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Facebook Ads Creatives: Top-Tier Examples & Best Practices

Facebook can deliver exceptional performance for advertisers, offering mind-blowing audience reach, intuitive marketing tools, and data-driven targeting tactics. 

But if you want to crush your next social media campaign, you’ll need to understand how to make the most of your Facebook ad creatives. 

That means understanding which Facebook ad formats to leverage, building high-impact creative assets, and following proven best practices for the platform. If you can refine your Facebook ads creative strategy, you’ll be able to engage and convert your target audience at scale. 

We’re about to deep-dive the world of Facebook ad creatives, providing you with all the knowledge you need to launch ridiculously effective assets. Let’s get started. 

What are Facebook Ads creatives?

Facebook ads are available in a wide range of different formats, and selecting the right ad placements to tackle your business objectives is key. 

Below are the primary ad types that you can run on Facebook:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads 

However, selecting the right Facebook ad format is just one half of the equation. 

You’ll also need to ensure that your Facebook ad creative assets are working as hard as possible for your brand, and unlocking the full potential of the formats you’re using. 

If you want to generate optimal results, you’ll have to think carefully about how your creatives will appear, the core messages you’ll be delivering, and the actions you’d like your target audience to take. 

If you’re able to successfully combine accurate audience targeting, strategic ad formats, and eye-catching creative assets, then you’ll be in a strong position to smash your goals.

What are the different types of Facebook ads? 

Facebook Image Ads

Facebook Image ads are one of the simplest formats available on the platform, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. 

This format features a single image/photo, accompanied by a headline, primary text, and description copy. 

However, these straightforward placements can still deliver excellent results for advertisers. With an eye-catching visual asset, persuasive ad copy, and a compelling CTA, you can utilise Image ads to drive mass engagement among your audience. 

If you’re running Image ads to showcase specific products, make sure that you’re utilising high quality images that clearly highlight any key features or selling points.

Facebook image ad

  (Source: facebook.com)

Facebook Video Ads

Feeling a little bit restricted by the idea of a single Image ad?

Facebook Video ads may be a better option. 

With a Facebook video ad, you have the space and time to deliver more in-depth messages to your audience. However, it’s worth remembering that shorter video assets tend to deliver the best results on Facebook, so try to keep things as punchy as possible. 

Facebook Video ads are served primarily in-feed, but can also be inserted as pre-roll or mid-roll placements through an In-Stream ad campaign.

It’s a good idea to diversify your creative approach when producing video ads. Plan out a few different creative ideas (e.g. product explainer videos, UGC snippets, animations) and keep things fresh to ensure that your audience stays engaged. 

(Source: facebook.com)

With Facebook Carousel ads, you can launch up to 10 individual assets (images or videos) within a single placement, meaning you have plenty of space for brand storytelling and product imagery. 

The Carousel format can deliver sky-high levels of engagement, as users are encouraged to swipe through each panel to discover more content. 

You can also incorporate a unique Call To Action and URL into each section of a Carousel, driving users to relevant product pages and creating a seamless customer experience. 

As always, the key here is to use high quality images or videos that can stand out in a cluttered feed. Make sure that your brand visuals feel consistent throughout the Carousel, and use compelling messages that incentivise prospects to tap through every asset. 

Facebook carousel ad

(Source: facebook.com)

Facebook Collection Ads 

Facebook Collection ads are a dream for e-commerce brands, allowing potential customers to browse and purchase new products quickly and easily. 

The Collection format is made up of five individual image or video assets, with one ‘hero’ asset positioned at the top of the placement. 

This hero image or video is often used to draw prospects in, encouraging them to click the rest of the assets and explore your wider product offering. The Collection format essentially works like a shop window, where you display various products or services and encourage customers to learn more. 

Once users have tapped on a specific asset or product, it’s easy for them to complete a purchase through the app, meaning you can generate high volumes of valuable conversions. 

Facebook collection ad

(Source: facebook.com)

How to make killer Facebook creatives 

Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular Facebook ad formats, let’s take a look at how you can produce creative assets that deliver jaw-dropping results. 

