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Using Databases to Find More Customers on Facebook

Consumers see so many adverts every day that it is easy for them to disengage. Our challenge as businesses is to ensure that our adverts catch the eye and draw savvy shoppers in.

Increasingly, we’re drawing on the data that we have about our audiences to do just that, with more personalised adverts – in other words, to make your advert stand out from the rest, you want to ensure that it’s relevant to the person that’s viewing it.


Thankfully, even if you’re a new business with a relatively small number of customers, you will already have some information about your clientele that you can tap into.

Your customer database is a goldmine of information and by using a little bit of advertising acumen it can become very powerful indeed.



With this database of information, you can use the custom audience feature on Facebook to target your advertising towards your existing customers.

This is a form of remarketing, and something that we’ve talked about on the blog before – it makes sense to target your current customers as they will already be familiar with your brand and, if given a reminder, they might be ready to make another purchase.

However, it isn’t just current customers that you’re able to target with the information that you have. You can use your customer database to find more customers on Facebook by creating a ‘lookalike’ audience.

With a lookalike audience, as the name suggests, Facebook will look at your current customer database and then use that information to find other people who resemble them.

In other words, your adverts will be seen by those who are more likely to be interested in your business and thus more likely to buy from you as a result.

Let us give you an example – John is in his thirties, from Manchester and bought a Jamie Oliver cookbook from your website last month. 

Facebook’s fancy algorithm will look at John’s profile in detail (his age, behaviours, interest, demographics etc) and then use this information to find more people like John, who may also be interesting in purchasing something from you. 

Once again, it’s about throwing your net out as wide as you can but still keeping an element of targeting. By utilising the data that you already have, your chance of attracting the right people (the people most likely to engage with your company and make a purchase) increases.

When those people move from being a lookalike audience member to part of your customer database, you can add them to your custom audience.

Again, not only do your chances of repeat business increase when you do this but you will also learn more about the kind of people who are interested in what you’re offering – making you able to target prospective customers even more effectively.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post 😉 

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