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Improve Conversions with a Shopify E-Commerce Store 

We’re Upbeat, and we’re a full service Web Design Agency.


Sounds impressive, right?


But what does ‘full service’ web design actually mean?


It means we’re web designers that support brands (just like yours) with a wide range of top-notch digital services and solutions. So whether you’re searching for some quality web development or an expert digital marketing agency, we’re here to help.


Our web design team is full of brainpower and specialist knowledge, giving you access to the latest design concepts and creative features. We’re passionate about providing you with highly engaging and impactful website experiences.


Driving conversions with a Shopify store

Running an e-commerce store is all about giving yourself the best chance at driving conversions. We understand the components that create a successful website, and our team will optimise your Shopify store to maximise conversion rates.

Create a supply of content to keep your profiles fresh

Creating attention-grabbing content

We have some brilliant brains in our design team, ready and willing to lend you their creative powers. We can help you to enhance your existing Shopify store, or even build a brand-new one from scratch.


Keeping your profile fresh

Our e-commerce strategies and design expertise will help to boost your conversion rates, increase your average order values, and create an all-round positive experience for your customers.

What makes for a sterling Shopify store?


Speed and reliability

Rapid loading times and site speed are vital to delivering a smooth user experience. A positive user experience equals more conversions.

Stylish design

Shopify offers thousands of unique themes and design tools. We can help you to create a jaw-dropping store that perfectly balances style and functionality.

Insightful analytics

We’ll take full advantage of your Shopify data and analytics, allowing us to better understand your customer behaviours and product performance.

Advanced upselling

Upselling is key to increasing your conversions and revenue. We’ll utilise advanced upsell features and tactics to share irresistible offers with your customers.

Effective integrations

Shopify allows for thousands of plugins and integrations, meaning your store can quickly become an e-commerce powerhouse.

What do our web design services involve?


Strategy and planning

Our team will carefully review your business objectives, key competitors, and product offering to fuel an e-commerce strategy that will deliver consistent results.


We’ll then produce a design-and-build roadmap for your store:

  • We’ll kick off by wrapping our heads around your core objectives and offering
  • Our in-house team will analyse existing store data to identify any current challenges
  • A clear strategy is then put in place, designed to maximise store performance
  • We’ll also review competitor stores to help keep you informed

Design and development

Our talented team of graphic designers can then work their magic on your web pages, while our development team implements any technical integrations.
  • We’ll develop fully optimised product pages for your site
  • Our team will create impactful graphics and stunning visuals
  • The development team will ensure cross-browser functionality for your site
  • We’ll also look to optimise that all-important conversion rate

Content creation

Our in-house creative wizards will craft effective copy for your site, create stunning graphics, and ensure that your store is packed with quality content.
  • Your site copy will be highly persuasive and engaging
  • We’ll produce high-quality product images and visuals
  • Our team will also create compelling video content
  • Content will be created in-line with your brand tone and personality

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As a Web Design Agency, we really do love some effective conversion rate optimisation. Our experts have helped many clients drastically improve their store conversion rates, using innovative strategies and tried-and-tested solutions.
  • Our ultimate goal is to increase your conversion rate
  • Your product pages will be fully optimised for maximum conversions
  • Thorough split-testing will help us to better understand what’s working

What Next?

We have a real passion for creative web design here at Upbeat. If you’d like to discover more about how a Web Design Agency can support your business, then why not fill out the form below and speak to our specialists?


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When trying to find your perfect web design company, there are a few factors to consider.

Check out their portfolio, areas of expertise, and track record with similar clients. It’s also a good idea to review their testimonials and case studies, to make sure that the agency is a good fit for your brand. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist, try to scope out budgets and project timelines, so you can be confident that the agency will deliver exactly what you need.

And most importantly? Make sure you get along with your Web Design Agency account team! A positive working relationship is very important to a successful partnership.

The best e-commerce sites feature creative and intuitive designs, alongside seamless tech integrations, service capabilities and a powerful content management system. When eye-catching design meets reliable infrastructure, it’s likely to result in a positive user experience.

Good web design agencies will consider every aspect of your e-commerce website, and make sure that everything is working harmoniously.

Budgeting for e-commerce activity is all about planning. Think about your specific requirements, define clear KPIs, and establish your core audiences. Once you’ve got this nailed down, you should be able to calculate an accurate budget. It’s also a smart idea to set aside a percentage of your revenue to fund e-commerce.

If you’re looking to market your e-commerce business, your best bet is enlisting the help of experts – usually through a dedicated marketing agency! Your agency will be able to construct a multi-channel marketing plan, based on your specific objectives, to help deliver results.

A really good website design agency will pay close attention to your product offering and key audiences, as this information will help to inform an efficient marketing strategy.

The cost of an e-commerce website all depends on your specific requirements. Every business is unique!

Think of a website like a virtual shop window. Different businesses will need to sell different products, and in different ways.

An effective website build needs to incorporate a number of different elements – from an eye-catching design, to keyword-packed copy and smooth tech integrations. Make sure you invest time into researching your web developer or agency, including their previous projects, so that you can be confident in their work.

We will also be able to help advise on effective budgets, so you can be clearer on how much a project will cost.

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