1. Capture audience attention – and fast

Regardless of the ad format that you’re using, it’s vital to grab the attention of your target audience as quickly as possible. 

You’ll only have a precious few seconds to engage prospects in a super competitive Facebook feed, so there’s no time to waste. 

If you’re running video ads, the opening seconds are key. Establish your branding early and lead with a strong hook that will keep people interested – this could be a statistic, an unexpected visual, or a sales promotion. 

Motion and audio are also powerful allies here, so use them to your advantage. 

For image assets, leverage visuals that are eye-catching and bold. If you’re promoting specific products, try to showcase their selling points and how they can benefit your target audience. A short and snappy text overlay can be a game-changer here too! 

Always try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes when creating new assets. 

What would genuinely make you pause while you’re rapidly scrolling through tons of fresh content? The faster you can capture attention, the better your chances of increasing clicks and conversions.

Upcircle Facebook Ad

(Source: facebook.com) 

2. Build creative executions around your ad formats 

While the contents of your Facebook ads are hugely important, it’s also crucial to think about how they’ll be delivered to your audience. 

Every ad format is different, providing you with unique opportunities for creative messaging and visual executions. 

For example, the Carousel format offers plenty of space for brand storytelling and in-depth product messaging. If you want to maximise the impact of a Carousel ad, you’ll need to ensure that you have multiple high quality visuals that feel connected and engaging. 

A Collection ad, on the other hand, is all about eye-catching product imagery. You’ll need to focus on communicating product benefits and selling points through your visuals, and drawing in potential customers with your hero asset. 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for every ad format, so plan your Facebook ad campaign carefully and tailor your creative approach to each placement. 

(Source: facebook.com) 

3. Don’t neglect your Facebook ad copy 

While it’s easy to become obsessed over your marketing visuals, if you want to launch highly effective Facebook Ad creatives, you’ll also need to polish your copywriting. 

Your Facebook ad copy and visuals should work together seamlessly to attract new customers, deliver product information, and generate conversions. 

While images and videos may initially draw customers in, it’s your Facebook ad copy that often nudges a new sale over the line. Keep your copywriting snappy and succinct, focusing on the core messages that you’re trying to convey. 

It’s also critical to emphasise product benefits rather than product features. 

Prospects aren’t usually interested in how a product works – they’re interested in how it can work for them. 

Whenever you’re crafting new ad copy, make an effort to cut out the fluff and get directly to the benefits you’re offering potential customers. 

Finally, always be conscious of the tone of voice you’re using in your copywriting. Ad copy is one of the best ways to strengthen your brand identity on Facebook, and if customers can instantly recognise your personality, it will become easier to build trust.

Harry's Facebook Ad

(Source: facebook.com)

5 high-performing Facebook ad examples 

Here are a few brands that have maximised the potential of good creatives to deliver outstanding Facebook ad results. 

1. Tyro 

Payments company Tyro added In-Stream video ads to their wider Facebook strategy to try and boost brand awareness and ad recall. 

The brand followed key best practices for Facebook video advertising to make the campaign a success, utilising animated text, voiceovers, and high quality visuals to grab attention.

(Source: facebook.com)

The ad was simple, but highly effective, opening with a clear brand logo and quickly highlighting the key benefits of the Tyro service. The asset was also only 15 seconds long, delivering the salient messages without wasting any time. 

Tyro managed to deliver tremendous results with this video asset.

The brand saw a 9.8% lift in ad recall with this In-Stream campaign, as well as a 5.1% lift in consideration. The video asset was slick and efficient, helping customers to understand the Tyro offering within a matter of seconds. 

2. shu uemura

Japanese beauty brand shu uemura leveraged the Facebook Collection ad format to increase product sales on the platform. 

To achieve this goal, shu uemura focused on creating a compelling ‘hero’ video that featured quality visuals, customer testimonials, and product demonstrations. 

(Source: facebook.com) 

shu uemura took full advantage of the Collection placement, maximising the creative space available to deliver a highly effective ad. The hero asset blended several key features (e.g. motion, audio, creator content) to lure in potential customers, while the supporting product images encouraged users to click and convert. 

The campaign delivered an impressive 33% lift in incremental sales for shu uemura, as well as a 55% lift in incremental add-to-cart events. 

