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Struggling to wrap your head around the mystical art of email marketing?


Fear not – we’re here to help.


Our team of email marketing wizards can help you to launch super effective campaigns – campaigns that will maximise customer value, increase basket sizes, and enhance lead generation to drive efficient conversions.


As an experienced Email Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of meticulous audience segmentation, precision email timing and impactful subject lines. It’s all part of the Upbeat service.


We’ll help you to combine all of these elements and launch powerful email marketing campaigns that will deliver jaw-dropping results for your brand.


Build Stronger Relationships

Clear and reliable communication with your audience is key to building trust and credibility. Strong relationships equal loyal customers!


Increase Lifetime Value

Consistently providing your customers with fresh content, relevant messaging and tempting promotions will keep them engaged over time. This will steadily increase their lifetime value.


Promote Seasonal Offers

Email marketing allows you to deliver strategic messaging around seasonal offers and promotions. These tactical communications can help you to increase conversions and showcase specific products.


Grow your Customer Base

Your customer base is your most valuable asset. Email marketing allows you to constantly engage these customers and effectively grow your audience over time, bringing in significant value and generating leads.

Building A Strong Customer Base

Effective email drip campaigns can rapidly scale up your marketing efforts. Tactical emails can encourage customer engagement, increase lifetime value, and ultimately drive more conversions.

We build effective Sequences

Whether you need to engage existing customers or hook in new prospects, we’ll develop smart email templates and sequences that create deeper brand connections. This kind of marketing automation can deliver some seriously impressive results.


Increase Conversion

The ultimate goal of any successful email marketing strategy is to drive those all-important conversions. Our digital marketing services will help you to generate more sales by increasing the value of current customers and drawing in new prospects.

Why does your brand need a specialist agency?


Increase Lifetime Value

Build and nurture long-term customer relationships after a purchase.

Engage Potential Customers

Reach out to warm prospects, tailor messages, and facilitate a smooth customer journey.

Build a Brand

Keep your brand consistently visible and engaging for your target audience.

Generate More Sales

Offer constant value to your customers, and increase revenue opportunities as a result.

Increase Conversion Rates

Utilise strategic email automation in order to increase website visitors, drive traffic to your landing pages and convert different customer groups.
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Pre-Purchase Sequence

A pre-purchase sequence engages customers who haven’t quite made the leap and purchased yet. Nudge these users towards a conversion with tailored messages, and establish authority with valuable content.   A Pre-Purchase Sequence will help to:
  • Warm up potential customers who are close to converting.
  • Establish brand credibility and educate customers.
  • Deliver social proof messages, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Post-Purchase Sequence

These automated emails activate after customers purchase from your brand – they aim to encourage repeat sales, nurture brand loyalty, and increase lifetime value. These sequences build on social proof messaging, and begin to cross-sell other products from your brand.   A Post-Purchase Sequence will help to:
  • Create an ongoing relationship with new customers.
  • Utilise social proof in order to drive repeat business,
  • Cross-sell products and services, increasing long-term value.
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Cart Abandonment Sequence

If a customer has abandoned their cart, don’t worry – all is not lost! A cart abandonment sequence nudges these users back to the checkout page, using highly persuasive tactics (like limited discounts) to drive the conversion over the line.   An Abandoned Cart Sequence will help to:
  • Encourage users back to the checkout for a conversion.
  • Reiterate product benefits or limited-time promotions.
  • Present more social proof as a final push.

Hot Buyers Sequence

Once you’ve identified your most engaged customers (aka your ‘hot buyers’) you’ll want to keep them coming back. Effectively communicating with these users can open up steady revenue streams for your business.   A Hot Buyers Sequence helps to:
  • Welcome back loyal shoppers with positive messaging.
  • Cross-sell new products with persuasive communications.
  • Provide these users with valuable content, strengthening the brand relationship.
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Customer Win Back Sequence

When a customer hasn’t engaged with your brand for a while, you might be losing hope – but a customer win-back sequence can turn things around. This sequence will present the customer with strong incentives and tempting discounts in order to convince them to return.   A Customer Win Back Sequence will help to:
  • Convert less engaged users with discounts.
  • Drive a sense of urgency with limited time offers.
  • Re-engage users and transform them into active customers.

Manual Broadcasts

Manual broadcasts are a great way to stay in touch with your loyal customers. These broadcasts can include seasonal promotions, business announcements, or just weekly updates on your brand. This is a great opportunity to deliver some value back to your audience.   Manual Broadcasts help to:
  • Effectively communicate promotions or offers.
  • Engage and delight your customers with valuable content.
  • Deliver important business messages.
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Our tried & tested approach to Email Marketing



We’ll dig deep into your brand to understand your products, objectives, and core audiences. These insights will then fuel an effective digital marketing strategy.




Your brand is unique, so we’ll create a bespoke email strategy that’s tailored to your business goals.


Producing Unique Content


We produce copy which reflects your tone of voice and captures the full attention of your audience.




Our team of creative whizzes will design highly engaging emails that fit your brand identity.




We’ll craft email sequences that are meticulously planned and scheduled for maximum impact.



After the email sequences are approved, we’ll push these live and instantly deliver them to the right audiences.




We’ll constantly monitor the performance of your sequences, and adjust based on real-time results.




Our team will provide you with regular campaign performance reports, jam-packed with insightful data and expert analysis.


What Next?

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There are plenty of options and platforms available for email marketing – the right choice all depends on your business model and your key objectives.

An experienced agency can help you to identify the perfect email marketing services for your needs.

Email marketing software can be exceptionally effective for your business – the ability to reach your audience instantly, and at scale, is very powerful. The right email campaigns can boost your brand awareness, keep your customers loyal and engaged, and deliver large volumes of sales.

However, the wrong strategy can actually lose you customers, if they don’t engage with your email content.

The best way to ensure an effective email strategy is to work with an Email Marketing Agency, who can provide you with a dedicated account manager.

The ROI of your email marketing efforts all depends on your business, your industry, your audience and your objectives. However, the ROI will become easy to track once you’ve established clear KPIs and metrics.

From here, you can set clear benchmarks and ROI targets for your email marketing campaigns. An experienced marketing agency can also help you to set clear targets, and evolve your KPIs over time.

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