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How Pinterest marketing works (everything you need to know)

If you’re familiar with paid social advertising, you’ve probably come across Pinterest at some point.

This unique social platform is packed with thousands of users searching for inspiration, exploring different types of content, and hunting for brand new products to try out. 

We know what you’re thinking. 

This sounds like the perfect place for some tactical brand advertising. 

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Well – you’re absolutely right! 

But what exactly is Pinterest? And what are the marketing opportunities available on the platform?

Stick with us – we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more as we dive into the wonderful world of Pinterest marketing.

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What exactly is Pinterest? How does it work? 

Pinterest is a social media platform at its core, but it’s also known as a ‘visual discovery engine’ – that’s because it places a huge emphasis on a simplified layout and engaging visuals. 

Here’s an example of a Pinterest feed:

What exactly is Pinterest? How does it work?

2. Interest Targeting

Interest targeting is based on the pins and content that users are currently engaging with

There’s an absolutely enormous amount of interest categories available to target, and you can be as broad or niche as you’d like with your selection – it all depends on your products. 

Since there’s such a plethora of content available on the platform, it’s usually a good idea to identify some more specific and relevant interest areas. 

For instance, if you’re selling men’s wallets, targeting ‘men’s wallets’ as an interest category is likely to be more successful than ‘men’s fashion’ or ‘men’s accessories’. 

3. Keyword Targeting

You can also target promoted pins based on searched keywords, in exactly the same way you’d target searches on Google.

You can choose to target very specific product keywords, broader search terms, or a combination of both. It all depends on your products, and which keywords are most relevant. 

You can also choose to only target exact keyword matches, or open things up with partial matches, if you want more control over your keyword strategy.

The option of blocking negative keywords is also available, if you want to refine your targeting even further. 

What creative formats are available on Pinterest? 

 There are four main creative formats available on the platform for paid campaigns:

  1. Promoted Pins – these are standard image pins, with accompanying text.
  2. Promoted Video Pins – video pins (a maximum of 15 minutes) with accompanying text – larger ‘max-width’ video pins are also available, if you have a particularly strong video asset.
  3. Promoted Carousels – this format allows users to swipe through multiple images in a single pin – perfect for promoting a new range or selection of different products. 
  4. Promoted App Pins – these function exactly like image pins, but allow for a direct CTA and download link to be included for app campaigns.

How do I get started on Pinterest? 

Luckily, getting started on Pinterest is super easy! 

Firstly, you’ll just need to create a business account and enter some personal details to set up your profile. 

You then need to select some relevant categories for your content to get started. From here, you can start to populate your profile, create pins and boards, and start engaging with other users.

It’s that easy. 

The faster you start to upload quality content, organise your pins and interact with users, the faster you’ll grow a following and potential customer base. 

So there you have it – your guide to Pinterest marketing.

It’s important to try and experiment with all of these features if you really want to get the most out of the platform. If you maintain an engaging brand profile, focus on optimising your SEO, and run strategically targeted paid campaigns, you’ll quickly discover the benefits of Pinterest marketing.

You can brush up on Pinterest ads best practices by reading this article.

Now – go out and get pinning!



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