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17 Key Facebook Demographics You Need To Know

Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for your brand, allowing you to reach valuable audiences, skyrocket your engagement rate, and generate cost-efficient conversions at scale.

However, before you start developing your social media strategy and launching Facebook marketing, it’s vital to understand who is using the platform. 

The Facebook network attracts a mind-blowing number of people, and the distribution of Facebook users is spread across a huge range of demographic segments. The more you know about the different demographic groups and audiences on Facebook, the easier it will be for you to identify exciting opportunities for your business. 

To paint a clearer picture of the platform’s user base, we’ve pulled together 17 must-know demographic Facebook statistics that will help you to understand the potential customers you can reach through the channel. Let’s get started, shall we? 

1. Facebook attracts around 2.96 billion monthly active users 

Let’s start with a broader view of the Facebook platform, which attracts a staggering number of users every single month. 

Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet, offering a level of reach and visibility that can’t be matched by other platforms. If you’re looking to boost brand awareness and connect with large numbers of hot prospects, it’s going to be difficult to find a better option than Facebook. 

More importantly, Facebook allows marketers to balance quality and quantity through granular targeting tactics. 

While you can easily expand the reach of your Facebook marketing campaigns, you can also drill down to specific audience segments with laser-focused targeting, which is ideal for running efficient ad campaigns. 

Number of monthly Facebook users worldwide 4th quarter 2022

(Source: statista.com) 

2. 21.5% of the Facebook audience falls into the 18-24 age group 

Although many marketers assume that younger audiences are flocking exclusively to platforms like TikTok, Facebook still maintains strong reach in this department. 

One of Facebook’s biggest strengths is its ability to attract (and retain) audiences that are highly diverse in terms of age and gender. This is a major bonus for social media advertisers, enabling them to reach a wide variety of different prospects. 

3. 29.9% of active Facebook users are aged between 25-34

When it comes to age demographic segments on Facebook, the 25-34 group is actually the largest, containing approximately 30% of the total user base. 

If your target audience falls into this age bracket (also known as ‘young Millennials’) then Facebook advertising can be a fantastic way to engage them. 

4. This makes the largest Facebook demographic audience 18-34 year olds, with 51.4% of users falling into this category 

Just over half of the Facebook audience falls under the 18-34 age umbrella, providing marketers with a golden opportunity to connect with younger shoppers and foster long-term brand loyalty among their existing customers. 

5. 38.3% of Facebook users are aged between 35-64…

While Facebook still reaches a huge number of younger audiences, it’s important not to overlook the older population on the platform. 

38.3% of Facebook users are aged between 35-64, which translates to roughly 1 billion users – and that’s no small number when it comes to marketing reach.

If you’re a Facebook advertiser looking to reach and convert older shoppers, then you can still drive exceptional results on the platform. The key is to develop accurate targeting strategies and relevant creative messages that will engage these specific users. 

6. …while just 5.6% of the Facebook audience is aged 65 or older 

Unsurprisingly, the 65+ audience doesn’t make up a huge percentage of the total Facebook user base.

(But in saying that, 5.6% still equates to around 165 million users, which just reiterates the mind-blowing scale of the Facebook network!) 

7. Approximately 2.82 billion users log into the Meta app network every day 

When you’re thinking about reaching specific audiences and key demographics on Facebook, it’s very important to consider the wider Meta family of apps. 

Billions of users are also active on Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger, so if you want to maximise the reach of your campaigns, you should utilise these additional platforms to access your target audience. 

8. The Asia-Pacific region boasts the highest number of active daily Facebook users worldwide 

Facebook marketing can reach a truly global audience of daily active users, so when you’re planning your next campaign, think carefully about the potential for international advertising. 

While global campaigns aren’t feasible for every business, if you can successfully tap into various Facebook markets around the world, you’ll be able to reach a staggering number of different audiences and demographics. 

The world of social media is intensely competitive, with multiple platforms constantly competing to acquire new users and retain audience attention. 

Despite being one of the oldest social networks still in existence, Facebook remains extremely popular with several age groups – particularly the 35-44 bracket. 

This speaks to the lasting appeal and stability of the Facebook social network, which is a huge plus for advertisers looking to run long-term campaigns that can consistently reach sizable audiences. 

