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42 Must-Know Pinterest Statistics for Marketers in 2024

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok seem to take up most of the bandwidth when markets are talking about social media channels. 

However, if you’re looking to build a brand presence and scale your business, there’s one platform that might be flying under your radar – Pinterest. 

Despite not getting talked about as much as the big three, Pinterest is a powerhouse of potential, offering brands an unmissable opportunity to engage with new audiences through visual content and high-converting Pinterest ads

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 42 must-know statistics to inform your Pinterest marketing strategy. Let’s dive in. 

General Pinterest Statistics

Despite intense competition from other platforms, Pinterest maintains a substantial user base, showcasing its unique value proposition and sustained appeal. Marketers should note the platform’s considerable reach, utilising it as a robust channel to target various audiences effectively.

The platform boasts 445 million monthly active users

And still growing – up by 2 million compared to Pinterest’s last quarter of business. 

This substantial user base represents fertile ground for marketers to tap into a vibrant and active community, providing a golden opportunity to reach a vast audience with diverse interests and preferences.

In 2022, Pinterest’s monthly users fell by 5% 

Pinterest saw a decline in its monthly active users (MAUs), with the numbers falling both in specific regions and globally. This was greater in the US and Canada, where MAUs fell by 8%. Pinterest attributes this to Google Algorithm updates impacting their organic search traffic. 

But in Q3 of the same year, Pinterest experienced an 8% growth in revenue.

Reaching a total revenue of nearly $700m, this 8% growth is indicative of growing business opportunities on the platform. For marketers, this could mean improved and possibly new advertising tools and features, expanding the avenues to reach potential customers and drive sales.

The workforce at Pinterest is composed of 49% men and 51% women.

Women aren’t only Pinterest’s largest audience – they also outpace men within the company’s employee demographic, too. 

Pinterest’s revenue hit $877 million in Q4 2022 

Pinterest revenue hitting $877 million in 2022

Source: Statista

User Statistics

Pinterest is the web’s 5th least favourite social media platform 

Data from Hootsuite’s 2022 Digital Trend report found that only 1.9% of internet users see Pinterest as their top social media platform. This stacks up against TikTok at 5.9% on the higher end, and LinkedIn at 0.9% on the lower end. 

The USA makes up the vast majority of Pinterest’s userbase

Pinterest userbase by location

Source: Statista

As a platform, Pinterest boasts an impressive customer satisfaction score

​​When it comes to keeping users happy, Pinterest is leading the charge, boasting the highest customer satisfaction score among social media platforms. The platform scored an impressive 73/100, up two points from 2022. It’s in close competition with Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube, who only hold the lead by a few points. 

Pinterest satisfaction score

Source: Statista

And its audience is growing 7.5% YoY as a result

Pinterest YoY growth compared to other channels

Source: Statista

Despite being the world’s least favourite social media platform, LinkedIn beats out Pinterest by just under 4%. Compared to Instagram’s growth, though, 7.5% doesn’t look that bad.


Male users and Gen Z  audiences are growing fast on Pinterest

Pinterest reported on their blog a substantial increase in male users and Gen Z audiences, growing at a rate of 40% YoY. This fast-paced growth indicates a broadening demographic on the platform, offering new avenues and potential for marketers looking to target younger and more diverse audiences. 

It signals a dynamic shift in user demographics that advertisers can leverage to tailor more encompassing and varied marketing strategies.

Despite this, the platform’s userbase is still 60% women

That includes 80% of US moms. Despite the increasing diversity in its user demographics, Pinterest continues to hold a substantial female user base, accounting for 60% of its audience. 

This statistic reinforces how powerful Pinterest can be for reaching female audiences, giving marketers looking to target women audiences a clear direction to run in. 

Nearly half of those 60% are women aged 25-34

Not only do women outpace men and non-binary users in every age segment, but a significant 29.1% of Pinterest’s total audience is women between the ages of 25 and 34. 

Pinterest represents a significant portion of high-income US households 

Around 31% of individuals in the US with a household income exceeding USD $100K are active on Pinterest. 

This statistic showcases Pinterest as a lucrative platform for marketers aiming to target affluent audiences in the US. It underlines the potential for premium and high-value product advertisers to find a receptive audience on the platform, emphasizing Pinterest’s role as a significant player in reaching demographic groups with considerable purchasing power.

