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How to Run Facebook Ads for Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer who wants to get more clients and grow your business using Facebook ads?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to create effective ads on the massive Facebook platform?

Advertising on Facebook can feel like learning a whole new language at first. But don’t worry – with the right strategy and approach, you can master Facebook ads and use them to take your interior design business to new heights. 

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to run successful Facebook ad campaigns as an interior designer. And by the end, you’ll be ready to launch profitable Facebook ads that attract your ideal interior design clients.

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Let’s get started! 

facebook ads for interior designers

1. Define Your Target Audience

The foundation of any effective Facebook ad campaign is having a crystal clear picture of who your ideal client is.

You need to go beyond basic demographics like age, gender and location and really understand the needs, goals, challenges and preferences of your target interior design clients.

Start by looking at your existing best clients – the ones you most enjoy working with and who are the most profitable for your business. What do they have in common in terms of lifestyle, values, taste in home decor, etc.? Create an ideal client avatar that paints a vivid picture of your target customer.

You can then use Facebook’s powerful ad targeting options to reach people who match your ideal client profile. Target based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and the Facebook pages they interact with. The key is to get as specific as possible so your ads reach the people most likely to hire you as their interior designer.

For example, instead of targeting a broad audience of homeowners, you could target people who are fans of specific interior design magazines or TV shows, regularly shop at high-end home furnishing stores, and have household incomes over $150,000. This will help you hone in on qualified potential clients.

By taking the time upfront to define a detailed target audience, you’ll be able to create Facebook ads that resonate and get the right people interested in your interior design services. Don’t rush this crucial step.

2. Craft Engaging Ad Creative

With your target audience dialed in, it’s time to focus on your actual Facebook ads. Your ad creative – the images, videos, and copy in your ads – will be the first thing people see, so it needs to instantly grab their attention and draw them in.

Use high-quality, professional photos that showcase your interior design work in the best light. Highlight beautiful spaces you’ve designed for clients with a similar aesthetic to your target audience. And make sure the images are bright, crisp, and eye-catching amongst the visual clutter of the Facebook news feed.

In addition to static photos, consider using video in your ads. Video is highly engaging on Facebook and can stop serial scrollers in their tracks. Create short video tours of spaces you’ve designed or record client testimonials raving about your work. Just keep videos to 15-30 seconds for the best completion rates.

Your ad copy needs to clearly communicate the transformation your interior design services provide and the benefits clients can expect. So, use headlines that speak directly to the needs and desires of your ideal clients. Then expand on the value of your services in the body text. Keep copy concise, about 2-3 short sentences max. 

End every ad with a crystal clear call-to-action (CTA) telling people exactly what you want them to do, like “Book a Free Consultation” or “Get a Custom Quote.”

Your CTA should lead to a dedicated landing page on your website that continues the conversation started in your ad and makes it easy to take the next step.

Make sure to maintain a consistent look and feel between your ads and website to create a seamless experience. By combining scroll-stopping visuals with benefit-driven copy and a compelling CTA, your ads will engage your target audience and get them excited to work with you.

3. Set Your Budget and Bids

Facebook ads can be a highly cost-effective way to reach your ideal interior design clients, but you need to set your budget and bids strategically to get the best return on your spend. 

Start by thinking about your interior design business’ overall marketing budget and how much you’re comfortable investing in Facebook ads each month.

Keep in mind that it can take some testing to dial in your strategy, so be prepared to invest consistently for at least 3 months to give your campaigns time to optimise.

When setting up your Facebook ad campaign, you’ll be able to choose either a daily or lifetime budget. With a daily budget, Facebook will pace your spend throughout the day to avoid using up your budget too quickly. A lifetime budget lets you set a total amount to spend over a set date range. Choose the option that works best for your cash flow.

At the ad set level, you’ll set your bids, which is how much you’re willing to pay for your desired action, like a click to your website or lead form completion. Facebook provides suggested bid ranges based on your industry and target audience. 

Start your bids on the lower end of the suggested range and increase gradually as you see good results. The key is to keep your bids competitive so your ads have a chance to be shown to your audience, but not overbid and waste budget.

Finally, consider your anticipated customer value when setting bids. If a new interior design client is worth an average of $5,000 in revenue, you can afford to pay more per lead than if a client is only worth $500. Make sure your ad bids align with your ultimate revenue goals.

By setting a budget you’re comfortable with and bids based on your average customer value, you’ll give your Facebook ads the best chance to deliver a positive ROI for your interior design business.

4. Optimise for Best Results

Launching your Facebook ad campaigns is just the beginning. To get the most out of your budget, you need to continually monitor, test, and optimise your campaigns based on performance. 

Start by deciding the key metrics you’ll track to gauge success. For interior designers, leads are often the main goal, so cost per lead will be an important number to watch. Also pay attention to ad engagement metrics like click-through rate to see how your audience is responding. 

Check in on your campaigns at least 2-3 times per week to see what’s working and what’s not. Give ads at least 3-5 days to generate data before making any major adjustments.

A/B test different elements of your campaigns to hone in on the most effective approach for your interior design business. Try testing:

– Different ad formats (single image, carousel, video, etc.) 

– Various ad copy and CTAs

– Tweaks to your target audience 

– Landing page variations

– Bid adjustments

Test one element at a time so you can pinpoint what changes have the greatest impact. And make sure to let each test run long enough to reach statistical significance before picking a winner and iterating.

Over time, you’ll gain valuable insights into what resonates with your ideal interior design clients. Pause underperforming ads and put more budget behind your top performers. By continuously optimising, you’ll supercharge the results you’re able to achieve with your Facebook ads.

One more tip is to organise your Facebook ad account with a logical campaign structure to make analysis and optimisation easier. Use separate campaigns for each interior design service you offer, then ad sets for each target audience segment.

This will give you full control over budgets and make it simple to see what’s working at a glance.

Putting It All Together 

Ready to become a master of Facebook ads for your interior design business? Let’s recap the key steps:

1. Define your target audience based on your ideal interior design client profile. Use Facebook’s targeting options to reach your best potential customers.

2. Craft engaging ad creative with scroll-stopping images or videos and benefit-focused copy. Include a clear CTA leading to a dedicated landing page.

3. Set your budget based on your overall marketing spend and bids according to your average customer value. Monitor spend closely.

4. Launch your campaigns and then consistently optimise based on results. A/B test, push budget to top performers, and use a clean account structure.

By following this proven process, you’ll be able to generate a steady stream of high-quality interior design leads from Facebook ads, growing your business and boosting your bottom line.

The key is to commit to mastering the platform and not getting discouraged if your initial results aren’t as great as you hoped. Keep testing, iterating, and honing your approach. Over time, you’ll see your hard work pay off in spades.

So what are you waiting for? There are homeowners out there right now looking for an interior designer with your unique style and skill set to transform their space. Go reach them with irresistible Facebook ads and turn them into your next ecstatic clients!

Want your interior design services to reach a wider audience? Hire Upbeat Agency and experience the impact of expertly crafted Facebook ads driving your success!


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