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Engagement Custom Audiences on Facebook

FACEBOOK LIKE SHARE ENGAGEMENT AUDIENCEOkay, so what is an Engagement Custom Audience? (sounds fancy I know!)  

Firstly, we need to figure out what Facebook means when referring to “engagement”.  Facebook has defined this as post clicks, likes, shares and comments.

So now that we have that covered.  

An engagement audience is an audience made up of all the people that “engage” with any of your content on Facebook.  By creating these audiences, you can target ads towards people who’ve already taken these actions.

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When you create an Engagement Custom Audience, you can tell Facebook how many days you’d like them to backdate the data. This means that if you tell them to look back 7 days and someone has engaged 6 days ago, that person will be in your audience.

However, if they fail to engage in the next day, they will then be removed from it. Anyone new who engages within the time period you choose will be added to the audience.

This means that the audience is constantly being refreshed, so you don’t need to edit or create a new Engagement Custom Audience unless you want to change the time period or the type of engagement.

You are also able to build Lookalike audiences from your custom built engagement audiences to find people similar to them.

The chart below shows the engagement types available:

So now that we’ve covered the what, let me explain the how’s…

For example, when setting up a video engagement custom audience you are able to select between;

  • People who have watched at least 3 seconds of your video
  • People who have watched at least 10 seconds of your video
  • People who have watched at least 25% of your video
  • People who have watched at least 50% of your video
  • People who have watched at least 75% of your video
  • People who have watched at least 95% of your video

Having these audiences set-up and actively using them as target segments for campaigns will allow you to push your already engaged audiences past the awareness stage of the marketing funnel to either the consideration or conversion stage.

You are able to do this by tailoring your adverts to these audiences with the tone of voice used and creative assets. You also have the ability to build out a sequential campaign for example, if someone has watched over 50% of video 1 you can serve them video 2 which is a sequel from video 1.

Think of it as a sales funnel within Facebook (pretty neat huh!?) 

Facebook have recently introduced a new feature which allows you to target those by how they’ve engaged with your Instagram business profile, this new feature is really cool because you are able to build an audience list based on people who just viewed the profile regardless of the action that they took on your page. The audiences you are able to target are broken out below;

  • Everyone who engaged with your business (on Instagram)
  • Anyone who visited your business profile (on Instagram)
  • People who engaged with any post or ad (on Instagram)
  • People who sent a message to your business profile (on Instagram)
  • People who saved any post or ad (on Instagram)

Keep in mind:

Engagement Custom Audiences and Custom Audiences are very different. Engagement Custom Audiences use actions taken on Facebook or Instagram, whereas Custom Audiences from your website use actions taken on your website tracked by a pixel.

Either way, Facebook have once again increased their crazy targeting tools to give business owners and marketeers the edge they need to get the best results.

What are your thoughts on Engagement Custom Audiences? Let us know below.  



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