase your revenue through smarter marketing, we have good news. You’re in exactly the right place.

Here’s just a taster of our full-service
digital marketing approach.

We’ve built our unique digital marketing service around three strategic pillars – driving traffic, increasing conversions and retaining valuable customers. This digital strategy has proven to be hugely profitable for our clients, and we can help you to achieve exceptional results with this same approach.


Plus, you’ll be partnering with a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals. Our experts will stop at nothing to help make your wildest DTC dreams a reality.


No digital marketing fluff, no technical jargon, and no shortcuts – just a highly experienced digital marketing agency that gets results, ready to take your brand to the next level.

We collaborate with progressive,
ambitious brands we believe in.

Our three core principles for DTC success

Get Traffic

Find, target and engage with your perfect prospects en masse. Balance quality and quantity with our proven traffic strategies.

Get Conversions

Secure those all-important conversions and increase order values. Take advantage of new revenue opportunities and skyrocket your profits.

Get Retention

Keep your customers coming back for more, increasing lifetime value. Move beyond individual transactions and build a reliable base of loyal shoppers.

By enhancing each of these key areas, we’ll help your DTC business to expand faster than ever before. Buckle up, because we’re talking about some seriously speedy growth.

Check out these client
success stories.

Making a Dragons' Den Investment Go Viral

Selling Thousands of Competition Tickets

£300 to £5000 a Day in Sales Revenue

A closer look at our DTC
digital marketing strategy

Our expert media buyers will develop a laser-targeted marketing strategy for your digital campaigns, ensuring that you’re reaching the users most receptive to your brand. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about paid social, email marketing or paid search. Our in-depth knowledge of all major advertising platforms allows us to drive immense scale. Plus, if your creative approach is falling flat, we can help there too. We’ll handle all aspects of production, creating fresh assets that are tailored for every platform and designed to drive conversions. It’s all part of the service.
We’ll transform your DTC website into a well-oiled conversion driving machine. Our performance marketing team will create super engaging content that helps to convert any visitors who don’t immediately purchase. Advanced analytics will keep you informed about performance in real-time, and focused on your key KPIs. We’re all about transparent reporting and speedy optimisations. When it comes to your conversion rate, we’ll work diligently to increase your profits and decrease your costs.
We want to see your customer relationships flourish. That’s why we’ll craft compelling promotions that keep your customers coming back for more, drastically increasing lifetime value. We’re talking up-selling, down-selling, subscriptions and bundles. The whole package. Marketing automation, combined with impactful email sequences, will allow you to deliver increased sales volumes on autopilot. Sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen.

We have expertise in every major marketing platform, meaning you can unlock new audiences and capitalise on different ad formats.

Our team have extensive
experience with

Here at Upbeat, we love
to work
with all kinds of
DTC brands.

Established DTC business?
Come on in.

Punchy funded start-up?
Right this way.

If you have great products and solid supply chains, we just know that we’ll get along famously. We support clients in a range of different industries too – from software services, to gaming, to pet insurance.


While other digital marketing agencies might focus purely on profits, we like human beings. Real clients with a fiery passion for their business, big dreams for the future, and a genuine team spirit. Feel like you’re ticking all of these boxes? Then we’re the perfect digital marketing agency for you.

We offer an extensive range of digital marketing services

As a full service digital marketing company, our wide range of services doesn’t just look impressive on a home page. (Although it does look pretty good, right?)


It also means that we can support every single area of your brand. This ensures that your digital advertising is consistently firing on all cylinders.

Paid Social

Deliver enormous scale and connect with your audience through paid social marketing. Our solutions will accelerate your brand growth and drive fame across social platforms.

Plus, we’ll help you to grow your presence on new platforms to increase your reach and drive incremental conversions.

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Social Media

Build your brand profile in the wonderful world of social media. Actively communicate with potential customers, share quality organic content and deliver top-notch customer service.

It’s time to scale up your social presence and grow your digital following.

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Web Design

Web design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about transforming your e-commerce website into a conversion magnet and providing customers with an unparalleled user experience.

We’ll combine smart design and frictionless development to build a high-converting online store that increases sales and positions you miles ahead of the competition.

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Paid Search

We’ll focus all of your paid media channels on one thing - consistent revenue growth. No matter if it’s PPC, Display, or Remarketing, we'll strive to smash your media objectives.

Our performance experts will handle every aspect of your paid media, from efficient optimisations to audience segmentation.

Target the right prospects, drive them to your store, and watch the conversions pile up.

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Creative Production

Our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art equipment will provide you with everything you need to create some video marketing masterpieces.

When we say that we’re a full-service agency, we mean it too. Our production pros will handle everything from storyboarding, to content creation, to final edits.

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Take your next steps towards
predictable, profitable growth.

Speak with our experts and discover how we can help
you scale your traffic, conversions and retention.

Email Marketing

We’ve got email marketing down to a fine art. Launch perfectly timed email sequences that increase lifetime value, increase basket sizes and capture the attention of new prospects.

Add some automation into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a successful email strategy.

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Chatbots will help you to revolutionise your customer communications. Generate new leads, reach subscribers and deliver exceptional customer service. All without lifting a finger.

We’ll support you on every step of the Chatbot journey, from idea generation to technical execution.

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A good first impression is key in the DTC marketplace. You need to stand out from the competition and give customers a reason to choose your brand.

Our branding solutions will ensure that your first impression is a lasting one, instantly creating trust and building credibility with customers.

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We’ve got

If your current creative assets aren’t quite cutting it, then our production team can lend a hand. We’ve built a fully-equipped in-house studio that allows us to record high-quality videos and capture professional product shots.

So whether you need a few minor video edits or a completely new set of assets, we can deliver. Since our creative brains and media buyers all sit under one roof, we’ll also ensure that your new assets are tailored to the platforms that you’ll be advertising on and designed to maximise conversions.

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Check out some of the
creative magic that we’ve
produced for our clients:

Trust us.
We love a challenge.

No matter where you need support in your business, we have the knowledge to help you succeed. Working in partnership together, we’ll help you to identify any weaker points in your digital marketing strategies and rapidly turn them into strengths.
Throw us a digital marketing problem, and we’ll put our heads together to crack the answer.

The Upbeat
agency culture

We believe that agency culture is very important. After all, it influences everything that we do.

The Upbeat culture revolves around our dedication to hard work, our commitment to client success and our passion for human connections. It’s embodied by every single member of our expert team.

We believe in producing truly brilliant work for our partners. The kind of work that creates happy memories, smashes ambitious targets and strengthens working relationships.

If this sounds like your kind of agency culture, then we’re confident that we can deliver some incredible results together.

So - what
comes next?

Here at Upbeat Agency we’re proud to offer a team of DTC and e-commerce experts, equipped with specialist knowledge in various marketing services.

The best part? We want to share that specialist knowledge with you.

We’re a digital agency obsessed with DTC marketing, and we strive to grow DTC brands every single day. Your success is at the core of our business.

If you’d like to chat about how we can take your DTC brand to the next level using our Traffic, Conversions and Retention model, then get in touch today.

Simple as that.

Find out if we’re a good fit.

Book your free discovery call and find out what we could do for your brand now.

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