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3 Powerful Ways Dynamic Ads Can Help You

Your mother uses it on the iPad to see what her grandkids are getting up to at school, your children use it to keep in touch with their friends, and perhaps you use it to arrange the meetings of a club you belong to – Facebook has become the ‘go to’ social media website for every generation thanks to its convenience and functionality. Considering that it’s a platform with such a wide reach, it’s perhaps unsurprising that, as it has grown over the years, so have the number of advertising opportunities that it offers and as a Facebook ads agency we know the true power of the platform first hand.

Dynamic ads are one of ways that you are able to advertise through Facebook. A dynamic product ad on Facebook will show somebody who has already viewed your website or interacted with your app a catalogue of the products that they have been browsing.

Here’s a quick example. I went on Amazon the other day and added a hairdryer and watch to the shopping basket. I then exited the Amazon website and those EXACT products appeared in my Facebook feed to tempt me back.

Dynamic ads look just like other ads on Facebook – the difference being that you don’t have to create a unique advert for each of your products. Instead, you upload a product catalogue and Facebook then uses that to show personalised adverts to your customers based on their browsing patterns.

While dynamic ads in Facebook are meant as part of your remarketing efforts, Facebook has also made it possible for you to target prospective customers with dynamic ads. As long as they have been searching for similar products to the ones that you sell, they may see your dynamic ad on their Facebook.

So, that’s a summary of dynamic ads – and here’s how they can help your business.

Re-marketing to those who are interested in your products or services

We’re sure you already know what marketing is – but how familiar with ‘remarketing’ are you? As you might expect it to, the ‘re’ is making reference to something happening again.

How often do you browse a website, convinced that you’ll remember to go back to it later to make a purchase and end up getting distracted and forgetting?

Dynamic ads act as a handy little reminder to those who have been looking at your site – you’ve already done the initial legwork by getting them to click on your website, and the Facebook ad then acts as your remarketing tool.

Re-marketing with dynamic ads can be an incredible way of unlocking hidden profits. Check out these ROI stats:

Laser focused on the people that matter

Let’s face it, nobody wants to see an endless stream of adverts that simply aren’t relevant to them and their interests. With the ability to target users who have taken action on your website and prospective customers, the people seeing your adverts will already have an interest in what you offer.

They’ll have been looking at your website or they’ll have been browsing on other sites for the same sort of products that you sell. Ad templates help with this as they let you include variables in your adverts rather than committing to a specific product, allowing for an even more personal approach.

When creating audiences for a dynamic product ad you have the ability to be really specific with your targeting. Just like when creating a saved audience, you are able to list exclusion conditions, so you don’t target the wrong people. You also have the ability to use a previously saved audience. This is a great opportunity to target particular audiences with these dynamic product ads.

Key benefits

When creating a Facebook dynamic ad you have 3 options in terms of appearance. You can choose from a single image ad, carousel ad or collection ads.

The products featured in dynamic product ads, otherwise known as ‘product recommendations’, will fall under one of three categories:

  • The products a user viewed on your website or in your app
  • The popular products in your catalogue
  • Products your audience or people similar interacted with on Facebook or around the internet

The great thing about Facebook dynamic ads is that they will appear on Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network too. This gives you maximum coverage for your dynamic product ads, meaning you will be able to retarget or prospect across a wider advertising plain.

With all of these various different products and ad types there is bound to be something to tickle the fancy of those who view the ad.

How to create a Dynamic Product Ad

Creating a ‘Catalogue Sales’ campaign, the campaign type specifically for dynamic ads, is similar to creating any other campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. Before you can begin you must have a product catalogue, as this will be the first setting after the name of the campaign that you will have to configure.

When you reach the ad set level the only options that will appear different is ‘Products’, not available unless creating a Catalogue Sales campaign, and ‘Audience’. At the ‘Products’ section you can choose whether you want to advertise a previously created product set, or whether you want to advertise your whole catalogue.

The audience options give you 4 pre-made retargeting audiences where all you need to edit is the date range and 1 ‘Custom Combination’ audience where you can select the different variables and time frames. If you select the prospecting option, you will be asked to create a broad audience for these dynamic product ads. Your other option when creating an ad set for a Facebook dynamic ad is to simply choose a saved audience.

Less time wasted

You can upload a static product catalogue file or allow Facebook to access your product catalogues as they’re updated. This is all part of the ‘dynamic’ nature of the adverts as it lets Facebook know the details of the products that you would like to promote. Not only does this allow for variety, but it also saves you the job of re-entering information, gifting you with time that can be better utilised elsewhere.

Some potential customers are, understandably, discerning when it comes to advertising. They see so many ads every day that you need to make sure that yours are going to catch their eye. Dynamic ads do just that, offering you flexibility and a broad audience reach that few other advertising types can.

Hope you enjoyed the article, let us know what you think below.

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