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42 Must-Know Pinterest Statistics for Marketers in 2024

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok seem to take up most of the bandwidth when markets are talking about social media channels.  However, if you’re looking to build a brand presence and


Facebook, Instagram and TikTok seem to take up most of the bandwidth when markets are talking about social media channels. 

Pinterest marketing can deliver outstanding results for your business, helping you to convert high-value customers and skyrocket your brand growth. 

So, you’re preparing to launch your next paid social campaign.  You’ve calculated your budget, and you know your primary objective.

Pinterest marketing can work wonders for digital advertisers, offering access to a huge audience, unique ad formats, and intelligent targeting

Pinterest ads can be a valuable addition to your paid social marketing strategy.  If you’re equipped with high-quality creative assets

If you’re looking to broaden your paid social horizons, Pinterest ads can be a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy. 

There’s a lot to think about when you’re launching Pinterest marketing.  Target audiences, bidding strategies, ad formats – these are

Pinterest advertising can be an insanely effective tool for marketers. The platform offers creative ad formats, significant audience reach, and

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your Pinterest ads? Good news. You’re in the right place. Pinterest advertising can deliver

Pinterest can be a valuable advertising partner for many e-commerce brands. The platform is designed for discovery and exploration. Users

Pinterest can make an excellent addition to your paid social strategy. This unique platform is highly visual, lending itself to

Thinking of investing in Pinterest advertising? This highly visual platform offers e-commerce advertisers some exciting features – impactful ad formats,

Pinterest is brimming with active users who are constantly seeking out new brands, fresh products and shopping inspiration. Sounds too

Pinterest can be an ideal environment for e-commerce advertisers. It’s a uniquely visual platform, with an active user base and

If you’re familiar with paid social advertising, you’ve probably come across Pinterest at some point. This unique social platform is

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