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Showtime on Facebook

These days we are glued to the devices we carry in our pockets, watching TV shows, movies, documentaries (whatever we can!) more than ever. This trend has only just come about in the last ten years or so. We're currently using the likes of YouTube, iTunes, Amazon...

Facebook Groups for Pages

Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Groups for Pages, allowing brands, businesses, and artists to connect and communicate with their super-fans.  Before going into what Facebook Groups for Pages actually means, can I please start (just to keep a clear...

How To Get The Best From Facebook Video

We all have those friends who love to share the latest viral Facebook video, whether it be a litter of fluffy puppies or the newest heart-warming John Lewis advert. As the view counts show, these videos are hugely shareable, and find their way onto multiple people’s...

Get More Traffic With Local Awareness Ads

If you’ve just set up a women’s clothing shop in the heart of the trendy East End of London, then the chances are that you have a specific audience in mind – both in terms of age and gender, as well as geographical location. In other words, if John in Aberdeen sees...

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