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If you’re interested in social media marketing or influencer marketing, you’ve no doubt considered TikTok at some point or another. And although you might not be fussed about filming the latest dance trend, we’re willing to bet you’re interested in how you can use this new-age social platform to seriously spike your sales. But it can be tricky to know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help.

As an established TikTok Advertising Agency, we can help you to tackle this unique channel and launch some wildly effective campaigns. We’ll create a bespoke strategy that takes full advantage of the unique formats and audiences that TikTok offers. Our solutions are crafted around your specific products, audiences and objectives. We’ll also ensure that your TikTok activity slots seamlessly into your wider digital marketing strategy, driving jaw-dropping results and allowing you to smash your targets.


Our in-house content geniuses will plan, shoot, and edit stunning video assets for your brand. This content will be tailored specifically to the TikTok platform for maximum impact.


We’re an agency who pride ourselves on our media buying knowledge. Our team will put their expertise to good use, developing a bespoke TikTok strategy built around your business.


User attention is gold dust on social media. Our content is designed to stop users in their tracks and encourage consistent engagement.


Our advanced scaling techniques will ensure that your campaigns keep growing, and growing, and growing. We aim to deliver a consistent increase in quality leads and valuable sales.


We’re all about open communication. That’s why we’ll deliver regular and in-depth reporting that provides you with all the campaign data that you need.

Tik Tok offers amazing advertising options that are guaranteed to get your brand noticed by millions.

If you’re after an active and highly engaged younger audience, then TikTok is an absolute goldmine. Millions of users visit the app on a daily basis, and the platform is continuing to gain momentum. The right content can spread like wildfire and deliver colossal organic reach. Working with an experienced TikTok agency can help you to develop a highly effective content strategy, fuelled by smart targeting, that will maximise the potential of TikTok for your brand.

TikTok Ads 101:
In Feed

These are your bread and butter TikTok ads, appearing in-feed and delivering massive engagement. There are a few variations of In Feed ads, including Brand Takeovers which appear as soon as a user opens the app with a full-screen presentation. They can be targeted to specific content categories, and can also include a clickable link to a landing page.

TikTok Ads 101:

TopView Ads appear at the top of the For You page – which is the TikTok equivalent of premium real estate. These are highly visible placements that allow for 60 seconds of full-screen video, so they’re great for making an impact.

TikTok Ads 101:
Branded Hashtag

Branded Hashtag Challenges are a great way to encourage user interactions, through both organic and sponsored opportunities. This is a unique format for TikTok, and if you have a cracking creative idea, it can easily lead to huge organic reach and user engagement. TikTok also offers branded stickers, AR filters, and lenses. Once again, if you have a brilliant creative concept, this can be a great execution to drive some shareability and brand fame.

TikTok Ads:
Branded Effects

TikTok now offers branded shareable stickers, AR filters, and lenses in their advertising mix. Similar to Snapchat’s branded lenses, TikTok’s branded effects allow brands to design their own custom filter on the app.

Our Approach to
TikTok Advertising

We invest the time to understand everything about your brand – from your products to your objectives, to your target audiences.
Need an agency who’ll create a bespoke strategy for you? Our team will produce highly effective solutions, tailored to your specific goals.
We’ll review your existing assets and create some shiny new content for your campaigns.
There’s an incredible amount of audience data available on TikTok. We’ll put this to good use and build custom audiences, fuelled by pixel tracking, that will deliver sterling results.
First impressions matter. That’s why our creative wizards will produce eye-catching visuals and captivating copy for your campaigns.
We’ll constantly tweak and optimise your campaigns to deliver the best possible results.
Our advanced scaling techniques will allow you to drive increasing volumes of leads and sales. We’re a TikTok Ads Agency who believe in growing your business.
We’ll deliver in-depth reporting that contains valuable performance data and audience insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok offers a range of different advertising options for your brand, with diverse formats and targeting opportunities.

It’s a good idea to work with an agency who can recommend the ideal strategies for driving high levels of engagement. An agency team can also help to produce some high-quality creative assets, which is vital when you’re trying to stand out in-feed.

TikTok offers a range of different advertising options for your brand, with diverse formats and targeting opportunities.

It’s a good idea to work with an agency who can recommend the ideal strategies for driving high levels of engagement. An agency team can also help to produce some high-quality creative assets, which is vital when you’re trying to stand out in-feed.

Simply put, TikTok offers a golden opportunity to reach a vast audience of younger consumers.

It is a great option for reaching your target audience to increase sales and brand awareness.

It’s also an app that is only continuing to gain momentum!

Since the platform strongly encourages engagements, interactions, and shares, the right branded content can quickly spread and drive fame for your campaign.

An experienced TikTok ads agency will be able to advise you on the best ways to incorporate the platform into your wider marketing strategy whether that be via influencer campaigns or a paid media strategy.

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