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With a rich history spanning over 140 years, Bissell has established itself as a leading brand in the vacuum cleaners and floor care products industry. With annual revenue exceeding $800 million and capturing 20% of the market share in the US, Bissell sought to explore the potential value of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger during a crucial period, including UK Black Friday and Christmas.




Bissell faced the challenge of achieving their desired return on advertising spend (ROAS) during the important UK Black Friday and Christmas season. Initial campaigns using the brand’s provided video and imagery creative did not meet the brand’s performance targets, necessitating a reevaluation of the advertising strategy and creative assets.




To address the challenge, a two-fold strategy was implemented. First, the underperforming campaigns were carefully analysed to identify areas for improvement. Second, the creative assets provided by Bissell were handed over to the Creative Department, which optimised the content to enhance performance on the Meta advertising platforms. Through a series of edits and ongoing campaign optimisations, the aim was to achieve improved month-on-month results and consistently hit the brand’s ROAS target.




The execution of the revised strategy and optimised creative assets yielded positive results for Bissell, especially during the crucial UK Black Friday and Christmas period. The refined campaigns, featuring the improved creative content, consistently delivered the desired ROAS and surpassed the initial performance benchmarks. Month-on-month improvements were observed, indicating the effectiveness of the optimisations implemented by the Creative Department and ongoing campaign refinements.

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