Usage Statistics

Pinterest is the go-to platform for people starting new projects

61% of Pinterest users, known as “Pinners”, use Pinterest as their first port of call when starting a new project. 

This statistic shows the pivotal role the platform plays in the inspiration and planning stages of new projects for a significant portion of its user base. For marketers, this suggests a rich opportunity to engage users at the very beginning of their project journeys, providing them with ideas, inspiration, and the products or services they might need.

90% of Pinners use mobile to access the platform

This just goes to show how Pinterest is really a go-to hub for people on the move, always within reach, whether they’re on the bus home or waiting in line for a coffee. For marketers, this is a golden hint to optimize content for mobile users, ensuring that campaigns are designed with the mobile experience in mind. 

Engagement Statistics

According to data unveiled in a study conducted by Black Swan and published on the Pinterest Newsroom, Pinterest trends gain traction 20% faster than those on other platforms during their initial six months. 

This swift uptake not only signifies the platform’s dynamic environment but also stands as a beacon of cultural relevance for advertisers and brands, presenting them with a golden opportunity to stay ahead

The same Black Swan data trends study found that Pinterest trends don’t just grow faster – they stick around for 21% longer. This illustrates the platform’s capacity to sustain interest over a more extended period. 

Marketers can use this to their advantage, crafting campaigns that have a longer shelf life, thereby getting more value from their Pinterest marketing initiatives and enjoying sustained engagement.

85% of weekly Pinners have bought something based on Pins they have seen from brands

And for marketers, this isn’t a statistic that should be ignored. It demonstrates the high conversion potential that Pinterest offers, highlighting the direct influence that well-crafted Pins can have on purchase behaviours. It reflects the platform’s potency as a sales driver, encouraging marketers to actively invest in creating compelling and engaging branded content to foster consumer interest and drive sales through Pinterest.

Nearly 1 billion videos are watched every day on Pinterest 

When you hear “video”, you probably think YouTube, TikTok, Instagram – but probably not Pinterest. That’s about to change. Video has been a growing medium on the platform, and Pinterest Premiere now gives advertisers new ways to improve the targeting and reach of their video ads. 

Pinterest video content

Source: Pinterest 

Marketing & Advertising Statistics

Over 5bn boards have been created on Pinterest

That’s a whole lot of Pins. And when each user is limited to 2,000 boards, that’s a whole lot of users engaging with Pinterest on a regular basis, too.

83% of PInners say the platform helps them build confidence 

This is absolutely vital during the discovery stage of the buyer journey. For marketers, this is more than just a stat; it’s an invitation to be part of this positive cycle. Imagine creating content that doesn’t just sell but empowers and lifts people up – now that’s the kind of marketing that creates not just customers, but fans. 

Users spend 25% of their time on Pinterest shopping

This makes Pinterest a hot spot for showcasing what brands have to offer, allowing users to transition smoothly from dreaming about a project to actually getting all they need to bring it to life. 

It’s a fantastic space to catch users in that sweet spot where inspiration meets action, where dreams can start taking shape — one purchase at a time!

Roughly 50% of Pinners use the app while shopping in-store

Pinterest isn’t just a space for online shopping or planning – it’s a tool people use to enhance their in-store shopping experience too. For marketers, this opens up exciting avenues to influence buying decisions not just online, but right there in the store aisle.

The best days to post on Pinterest are Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays

Research from CoSchedule found that the tail-end of the weekend and the start of the working week are the best times to post on Pinterest. If you want to catch Pinners at their most engaged and most active, schedule your content to go out then.

Automatic bidding delivered 30% more budget on Black Friday

Pinterest’s automatic bidding option helped the platform’s algorithm deliver 30% increased budget each week while staying consistent with advertiser goals, helping brands reach more potential customers during the sale.

The best time to start advertising on Pinterest is 5 months before the start of a holiday

That’s right – Pinterest searches, and ad opportunities, reach their peak around 5 months before the holiday in question. Christmas in July, anybody? 

