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Skyrocket brand growth with a TikTok advertising agency

Unlock the full potential of TikTok with ultra-engaging video content and smart ad strategies for unbeatable brand impact.

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We collaborate with progressive, ambitious brands we believe in.

We collaborate with progressive, ambitious brands we believe in.

Say hello to your new TikTok advertising team

The world of TikTok moves fast. Keeping up with the latest trends, shooting video content, launching ad campaigns and managing the TikTok shop can be time-consuming tasks for already busy brands.


That’s where we come in. With our team of hands-on account managers, creative videographers and expert media buyers, we provide a full-service solution that helps you realize the full potential of this powerful social media channel.

What are the benefits of working with a TikTok advertising agency ?

Partner with TikTok specialists

Our TikTok experts are now your TikTok experts. As a full extension of your team, we’ll work together to crush your business goals

Leave the competition behind

While competitors are still scratching their heads about TikTok ads, you’ll be busy knocking your objectives out of the park

Utilise tailor-made TikTok content

We’ll provide your brand with a stream of fresh content, designed specifically to engage and convert your target audience.

Effective marketing - zero stress

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, managing every aspect of your TikTok advertising. All you need to do is enjoy the results.

Connect with new audiences

TikTok is packed with valuable new audiences for you to reach, engage, and convert - and we know exactly how to find them.


Unlock first-mover advantages

The early bird gets the worm. By moving quickly and embracing TikTok marketing opportunities, you can enjoy more reach and better results.

Tap into our TikTok expertise

Our team of TikTok advertising professionals know everything there is to know about the platform, so you’ll always be one step ahead of the rest.

Accelerate your brand growth

We’ll help you to capitalise on every TikTok advertising opportunity, maximising the returns you generate with your ad spend.

What our clients say about us?

Amazing team and they provide Real results, Very rare to find a agency working on performance, Upbeat is one of them
Amin Dolatshahi
Amin Dolatshahi
Excellent Advice for social ads, lovely people and very professional. Highly recommend the team Upbeat!
Dereck Sarmiento
Dereck Sarmiento
Highly recommend the team at Upbeat! The partnership kicked off during our busiest time of the year and they did a brilliant job, helping us to smash our targets during peak. They have also helped us to unlock new opportunities through channel expansion, which has importantly diversified our marketing mix
David Bryant
David Bryant
Nice team and supporting.
Kenny P
Kenny P
I highly recommend Upbeat Agency for their exceptional marketing services. The team’s transparency and communication have been remarkable!
M Angeles Soria Garcia
M Angeles Soria Garcia
I highly recommend Upbeat Agency for their exceptional marketing services. The team's transparency and communication have been remarkable!
Maria Soria
Maria Soria
If you are looking to outsource / scale-up your paid media presence I would certainly recommend Upbeat. I have used them for multiple brands and they always provide a thorough job which is executed with thought and precision. The time spent at the start learning about your brand, business and target customers is invaluable and I always get the impression they truly understand what you want to achieve from a commercial and brand perspective. On the whole it is a very well run agency with no over-promising. Highly recommended. Thanks Team.
Paul Horrocks
Paul Horrocks
Really helpful hands on team with a lot of experience in the social sector, have really helped us with growing paid social.
Cameron Small
Cameron Small
It's almost been a year with the team and i thoroughly enjoy working with them. Their social media strategies are beyond comparison and results were muck quicker than we anticipated. Keep up the good work guys!
Mary Miranda
Mary Miranda
We have been working with Upbeat since 2019 on our paid media strategy and have found them to be great! We feel like they are fully invested in our small business, have helped us to navigate new social platforms, and are a pleasure to work with!
Danielle Horton
Danielle Horton

Still not convinced? We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

£300 to £5000 a Day in Sales Revenue

Reduced CPA with Meta marketing

Optimised creative and strategy for Q4

Video campaign drives brand success

UGC enhanced sales and engagement

Tailored strategy increases EU sales

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Discover how partnering with one of the best TikTok marketing agencies around can help you to crush your objectives.

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Take social media by storm with industry-leading TikTok marketing services

TikTok Advertising Strategy

If you want to harness the power of TikTok marketing, you need an expert approach.


We’ll equip your brand with a data-fuelled TikTok marketing strategy that’s built around real-world mobile advertising insights and the latest platform trends, keeping you ahead of the curve.


Your unique TikTok strategy will help you to engage with your most valuable social media audiences, dramatically improve your results, and leave your competitors in the dust.


Plus, we’ll establish crystal clear objectives to make sure that your strategy is firing on all cylinders and pushing you towards achieving your biggest social media marketing goals.

TikTok Content Production

If you’re going to engage and excite your target audience, then bland and repurposed content just won’t cut it. You need bold and creative assets that demand instant attention.


Luckily, that’s our speciality as a dedicated TikTok agency.


Our experienced content production team will deliver fresh assets for your brand that feel authentic, connect with audiences, and generate results. From compelling UGC TikTok videos that showcase your products to killer TikTok influencer marketing campaigns that generate clicks, we’ll supply whatever you need to smash your goals.


We’ll also handle every single step of the production process, from creative brainstorms to meticulous final edits. Forget reusing those worn-out assets, and say hello to brand new TikTok marketing content – made just for you.

