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Paid Media



Get high-quality traffic from well-established advertising networks, so your brand receives the best exposure.



Get relevant listings and drives sales for key product lines by leveraging shopping across Google and Amazon.



Get maximum reach, drive clicks and get conversions for your brand through display advertising.



Tap into your most powerful audiences and ensure your driving customers down your funnel to grow your brand.

Drive Growth Across All Paid Media Channels  

Combining years of experience, a keen eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge about paid media, we develop strategies that help you achieve your brands objectives. Optimising for performance metrics and using in-depth bidding strategies, we ensure your products get in front of your potential customers.


Our team of paid media enthusiasts are always on-top of the latest industry trends, keeping up to date with cutting edge technology and ensuring we bring our clients continued success.


We build Profitable Campaigns

Whether it's search, display or shopping we strategise and build campaigns which are designed to maximise profitability. Our campaigns are created with your target audience in mind.


ROI Focused

With everything that we do, we are always focused on driving a return on your investment. Each campaign is developed with driving results as the main focus and end goal.

Why your brand needs Paid Media


Drive Targeted Traffic

Bring highly targeted visitors to your website or app. 


Increase Exposure

Enhance the exposure your brand receives in a crowded marketplace.


Build your Brand

Build authority and continue to grow your customer base.


Make More Sales

Continue to promote your offers to a highly motivated audience. 


Increase Conversion Rates

Direct more qualified users that are more likely to convert on your website.


Getting your PPC ads the results you need requires a great strategy, targeted keywords, relevant product pages, engaging ad copy and a proper ad account structure. We build, test, optimise, research and analyse a winning PPC strategy across all the major networks including Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Your PPC ads should deliver a consistent stream of high-quality results that beat the competition and get the customer. Our PPC strategy also incorporates our creatives work on CRO and landing page optimisation to ensure the entire prospect journey is taken into consideration to ensure great success.


PPC will help to:

  • Present your product or service in front of motivated shoppers. 
  • Drive high quality users to your website or app. 
  • Generate more sales and leads for your business. 


Over recent years shopping has seen a huge boom and become a must-have channel for all e-commerce brands. Users who come through Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) come with intention. Your product feed needs to be on-point, professional and give users all the needed information they need to make the right decision.


E-commerce brands need to be reaping the rewards of what Shopping has to offer with an effective campaign strategy developed by experts. Combined with a paid social campaign to build awareness, you will see a huge uplift in shopping results as people track down your products after they have engaged with your brand on the social platforms. This two-step strategy has worked for multiple clients across a range of shopping channels including Google and Amazon.



Shopping will help to:

  • Promote your individual products to motivated shoppers.   
  • Establish your brand amongst the leading players in the market.
  • Drive highly engaged shoppers to your website or app.  


When scaling your ad campaigns, we need to maximise the reach and potential of all campaigns. Display advertising offers a huge reach across various networks including Google’s Display Network. Our team of professionals will create a robust Display strategy that uses the leading programmatic platforms to hyper personalise your ads and match with specific target groups who are interested in your product offering.


Display will help to:

  • Double-down on your existing creative content. 
  • Drive cold and warm users to your website or app. 
  • Promote your product and service across wider inventory.  


One of your highest converting campaigns will always be re-engaging with prospects who have already purchased from you or expressed interest in you brand. This audience needs to be grown, nurtured and given special treatment to ensure the long-term sustainability of your brand.


Re-marketing can happen across a range of networks from paid social, search, display and shopping. Our creative team can put together specific content that is aimed at these re-marketing audiences and ensure they experience a top-notch buying experience to maximise conversions.


Re-marketing helps to:

  • Drive customers back to finish their checkout by communicating urgency
  • Increase ROI by pushing customers across the line. 
  • Re-capture customers that would have otherwise converted elsewhere. 

Our Approach to Paid Media



We take the time to understand your brands products and services, business objectives and target audience.




Every brand is different so it’s important we take the time to figure out the strategy that’s right for you.


Producing Unique Content


We migrate any existing campaigns over so there is no down time between set up. 




We produce copy which suits your tone of voice and captures the full attention of your audience. 




Our team of Ad managers will build campaigns with the precise targeting needed for results.



After approval each campaign is pushed live and will star to deliver to the relevant audiences. 




Campaigns should always be continually adapted looking at what is being most effective and converting. 




Weekly and monthly reporting is crucial to keep you informed on the performance of your campaigns.


What Next?

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