When to start your seasonal Pinterest promotions

Source: Pinterest

Using “new” in overlay text drastically boosts awareness

Marketers, take note: simply including the word “new” in your overlay text can lead to a remarkable 9 times increase in aided awareness. This is a small tweak that can have a big impact, clearly telling your users that there’s something fresh and exciting to discover. 

Pinterest text overlay

Pinterest offers advertising reach of up to 250 million people

This number has grown year on year as Pinterest has enabled more countries within its advertising portfolio. 86 million of that number are based in the USA, followed by Brazil at 34 million. The UK comes in 9th on the list, at just over 9 million. 

Adoption of Pinterest Conversion Analysis (PCA) grew by 100% in 2021

Pinterest pledged to focus on investing in first-party solutions that help advertisers get more from the platform, and this was visible in the adoption of PCA, now known as Conversion Insights. 

Pinterest’s ad saturation is just 25%

Compared to other platforms where advertiser results might start to taper off, Pinterest gives brands the opportunity to drive consistent, incremental sales as a result of ads gaining the traction and impressions they need.

Pinterest Search Stats

Pinterest garners over 1 billion visits most months

Source: Statista 

And on-platform, it generates a staggering 5 billion searches every month

Pinterest is a search giant in its own right, facilitating a mind-boggling 5 billion searches on a monthly basis. It’s clear that Pinners are constantly on the lookout for ideas, products, and inspiration. 

For marketers, this represents a constantly buzzing marketplace of opportunities – a space where your brand can be discovered amidst a vibrant and actively searching community.

A vast majority of top Pinterest searches are unbranded

A remarkable 97% of the most popular searches on Pinterest are unbranded, presenting a tremendous opportunity for marketers. This means that users are generally open to discovering new products and brands, rather than focusing on established names. For marketers, this creates an unmissable opportunity for brand building and introducing new products to a receptive, open-minded audience.

Pinterest drives off-platform brand searches at a rate 10 times higher than other platforms. 

It’s not just about what happens on Pinterest. The platform has a remarkable ability to drive curiosity, searches and clicks beyond the confines of its website and app, sending people to search engines to research products and brands at a deeper level.

Source: Pinterest

Pinterest E-Commerce Stats

For food, health and beauty categories, Pinterest drove 32% higher ROAS

That’s right – when compared to other leading digital platforms, Pinterest helped food, health and beauty brands secure the highest return on their marketing investment. 

Try-On enabled pins are a magnet for purchasers

Here’s a golden nugget for brands: pins that feature the Try-On enabled feature are a serious magnet for purchasers, drawing in a purchasing rate that is 5 times higher compared to other pins. If you want to drive engagement and conversions, you need to try out Try-On as a feature.

Leveraging multiple seasonal sales can quadruple conversion rates

Why settle for one when you can have a strategy that keeps delivering, season after season? By investing in multiple seasonal sales throughout the year, advertisers on Pinterest can 4x their conversion rates. 

Nearly half of weekly Pinners discover new brands or products on Pinterest

An impressive 46% of Pinners who use the platform on a weekly basis have found a new brand or product through Pinterest. This data reveals the platform’s strong potential as a discovery tool where brands can reach engaged users who are actively seeking new information and ideas. 

75% of weekly users are always in shopping mode

A substantial 75% of weekly Pinterest users confess to being perpetual shoppers, always on the lookout for something more. This shows that Pinterest is a vibrant, ever-active marketplace where users are continuously ready to explore and always on the lookout for the next product. 

85% of weekly Pinners have bought something based on Pins they have seen from brands

And for marketers, this isn’t a statistic that should be ignored. It clearly demonstrates the high conversion potential that Pinterest offers, highlighting the direct influence that well-crafted Pins can have on purchase behaviours. It reflects the platform’s potency as a sales driver, encouraging marketers to actively invest in creating compelling and engaging branded content to foster consumer interest and drive sales through Pinterest.

And they spend 80% more on average than non-Pinterest users, too

Now here’s a stat that will make marketers sit up and take notice: Pinterest users aren’t holding back on spending, shelling out a whopping 80% more on average compared to non-users of the platform. 

This is a big deal, revealing that Pinners aren’t just browsers; they’re serious shoppers with a readiness to spend more. For brands, this is a green light to bring their A-game to Pinterest, showcasing their best products to an audience that is ready and willing to invest in quality finds. 

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