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Email Marketing


Build Stronger Relationships

Communicate clearly and effectively with your customers which enables you to build trust and authority.


Increase Lifetime Value

Presenting fresh content and offers in front of your customers will increase the overall lifetime value and therefore revenue.


Promote Seasonal Offers

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to communicate seasonal offers and specific promotions that complements all efforts.


Grow your Customer Base

Continuing to build your customer base creates such a valuable asset that will only continue to add more value as it grows.

Build a Strong Customer Base and Increase Lifetime Value 

Creating effective email campaigns can dramatically increase your ability to scale your marketing efforts. Using well-timed emails that are tailored, relevant and consistent will allow your potential customers to engage with your brand. Maximise lifetime value, increase basket values and warm up customers.


We build effective Sequences

Whether it's to engage with existing customers or educate new ones, we develop sequences that aim to increase life time value and develop deeper brand relationships that will only help long term.


Increase Conversion

With sequences and broadcasts the main goal is to ultimately generate more sales by increasing the likelihood of conversion, generating more revenue from new an existing customers in the back end.

Why your brand needs Email Marketing


Increase Lifetime Value

Continually build relationships with customers after their purchase.


Nurture Potential Customers

Engage with potential customers and continue to provide value. 


Build a Brand

Build longevity and ensure a lifetime of loyal customers with high LTV. 


Make More Sales

Continue to offer value to your customer base and  increase revenue. 


Increase Conversion Rates

An abandon cart sequence is one of the most profitable email campaigns.

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Pre-Purchase Sequence

With a Pre-Purchase Sequence our goal is to engage with customers who have not yet decided to make a purchase which will continue to push them further towards a conversion. We engage with value adding content which will educate on brand and establish authority in the market. 



A Pre-Purchase Sequence will help to:

  • Warm up any customers who have become interested in your brand. 
  • Establish authority and educate the potential customer. 
  • Provide social proof which enhanced the chance of a conversion. 

Post-Purchase Sequence

The ultimate goal of a post-purchase sequence is to encourage repeat purchases from new customers and therefore driving up the lifetime value of that person. Content in these sequences aims to build more social proof and start to cross sell other products your brand has to offer. 



A Post-Purchase Sequence will help to:

  • Establish Familiarity with your brand.  
  • Show other customer experiences which leads to further social proof.
  • Cross Sell products and offers which leads to higher life time value. 
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Cart Abandonment Sequence

The purpose of a Cart Abandonment Sequence is to make sure we drive customers back to finish their checkout if for whatever reason the conversion wasn’t completed. 


We aim to communicate urgency so that we encourage the customer to return to the checkout process as soon as possible. This might be with a last chance to get your discount reminder. 



An Abandon Cart Sequence will help to:

  • Drive customer back to finish their checkout by communicating urgency. 
  • Continue to educate if the customer needs a final reminder of benefits. 
  • Offer more social proof to push the customer over the line. 

Hot Buyers Sequence

Once we know who our engaged customers are, we want to continue to encourage them to make more purchases. This is going to make a big difference to the revenue coming from repeat buyers and continues to build on that deep relationship that has already been formed. 



A Hot Buyers Sequence helps to:

  • Confirm that they have made a 2nd purchase ‘Welcoming back’. 
  • Introduces new product cross-sell to the existing customer. 
  • Engage with value adding content that deepens the brand relationship. 
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Customer Win Back Sequence

Often we want to re-engage with a customer when they haven’t interacted with the brand in over 60 days. It may be the case that we have delivered a 60 day sequence to them already but they need to be incentivised further. The goal here is to then leverage a discount ladder to win them back!



A Customer Win Back Sequence will help to:

  • Convert non-buyers by offering a discount. 
  • Create a sense of urgency to get the discount and convert them.
  • Re-engage the customer with a discount ladder driving them back. 

Manual Broadcasts

Manual broadcasts are a great way to regularly communicate with your customer base. These could be seasonal promotions that need to be sent at various points of the year or weekly communication that adds value to the reader and connects them with your brand. 



Manuel Broadcasts help to:

  • Communicate promotions and incentivise purchases.
  • Engage your customer bast with value adding content. 
  • Broadcast important brand messaging. 
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Our Approach to Email Marketing.



We take the time to understand your brands products and services, business objectives and target audience.




Every brand is different so it’s important we take the time to figure out the strategy that’s right for you.


Producing Unique Content


We produce copy which suits your tone of voice and captures the full attention of your audience. 




Our team of creatives will design the email within the email client completely on brand.




Each email sequence is designed in a particular order and scheduled to maximise its effectiveness. 



After approval each sequence is pushed live and will star to deliver to the relevant audiences. 




Sequences should always be continually adapted looking at what is being most effective and converting. 




Weekly and monthly reporting is crucial to keep you informed on the performance of your Email Campaigns.


What Next?

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