By producing a creative asset tailored to the Collection format, the brand managed to engage shoppers, showcase its products, and drive action. 

3. Connox

Online furniture retailer Connox utilised the Collection format to try and increase conversions and reduce acquisition costs. 

The brand was keen to show the breadth and diversity of its product range, making the Facebook Collection format the ideal platform for a successful campaign. 

Connox Facebook Ad

(Source: facebook.com) 

Connox used the Collection format to create an immersive and enticing storefront for the business. By displaying premium product imagery, the brand encouraged customers to click different visuals and learn more about individual items, driving consistent engagement.  

Once a customer tapped on an asset, they would then be able to access an Instant Experience store where they could easily explore and purchase different products. 

This set up a seamless customer journey, where prospects could transition from engaging with the Collection ad to completing a purchase in a matter of clicks. 

The campaign was a huge success for Connox, driving a 47% lower CPC, a 34% higher ROAS, and a 26% reduction in average cost-per-order. 

4. Boots 

Boots used highly creative Augmented Reality executions on Facebook to boost ad recall and campaign awareness. 

To stand out in an insanely competitive Christmas marketing landscape, Boots leveraged AR technology to deliver a memorable and engaging campaign. The creative idea was unique, and provided the brand with the perfect opportunity to generate viral fame. 

Boots Facebook Ad

(Source: facebook.com) 

Although the idea of launching an AR campaign may seem intimidating, Boots kept things simple with a straightforward, but highly engaging, creative execution. 

The ad encouraged users to put on a pair of ‘magic glasses’ with the help of AR. Once customers followed these instructions, they received recommendations from Boots for the ideal Christmas gift. 

This was a fantastic creative concept for several reasons. 

Firstly, it enabled Boots to stand out in an ultra-competitive market while also keeping them relevant with a seasonal message. The AR element of the ad was also a novelty that instantly hooked Facebook users – it wasn’t overly complex, but it was unique enough to drum up interest and mass engagement. 

The campaign was a resounding success for Boots, delivering a 9% lift in ad recall and a 3.9% increase in message association during a chaotic period for consumers and brands. 

5. Warehouse 

Fashion brand Warehouse launched Facebook Carousel ads (fuelled by dynamic Advantage+ tactics) to drive cost-efficient conversions at scale. 

The business utilised discount-led ad copy, alongside eye-catching product images, to capture the attention of high-value shoppers in the Facebook feed. 

Warehouse Facebook Ad

(Source: facebook.com) 

Warehouse ticked all the right boxes in terms of creating an engaging, click-driving Carousel ad. For one thing, the ad copy clearly highlighted multiple discounts that shoppers could access, which is a great way to instantly capture interest in-feed. 

The brand also ran multiple Carousel slots featuring clear, premium product images that effectively showcased the Warehouse range. 

This creative approach turned out to be a winner for Warehouse. 

Through these Carousel ads, the brand managed to drive a 47% lift in incremental sales and a 12% higher incremental ROAS. 92% of attributed sales also came from new customers, proving the success of the campaign in attracting fresh prospects. 

Best practices for Facebook Ads creatives 

By following proven best practices for Facebook creatives, you can launch ad campaigns that deliver consistently strong results for your brand. 

(And fortunately, we’ve pulled together a few of the best right here.) 

Experiment with multiple ad formats 

Trialling different Facebook ad formats is one of the best ways to improve performance and refine your creative strategy. 

For example, you might find that Image ads are a little too restrictive for your product benefits, but Carousels give you the space you need to land your value proposition. 

Different formats can also help you to achieve different objectives, so it’s worth experimenting with multiple placements to test performance. Collection ads, for instance, are ideal for e-commerce, while Carousels and Video ads can be utilised for brand storytelling. 

A/B test to refine performance 

A/B testing is a surefire way to boost campaign performance, but it’s also a great way to identify your best-performing creative elements. 

There are many different variables you can test with Facebook ads, including:

  • Headlines
  • CTAs
  • Ad copy 
  • Target audiences
  • Bidding strategies 

Over time, you’ll be able to figure out the creative messages and assets that are resonating most with your target audience, and these insights can be invaluable for future campaigns. 

