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Branded Content

graphic design

Having your brand stand out in a crowded online space is more important than ever.

Our expert team of content creation professionals are here to help produce the best branded video content possible. Our team can plan, script, storyboard, source actors and models, shoot the footage and edit to get the final cuts.

The aim of these branded videos is to show the story of your brand and produce value-driven content that will increase your brands reach and recognition.


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Every Cake

Our client needed an on-brand video to lift their website brand feel. Working with the client we decided the best way to do so was to highlight the birthday gifting aspect of the service. The video helped both deliver the brand message as well as improve the website’s conversion rate.

graphic design


Promoting a tech-led service, our creative team agreed the way to promote this brand was through user trust. We spoke to customers, found the right talent and location to deliver the messaging. The result was a clean, professional feel yet providing trust of the service to Ecopayz’s audience.

Watch Pilot

Watch Pilot wanted to portray the high-end value of their brand and watches. The team took on the brief knowing a luxurious location was needed to be scouted. Models with the right look to fit the feel were hired. Storyboarded to showcase various watches, the project ended with a real success.
graphic design

Outside in

This client has strong brand values. Helping the homeless along with providing quality clothing. We wanted to provide strong brand type and messaging throughout to highlight the values held by the brand.

Skinny Sprinkles

Operating within a crowded market, Skinny Sprinkles needed to stand out. With the use of a Love Island influencer along with clear brand colouring we were able to depict exactly what makes Skinny Sprinkles different and how it works for the end user. The result is a fast pace fun feel with all the information you need to know within it.

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