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Drive exceptional results with an experienced Google Ads Agency

The world of Google advertising can be a tad overwhelming sometimes.


With so many formats, channels and platforms available, it’s tricky to know where to start.


That’s where Upbeat comes in.
As an experienced Google Ads Agency, our experts regularly create bespoke marketing strategies for brands just like yours. From campaign set-up, to optimization, to reporting – we’ve got experience in a plethora of different industries.


We’ll also ensure that your Google activity fits seamlessly into your wider digital marketing strategy, helping every channel to work harmoniously in order to deliver top-notch results.

Paid Media


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We’ll ensure that your paid search campaigns work as hard as possible for your business, utilising advanced keyword strategies in order to drive highly efficient returns.


Shopping (Search)

Our Google Shopping campaigns will deliver maximum exposure for your brand, fuelled by efficient targeting and a smart bidding strategy. Your products will sit at the very front of the virtual shop window, ready to be seen by eager buyers.



We’ll deliver impressive scale, high engagement, and efficient conversions through Google Display activity. Every activation will be tightly targeted to your core audiences.


Remarketing strategies

Our remarketing campaigns will identify warm prospects and effectively drive them through the funnel, resulting in higher conversion rates and larger sales volumes.

Boost your online advertising results and business growth

We combine our wealth of experience in Google advertising with a passion for delivering exceptional results for our clients. That’s a recipe for successful Google ads campaigns.

Our team of Google eggheads constantly have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. That means your campaigns will always benefit from the latest performance insights and most cutting-edge technology.

You’ll also have access to experts in every category of digital marketing, from Google ads management, to paid social, to web development. You name it, and we’ll have a team for it.



Whatever the channel, we’re always determined to deliver outstanding results for your business through innovative strategies. While some Google ads agencies may be happy with off the shelf solutions, we always strive for better.



As a digital marketing agency, everything we do is focused on providing you with a positive return on investment. We achieve this through highly targeted strategies that are fuelled by rich data, empowering us to deliver jaw-dropping results for your brand.

Why your brand needs paid advertising


Drive Targeted Traffic

Drive high volumes of relevant traffic to your website, app, or store.

Increase Exposure

Help your brand stand out from the crowd and reach your key audiences.

Build your Brand

Build company authority in the market, establish your online presence, and grow your customer base.

Make Sales Soar

Promote your products effectively to a receptive audience, increase your sales, and outperform rival companies.

Increase Conversions

Utilise tried and tested strategies to capture qualified leads and boost your conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click 101

Great PPC campaigns are built on a smart strategy, data-driven keywords, and compelling ad copy. They also require thorough PPC management and the proper set-up. Luckily, that’s our speciality. Our PPC team builds, tests and optimises PPC strategies across all major search engines. We’ll deliver consistently positive results, and help you to surpass the competition in the paid search arena. PPC advertising helps to:
  • Capitalise on customer search intent.
  • Drive high quality traffic to your site or store.
  • Efficiently boost your sales volumes.

Shopping 101 (search)

Google Shopping ads are hugely effective for e-commerce brands, because users arrive on-site with intent to purchase a specific product. However, to make the most of Shopping placements, it’s key to set up product feeds with a high attention to detail and quality presentation. Combining Google Shopping with paid social campaigns is also a powerful strategy, helping you to drive product awareness and then capitalise on user searches. Google Shopping helps to:
  • Showcase specific products in a highly engaging way.
  • Position your brand as credible and trusted.
  • Drive high quality prospects to your site.

Display 101

Google Display campaigns provide you with enormous scale across the Google Display Network. Our experts will create highly effective display strategies based on laser-focused audience targeting and constant optimisation. Google Display helps to:
  • Deliver effective and impactful ad placements.
  • Convert warm leads and target new prospect audiences.
  • Promote your products at scale.

Remarketing 101

Remarketing is an extremely efficient strategy, based on targeting users who are already familiar with your brand. These tactics look to nurture warm leads and grow them into loyal customers, through persuasive messaging sequences and refined targeting. Remarketing helps to:
  • Re-engage customers who have already interacted with your brand. .
  • Drive efficient conversions by targeting warmer leads.
  • Recapture users who may be tempted to shop elsewhere.

Our Approach to Paid Ads



We take time to understand everything about your brand – from your products, to your audiences, to your core objectives.




Our expert marketing team will create an advertising strategy that’s as unique as your brand is.


Producing Unique Content


We know that time is money. We’ll swiftly migrate any existing paid campaigns, meaning zero delay in getting your activity live.




Our creative wizards will produce captivating copy that’s tailored specifically to your brand identity.




Our dedicated managers will take the time to set up your campaign properly, with clearly defined business goals and laser-focused targeting.



After approval, we’ll quickly push your campaigns live with no delay.




Our account team will constantly monitor your activity to identify opportunities for adjustments and optimisations.




We’ll keep you informed with regular and in-depth campaign reports, containing valuable data. Many agencies will provide you with basic numbers, but we strive to deliver rich insights.


What Next?

We’d love to have a chat about your business challenges, and discuss how our Google Ads services can help to transform your paid campaigns. Interested? Just fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

Working with a professional agency team can enhance your paid activity and take your marketing performance to the next level.


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Google provides advertisers with a huge amount of scale for their advertising campaigns, combined with data-powered targeting options and a wealth of different formats.

A combination of these ad channels can provide businesses with exceptional results, and fascinating insights into their digital audiences. These campaigns can also deliver against a wide range of different metrics, like traffic, lead generation and sales.

To identify the most effective channels and audiences for your brand, we’d recommend working with a dedicated account manager. The right Google ads partner can work wonders for your performance.

A big budget isn’t necessary to launch a Google advertising campaign. Small businesses can begin with tightly targeted activations in specific channels, and eventually expand into multi-channel campaigns with larger scale.

These campaigns can also drive highly efficient ROI, which is extremely important in the early stages of paid advertising. A professional digital agency can also help you to allocate budgets efficiently, which is another major benefit of working with a premier partner.

Every business is different, and the answer depends on your industry, audience, messaging and products.

The time it takes to achieve your goals will vary, but you can give yourself the best chance for success by enlisting the help of a Google Ads Agency. Their expertise can help you to hit the ground running.

Google and Facebook are very different platforms, both with their own strengths!

Google PPC ads are highly effective at reaching warmer leads, because these individuals have already searched for a certain keyword. This allows the channel to deliver super efficient conversion rates, because activity is capitalising on clear user intent.

Facebook, on the other hand, can be a powerful tool for driving brand awareness due to the size of its audience. It can be excellent for reaching new prospects at the top of the funnel, and nudging them to search for your products elsewhere – for instance, Google. See where we’re going with this?

Enlisting the help of an established PPC agency can guide you in the right direction, and identify the best platforms for your campaigns.

This all depends on how a campaign is performing!

If all tactics are delivering against their targets, then optimisations may be minimal. However, if certain strategies or audiences aren’t quite performing, then optimisations may need to be more significant and more frequent.

Your AdWords agency team members will monitor your activity closely to ensure that the correct optimisations are made at the right time. That’s what they’re there for!

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