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5 Benefits of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

If you’ve done research on types of Facebook Ad targeting, you will already have come across Facebook Lookalike Audiences, one of the Ads Manager’s useful features.

In a nutshell, Facebook will use the data from your specified audience, for example your Facebook fans or email subscribers, to find people with statistically similar profiles. The benefits to this kind of Ad targeting are numerous. Here are 5 of them.

1. You Get Twice the Value

Say you’ve created a target audience from the people in your Facebook fan base, and Facebook Ads Manager has reported a good ROI on Ads shown to that group.

Now, knowing that a certain type of Ad appeals to that kind of audience, you can make it work harder for you by using it to create another target audience, one with a similar likelihood of converting.

2. Flexibility of Audience Size

When creating your lookalike audience, you can determine just how closely the lookalike audience matches the original custom audience (known as the source audience).

In other words, if you want the new audience to share 90% of the source audience’s traits, you are going to end up with a far narrower audience that is much more accurately targeted. However, depending on your Ad objectives, you may be after a larger audience over accuracy, in which case you can specify that the new audience share a much lower percentage of the source audience’s traits. In this case you will get the opportunity to greatly expand your audience.

3. Maintain Conversion Rates

As mentioned above, targeting lookalike audiences creates the opportunity to greatly increase the size of your target audience, and therefore , the number of potential leads. But, as this enlarged audience is similar to an audience that’s proven to be receptive to your Ads, the risk that they won’t convert is smaller than standard-made audience. 

4. Constantly Monitor Performance

With lookalike audiences, as with many of Facebook’s targeting features, you can closely monitor who the Ad(s) is shown to and how the selected audience is responding to the Ad. This allows you to nip any potential issues in the bud early on and make the necessary adjustments before it starts costing you money.

5. Improve the ROI on your Ads

When your Ads are received well by your targeted audience, it shows that they are relevant to that audience. If your Ads are relevant to your source custom audience it follows logically that they’ll be relevant to the lookalike audience too.

Furthermore, if the Ads are relevant, the conversion rates will go up, and Facebook will take all of this into account. If it recognizes that your Ads are relevant to their audience and the conversion rate is good, Facebook will give you a better Relevance Score, which will in turn bring down the price of your Ads. Lower cost plus higher conversions is a recipe for a great return on investment.

And there you have 5 very good reasons for making use of Lookalike Audiences for your Facebook Advertising campaigns. If you need help setting up Lookalike campaigns or any other Facebook marketing get in touch with us.

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