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How to Target a Facebook Group with Ads

Want to get your Facebook ads in front of the right people? Targeting a Facebook group could be the answer. Facebook groups are full of engaged users who share a


Want to get your Facebook ads in front of the right people? Targeting a Facebook group could be the answer.

Are you wondering why Facebook ads cost so much? Many other business owners are asking the same question. But there’s

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Facebook ads. But you might be wondering if they’re really worth it for a

Imagine this: You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating the ultimate Facebook ad. Then, bam! Rejected without a clear

Did you know that a whopping 10 million businesses advertise on Facebook? But sadly, many small business owners struggle to

Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t bring in any leads? Or do you feel like

Have you been feeling frustrated by the rising cost of Facebook ads? You’re not alone. The average CPM for Facebook

Do you find yourself scratching your head when trying to figure out if your Facebook ads are actually working? It’s

Feeling overwhelmed by your Facebook ad campaigns? Welcome to the club. Lots of small business owners have a hard time

With over 3 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook offers an incredible opportunity to connect with your target audience and

As a small business owner, you’ve heard that Facebook Ads can take your business to new heights. But there’s a

Which is better for generating leads – Facebook lead forms or landing pages? This is a question that many marketers

Many businesses need help to create Facebook Ads that consistently drive results despite their best efforts. But here’s the good

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your small business, working tirelessly to make it a success. But despite your

Have you ever launched a Facebook ads campaign and found yourself overwhelmed by the options and decisions? From targeting the

Are you looking to leverage the power of Facebook ads for your business but unsure what a good cost-per-click (CPC)

You’ve set up your Facebook ad campaign and are eager to see the results. But how do you know if

Did you know that in 2023, Facebook’s advertising revenue reached an all-time high of $132 billion, trumping the previous year’s

Do your Facebook ads feel like they’re missing the target? You’ve put a lot of effort into them, hoping to

As we approach the end of 2023, you’re most likely thinking about your marketing plans for 2024.  (And if you’re

If you’re a Shopify store owner struggling to increase traffic, Facebook advertising can be a game-changer for your business.  Facebook

Facebook attracts a mind-blowing 3bn active users to the platform every single month. And with that many people available for

The shoot’s done. The photos and videos are edited. And you’re left with the most beautiful ad creative you’ve ever

Ever felt overwhelmed managing your Facebook ads? If only there was a way to save time, money, and still achieve

Running Facebook ads can feel pretty hectic sometimes. You’re constantly checking performance metrics, implementing in-flight optimisations, and monitoring your budget

As a Facebook advertiser, you’ve got a lot on your plate.  You’re thinking constantly about your creative assets, product messages,

So, you’ve launched a successful Facebook Ads campaign.  Your CTA is driving consistent action, you’re reaching responsive customers, and you’re

Facebook advertising can be incredibly effective for your business, enabling you to leverage advanced marketing tools and a wealth of

Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for your brand, allowing you to reach valuable audiences, skyrocket your engagement rate,

Facebook advertising is incredibly popular with marketers from across the globe.  As one of the largest marketing platforms in the

If you’re looking to grow your business and access new revenue-driving opportunities, Facebook is a very powerful tool.  The channel

Facebook can deliver exceptional performance for advertisers, offering mind-blowing audience reach, intuitive marketing tools, and data-driven targeting tactics.  But if

So, you’re preparing to launch your next paid social campaign.  You’ve calculated your budget, and you know your primary objective.

If you’re a Facebook marketer looking to maximise the performance of your budget, it’s important to understand the platform inside

While your own digital marketing expertise is crucial for running successful Facebook campaigns, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little

Facebook and Instagram are both part of the same social media family, but it can be tricky to know which

Facebook is a social media marketing powerhouse.  The platform attracts a whopping 2.93bn monthly active users and accounts for 71.64%

Every business owner’s dream is red-hot leads. We’re talking about those customers that come to you already 90% ready to

Imagine a paid social tool that allowed you to automatically reach red-hot prospects with creative messages explicitly tailored to their

Facebook and Google.  Two behemoths in the world of digital marketing. Both platforms offer a huge range of benefits and

Simple and direct messages are usually best when it comes to Facebook advertising. But sometimes, you need a little more

Facebook advertising is immensely popular with brands around the globe. And for a good reason. The Facebook platform offers creative

Picture this. You’re browsing the usual content on your Facebook feed when a Story post at the top of the

There’s a lot to think about when you’re preparing to launch new Facebook ads. Will your ad copy drive enough

If you’re planning to run a Facebook ad campaign, you need to ensure that you’re spending the right amount to

So, your Facebook ad campaigns are crushing your targets. You’ve discovered several profitable audiences, identified your best performing creative assets,

It’s time to come clean.  We’re all curious about what our competitors are doing on Facebook. Don’t worry, there’s no

Improving Facebook ad performance can feel a bit like spinning plates.  There are so many factors that can impact your

Facebook is an excellent advertising platform for e-commerce brands. But to maximise the impact of your e-commerce Facebook ads, you

Facebook provides e-commerce advertisers with a huge opportunity for increased revenue. The platform attracts around 2.9 billion monthly active users

When it comes to digital marketing platforms, it doesn’t get much bigger than Facebook. There are more than 6 million

Looking to enhance your Facebook ad campaign performance?  We know a secret weapon that can help.  OK – it’s not

Your Facebook campaigns are likely to reach thousands of potential customers. Hopefully, many of these prospects will click through to

In the wise words of Confucius – “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to

Strap in folks, because it’s time for a heavyweight clash in the world of paid social advertising.  TikTok and Facebook.

If you’re running Facebook advertising campaigns, you need to ensure that your budget is working as hard as possible for

Okay, so what is an Engagement Custom Audience? (sounds fancy I know!)   Firstly, we need to figure out what Facebook means when referring to “engagement”.  Facebook has

It has recently been recorded that there are 1.74 billion mobile active users on Facebook – a 21 per cent

Your mother uses it on the iPad to see what her grandkids are getting up to at school, your children

Facebook are rolling out more features for your Facebook page every day – which means unfortunately you may miss a

Our business owner Jordan Bucknell talks to Steve Hyland of Business Connections Live. Clearing up a few questions about advertising

We recently created a blog post about abandoned carts (people who disappear after they add items to their e-commerce shopping

In a world where 75% of mobile data is expected to be video by 2020, a successful digital marketer recognises

If you’ve done research on types of Facebook Ad targeting, you will already have come across Facebook Lookalike Audiences, one

Lead form ads are an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly ad format designed to make it quick and easy for people to find

During an age where consumers are constantly served adverts, how is it possible to keep people engaged? How do you

We’re often asked by people why their Google Analytics (GA) and Facebook ads tracking statistics do not match. This can

Facebook Ads is an incredibly powerful platform for driving traffic to your website and generating customers, but how does it

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