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If you’re yearning for some YouTube marketing expertise, or searching for the best way to boost your bumper ad performance, then give yourself a pat on the back.

You’ve found the right agency.

Here at Upbeat our YouTube experts are determined to see your social video campaigns succeed, and will support your business at every stage of the journey.

As an established YouTube Advertising Agency, we can help you to create innovative and impactful video assets, combined with copy that’s brimming with data-driven keywords. This is a recipe for an exceptionally effective YouTube campaign.

We’ll also stay close to your campaign once it’s live, carefully monitoring performance to ensure that we can tweak and optimise delivery for maximum return on investment. Our team will also track views, costs, and budget, so you can rest easy knowing that everything is running smoothly.

We also understand the importance of a laser-targeted YouTube campaign, which is why we’ll target the most effective audience segments, content topics and keywords. Work with us, and we’ll guarantee that your ads appear in the right place and at the right time.

Convenience is key, so we keep everything in-house when it comes to your video campaigns. That means brilliant creative development, expert community management and wider digital marketing services all under one roof.


Making your YouTube budget work harder

YouTube videos offer advertisers an enormous number of opportunities for audience engagement. That’s no surprise, considering that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine. We’ll ensure that you’re able to take full advantage of the platform to boost your brand awareness.

Create a supply of content to keep your profiles fresh

Creating attention-grabbing video content

Our in-house creative brains can take care of all your video production needs. So, whether you need fresh content for organic or paid placements, we’re here to help.


Media buying that delivers results

Our media buying capabilities are second-to-none. We’ll develop a meticulous YouTube strategy that’s tailored to your brand and objectives and designed to deliver impressive results. So whether it’s standard video executions or influencer marketing, we’ve got it covered.

Find customers through advanced targeting

Driving growth through strategic scaling

We’re a video marketing agency who want to see your business flourish. That’s why we’ll scale your campaigns to drive consistent growth over time, increasing your valuable leads and sales with a smart digital strategy.

Grow your community and make your brand famous

Robust reporting and insights

We’re suckers for some in-depth performance analytics. That’s why we’ll provide consistent and detailed reporting for your campaigns, and updates on any new optimisations.

Take full advantage of YouTube advertising opportunities

YouTube is a colossal platform, with millions of daily viewers. With attention-grabbing assets and expertly managed campaigns, you can start to effectively engage this audience and reap the benefits.


Our small core team can guide you through this journey, and ensure that your campaigns are delivering optimal results.

YouTube Ads 101: Video Ads

Unsurprisingly, video placements are extremely popular on YouTube – after all, the platform is designed primarily for online videos.


Depending on your budget and objectives, you have the option to run skippable ads (which users can skip after 5 seconds) or non-skippable ads (which must be completed before the main content can be viewed).


YouTube also offers precision targeting, meaning your ads can appear in highly contextual positions around relevant content. The right digital strategies can significantly boost consumer internet traffic, and ensure that your assets resonate with key audiences.


YouTube Ads 101: Display Ads

Display ads (also known as static ads) allow you to run image-based placements, which can be highly effective at driving click volumes and site landings.


Display advertising can also be very impactful when paired with video assets – particularly when messaging is synchronised. An expert agency can help you to balance different formats and deliver maximum efficiency.

YouTube Ads 101: Bumper Ads

They say that good things come in small packages, and this is especially true when it comes to bumper ads. These short and sweet placements can run for a maximum of 6 seconds, and can’t be skipped.


Since there’s only time to deliver a snappy message, bumper ads are often best utilised in retargeting strategies, when you’re reminding a user about a product that they’ve already been exposed to.


YouTube Ads 101: Overlay ads

Overlay ads are semi-transparent placements, appearing in the lower 20% section of a video. This format is only available on desktop, but it’s an effective way to grab user attention and drive engagement.

Our tried & tested approach to video advertising



We invest time into getting to know your brand properly, to help us develop the right solutions. We’ll dive into everything from your products, to your key objectives, to your core audiences.




As a digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke strategies for your business. We’ll produce a fully tailored solution based on your individual needs and objectives.


Producing Unique Content


We’ll review your existing video assets to gauge their effectiveness, and if needed, create fresh content that’s guaranteed to perform.


Scheduling and Posting​


Combining data-driven customer audiences with website pixel-tracking is a recipe for success. We’ll ensure that your audience targeting is razor sharp and working hard for your brand.


Commenting & Engaging


Our creative team will produce unique and impactful videos for your campaign, accompanied with copy that’s fuelled by keyword targeting. While other digital marketing agencies might be happy with standard assets, we’ll strive to deliver something special.


Paid Social Advertising


Your dedicated account team will keep a watchful eye on your campaign, and constantly optimise delivery to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Paid Social Advertising


Our scaling techniques will help you to achieve steady and consistent brand growth. That means you can sit back, relax, and watch your YouTube ads work their magic.




We’ll provide you with insightful and actionable reporting to keep you regularly updated on campaign performance.


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The specialists in a YouTube Advertising Agency will put in the hard yards for your campaigns – meaning you can just enjoy the results. Our expert team will set up your campaigns, deliver bespoke creative assets, and carefully monitor performance metrics. We’ve got you covered!

YouTube advertising is delivered via your Google Ads account. This is also where you can keep an eye on views, costs, and budget. There are also a plethora of targeting options available for your campaigns, so you can target specific audiences, content topics or keywords from your YouTube channel.

A dedicated account manager can support you in this department, helping you to select the right strategies and focus on the right target audiences.

If you’re an agile business with sufficient budget, then YouTube can have a serious impact on your results.

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