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With a rich history spanning over 30 years, BenQ, a renowned technology brand, has been at the forefront of innovation, developing an extensive range of tech products and solutions. While primarily based in Asia, BenQ recognised the immense potential of the European market and sought an agency situated in Europe to spearhead their paid social advertising efforts. Their primary focus was to promote four distinct monitor lights, and they entrusted Upbeat Agency with this crucial task. Our mission was to maximise brand visibility, drive engagement, and optimise campaign performance to achieve outstanding results.


Entering a new market is always accompanied by unique challenges, and BenQ’s expansion into Europe was no exception. To effectively promote their monitor lights, we faced the hurdle of establishing a robust attribution system. The client encountered difficulties in accurately attributing purchases within their backend system, hindering their ability to track and measure the campaign’s success. Our challenge was to devise a reliable and efficient tracking mechanism that would provide comprehensive insights into customer actions, ensuring accurate attribution and informed decision-making.



Upbeat Agency embarked on a strategic approach designed to overcome the challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes. Recognising the importance of establishing an attribution system, we conducted thorough testing to identify the most effective solution. After experimenting with different methods, we implemented a shared purchase tracker that captured website clicks and purchases across both BenQ’s website and Amazon. This innovative approach allowed for seamless tracking and accurate attribution of customer actions. With this change in place, we optimised the campaign objectives, focusing on driving clicks, maximising click-through rates (CTR), and minimising the cost per click (CPC).



To effectively promote the monitor lights and captivate the European audience, Upbeat Agency crafted compelling and visually captivating creatives across multiple advertising platforms. We leveraged the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Through captivating imagery, persuasive ad copy, and strategic targeting, we aimed to showcase the unique features and benefits of BenQ’s monitor lights to the tech-savvy European audience.


Thanks to our tailored strategy and diligent execution, the campaign achieved remarkable results for BenQ. The implementation of the shared purchase tracker not only provided accurate attribution but also offered valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. The optimised campaign objectives focused on driving clicks, resulting in increased traffic to the BenQ website and Amazon product pages. The captivating creatives and strategic targeting led to higher engagement rates, ultimately translating into improved brand visibility and increased product awareness among the European audience.

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