Facebook also enables brands to set up fully automated A/B testing, making the process a breeze. 

Include a compelling CTA 

A strong Call To Action can make a monumental difference to creative performance, so make sure that you’re being strategic with your CTAs.

Keep your CTAs short and sweet, using clear directions (e.g. buy, learn, download) that will incentivise prospects to take action.

You should also make sure that your CTA creates a logical consumer journey. If your CTA doesn’t align with the action a Facebook user will be taking (e.g. learning more about a product, downloading an ebook) it can feel disjointed and confusing. 

Expert tips for Facebook marketing 

Looking for Facebook marketing tips that will take your ad performance to the next level? 

You’re in the right place. 

Below are a few pointers that can make a big impact on the results you’re seeing with Facebook advertising. 

Firstly, make sure you’re harnessing the power of dynamic creatives when you’re advertising on Facebook. With Facebook Advantage+ ads, you can serve assets to your audience that are tailored to their actions and interests, skyrocketing the relevance of your campaigns. 

This is particularly useful for brands looking to drive online sales since you can identify specific products your audience is interested in and insert them dynamically into your ads. 

When high-quality ad visuals are combined with the dynamic automation of Facebook, the results can be mind-blowing.

You should also ensure that you’re utilising performance data to adjust and improve your creative approach. Through the Facebook Ads Manager, you can set up custom reports that allow you to track priority metrics and key data points. 

The more you tap into Facebook performance insights, the easier it will become to refine your creative strategy and identify your best-performing assets. 

The Facebook Ads creative checklist 

We’re throwing a lot of Facebook knowledge in your direction – and you might be feeling a little anxious about forgetting these expert tips and tricks. 

Fear not. Below is a comprehensive Facebook creative checklist that you can use to prepare for your next campaign. 

Once you’ve ticked off all of these key elements, you can launch your ads with complete confidence. 

  • Establish your ad formats – think carefully about the ad formats that align with your business objectives and creative ideas.
  • Plan out your creative content – decide on the type of creative content (e.g. UGC, product tutorials, brand storytelling) that will drive your desired results. 
  • Think about your colour palette – make sure that you’re using a consistent brand colour palette across all of your Facebook assets. 
  • Polish your ad copy – invest time into crafting your ad copy alongside your ad design, including headlines, descriptions, and primary text. 
  • Focus on your key messages – plan out the core product benefits that you’ll be communicating, and try to narrow it down to your most persuasive messages. 
  • Craft your CTA – decide on a clear and simple CTA that aligns with your marketing objectives and helps to create a smooth customer experience. 

Just run through this checklist before launching your next Facebook campaign, and the results will speak for themselves. 

Handy creative tools for your next Facebook campaign 

Using the right Facebook marketing tools can be a game-changer for your campaign performance. 

If you’re struggling with creative production, Canva is a fantastic option that can simplify the entire process. The platform offers a wide range of pre-built templates that are incredibly convenient, but you can also start from scratch with a suite of design tools and features.

Canva also allows you access to millions of stock images, graphics, and stickers, so you won’t struggle to build new creatives that capture the attention of your target audience. 

The Facebook Ads Manager should also never be overlooked as a valuable marketing tool. 

You can build and launch new creative assets within the Ads Manager, but more importantly, you can monitor performance to understand which ads are delivering optimal results. It’s also easy to launch A/B tests and set up dynamic campaigns, making the Ads Manager an all-in-one solution for creative optimisation. 

Useful resources for Facebook advertising 

Searching for some additional guidance that can help you to crush your marketing objectives and perfect your creative approach? 

Below are some handy resources that will steer you in the right direction. 

Facebook’s Reach Objective

3 Powerful Ways Dynamic Ads Can Help You

Producing Facebook creative assets and managing your campaigns can feel like a daunting task, but if you follow the best practices outlined in this guide, you’ll be seeing exceptional results in no time. 

Just remember to focus on your core brand messages, tailor your assets to your ad formats, and remain diligent with creative tests and optimisations. Best of luck!

For help with your campaigns from an expert Facebook ads agency please get in touch.


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