10. 56.6% of the Facebook advertising audience is male 

Although Facebook attracts a wide range of age segments, in terms of gender split, the platform skews slightly towards a male audience. 

While this may be worth bearing in mind for advertisers focusing exclusively on women, there’s still a colossal number of female users active on the network, meaning there won’t be any issues with achieving sufficient reach.

11. Around 70% of US adults are Facebook users 

The sheer size and reach of the Facebook platform are almost difficult to comprehend. 

In fact, only one other platform in the USA comes close to achieving anywhere near this level of usage – and that’s YouTube, which is used by 80% of Americans. 

When it comes to reaching, engaging, and converting global audiences, Facebook is operating on a different level to the vast majority of social media networks. 

12. 49% of US Facebook users claim they log onto the platform several times a day 

It’s not just the scale of the Facebook network that makes it so valuable for advertisers – it’s also the engagement that the platform delivers. 

The Facebook feed is constantly being updated with fresh content and new posts, while users are continuously interacting with others through comments, replies, and direct messages. 

All of this incentivises users to repeatedly log into the Facebook app – and every moment spent on the platform is another marketing opportunity for digital advertisers. 

13. Men aged between 25-34 offer the largest share of Facebook advertising reach 

If you’re looking to maximise your marketing reach on the Facebook network, it’s important to know which demographic segments will provide you with the most room to scale up. 

However, as always, the key to an effective Facebook ads campaign is accurate targeting. 

While driving sufficient reach is key for gaining performance insights and fuelling the Facebook algorithm, it’s also vital to focus on high-converting audiences that will improve the efficiency of your budget. 

Tailoring your creative messaging to different demographic audiences is also critical for generating clicks and conversions. The same headlines, promotions, and products that engage 18-24 shoppers may not resonate with 35+ users, so you’ll need to experiment with different strategies if you’re targeting a wide range of segments. 

14. India maintains the largest advertising reach for Facebook marketers 

India offers a massive opportunity for Facebook advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and visibility. If you’re a business with the capacity for international e-commerce, then tapping into global Facebook markets can allow you to skyrocket your sales. 

In terms of Facebook advertising reach, India is followed closely by the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Facebook ads reach an impressive 30.1% of the Indian population over the age of 13, while in the USA, Facebook ads reach 63.7% of the same age bracket. 

15. The Facebook app was downloaded 47 million times in the USA in 2021 

While platforms like TikTok have generated huge momentum and insane popularity in recent years, Facebook continues to attract millions and millions of new users. 

This is partly due to the agile and reactive nature of the Facebook platform. 

Facebook is constantly releasing new user features and marketing tools that allow it to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. For example, Facebook Reels have exploded in popularity, capitalising on the surging trend of short-form video content across the world of social media. 

Despite launching all the way back in 2006, Facebook has continuously proven its ability to stay relevant and appeal to a huge number of different demographics. 

16. 37% of Facebook users will make a purchase on the network in 2023

If you’re looking for new opportunities to connect with key demographics on Facebook, then Facebook Shopping is a brilliant option. 

Facebook users aren’t just looking to consume content on the platform – they’re also ready and willing to purchase products from the right brands. 

This is why a full-funnel Facebook marketing strategy is so important if you’re looking to harness the power of the network. If you can find a way to grow brand awareness among fresh audiences while simultaneously converting hot prospects, you’ll quickly find yourself achieving your social media marketing goals.s

17. More than 697 million Facebook users can be reached through Facebook Reels 

Short-form video has rapidly become the dominant content format on social media, and Facebook Reels are designed to capitalise on this trend. 

Millions of users spend a significant amount of time interacting with these short videos, and the average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is higher than standard link posts, which presents you with an unmissable marketing opportunity. 

For brands aiming to connect with their core demographics at scale, Facebook Reels are a potent tool that can achieve outstanding levels of reach and engagement. 

With snappy, attention-grabbing Facebook Reels assets, you can reach millions of users looking to actively consume content and interact with new brands. 

Facebook advertising can provide you with all of the tools and opportunities you need to accelerate brand growth – and the more you know about the key demographics on the platform, the easier it will be to build a high-performing strategy. 

By staying up-to-date with the latest Facebook audience statistics and demographic data, you’ll equip yourself with valuable insights that can help you to crush your marketing objectives. Good luck!

As an expert Facebook ads agency we can help you with your campaigns – just get in touch for a free consultation.



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