Tap into our extensive content creation network

As a specialist TikTok ads agency, we’re all about building relationships. That’s why we can instantly access a huge network of reliable and professional TikTok users to create quality social media content for your brand.


These content creators will produce powerful UGC assets that showcase your products, provide your brand with an authentic voice, and encourage engagement from your target audience.

Find the perfect influencers for your TikTok ad campaign

Influencer campaigns can be incredibly powerful on TikTok. But finding the right brand ambassadors can be tricky. Fortunately, we can help you to find the perfect TikTok influencers to represent your business and elevate your social media marketing.


Our experts will develop a highly effective influencer marketing strategy for your brand, using talent that resonates with your target market and enhances your brand reputation.

Take advantage of our full-service production team

Not all TikTok marketing agencies can combine social media marketing expertise with cutting-edge creative production – but we can.


We take the phrase ‘full service’ pretty seriously, which is why we’ll take care of every aspect of your TikTok content production. Our videographers and editors are ready to create magic and deliver assets that genuinely resonate with your customers.


Your dedicated team will conjure up innovative ideas, plan every stage of the production process, and execute flawlessly – leaving you with seriously effective TikTok marketing assets.

Paid TikTok Campaigns

TikTok ads can deliver exceptional results for your brand. But to drive optimal performance with your paid media ad spend, you’ll need precision audience targeting, smart media buying, and expert campaign management.


(That’s where we come in.)


We’ll create a high-performing TikTok marketing strategy that’s designed to blow your most ambitious targets out of the water.


As a qualified TikTok marketing agency, we’ll help you to establish clear objectives that are designed to drive your business in the right direction. And once we’ve set your social media goals, we’ll launch the perfect targeting tactics and ad placements to achieve them.


Our social media marketing experts will also keep a watchful eye over your TikTok ads campaigns, providing detailed reporting and making game-changing optimisations at exactly the right time to maximise performance.

Establish clear and relevant objectives

Selecting the right TikTok ads objective is key to success. Your campaign objective is your guiding light, dictating everything from your ad formats to your creative messaging.


Our team will help you to pick an objective that aligns closely with your brand vision and helps to inform effective optimisations.


You can achieve a number of different goals with TikTok marketing:

Set up laser-focused targeting

There are masses of potential customers on TikTok, just waiting to learn about your brand, visit your website, and purchase your products.


You just need the right targeting tactics to find them.


Our team will build clearly-defined audience segments for your campaigns, powered by your own customer insights and data analytics.


Large-scale prospecting tactics will help you to engage and attract more customers, while super-efficient retargeting will rapidly convert your hottest prospects. Equipped with these targeting strategies, you’ll be able to reduce your TikTok advertising costs and dramatically increase the impact of your ad spend.


A wide range of targeting options means you’re guaranteed to rack up conversions:

Run tactical and effective placements

Producing a compelling creative message is important on TikTok – but it’s also crucial to deliver your message in the right way.


By selecting effective formats for your TikTok marketing campaign, you can guarantee that users will pay full attention to your ads and resist the urge to scroll past.


We’ll cherry-pick strategic ad placements that showcase your products, engage your target audiences, and allow you to smash your business objectives. Our social media marketing specialists will also remain vigilant, monitoring ad performance and constantly testing new placements.


When it comes to creative TikTok ads placements, you’re spoilt for choice:

TikTok Community Management

Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence is critical.


By keeping your feed packed with entertaining content and responsive communications, you can nurture strong relationships with your most profitable customers.


But TikTok community management takes time. And that’s a precious resource in a busy advertising department.


Don’t worry. This is where your new TikTok marketing agency comes in.


Your social media marketing experts will ensure that your TikTok profile is constantly updated with fresh organic content that’s designed to drive engagement and keep users coming back for more. We’ll also regularly respond to comments and engage with other profiles, keeping your brand visible and strengthening your customer relationships across social platforms.

Track progress with analytics and reporting

We don’t shy away from the numbers. From the moment we launch your TikTok campaigns, we’ll keep you posted on performance, so you’re clear on the impact your TikTok ads are having on your bottom line.


With detailed but easy-to-digest reports, we’ll give you a clear understanding of how your strategy is performing, as well as the strategic optimisations we’re planning on implementing to take your account to the next level.


If you have any questions about your reports or our upcoming optimisations, your account manager will always be on hand to walk you through them.

We’ll do brilliant things for your brand. But don’t take our word for it.

Book your call with a TikTok marketing expert

Speak to a seasoned professional about your TikTok marketing goals and objectives. Have the opportunity to ask any question you like and get instant feedback on your social media marketing strategy. Get a free no-obligation quote and understand exactly what’s involved with hiring a TikTok marketing agency

We’re all about strong relationships, which is why we have long-standing connections with TikTok

We’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years, and that comes with certain perks. We’ve built long-standing relationships with some of the biggest advertising channels and social media platforms in the world, and TikTok is one of them.

As TikTok Partners, we get a dedicated account representative to quickly address any potential campaign issues, the latest insight from exclusive events and workshops, and ad spend rewards – which we pass onto you.

When you work with us, you benefit from all of this.


Speak to a seasoned professional about your TikTok advertising and objectives

Have the opportunity to ask any question you like and get instant feedback on your social strategy

Get a free no-obligation quote and understand exactly what’s involved with hiring a professional agency

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