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40 Vital Statistics for TikTok Marketers

Advertising on TikTok can be a game-changer for your brand. 

The TikTok app has a huge amount to offer digital marketers, from a colossal user base to data-driven advertising opportunities. 

But the world of social media marketing moves fast.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve (and ahead of the competition) then you need to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest facts and figures. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about TikTok marketing, the more you’ll be able to capitalise on it. 

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Luckily, there’s no need to start frantically scouring the internet for the latest TikTok stats.

We’ve pulled together 40 of the most informative and insightful TikTok marketing statistics, so you can equip yourself with valuable marketing data and tackle your next campaign head-on. 

General TikTok Statistics 

1. TikTok currently has over 1 billion monthly active users. 

This provides marketers with an enormous audience of prospects to reach, engage, and convert. The size of the app also means that you can easily scale up your marketing budget without sacrificing efficiency. 

2. The majority of TikTokers use the platform to discover funny and entertaining content. 

This is important to remember when you’re producing organic posts or paid ads – you need to create content that feels native and resonates with your audience. Don’t shy away from humour, and show off your brand personality to keep users engaged! 

3. The TikTok app has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. 

TikTok is growing at an incredible speed, and there’s never been a better time to embrace TikTok marketing and build your brand presence on the platform. It was the most downloaded app in 2022. If your competitors aren’t ready to launch TikTok marketing, use this opportunity to capture new customers. 

4. TikTok is currently available in more than 140 countries. 

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media networks, and it’s also a truly global platform with a presence in over 140 countries.

This is great news for international brands looking to engage multiple markets and reach a global audience. 

5. TikTok offers the highest social engagement rate per post. 

Performance data suggests that TikTok generates the highest levels of engagement per post when compared to Instagram and YouTube. For example, micro-influencers achieve an average engagement rate of 17.96% on TikTok, versus 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube. 

person using the tiktok app

TikTok User Statistics 

6. TikTok users are 2x more likely to recommend products/services they’ve discovered on the platform versus other social networks. 

The ability to reach an engaged audience (that is likely to recommend products) is hugely valuable for TikTok marketers. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool for advertisers, and brands can drive incremental reach through these audience recommendations. 

7. TikTok users are also active on other social media platforms.

This isn’t a surprising statistic, but it’s still important for advertisers to acknowledge. TikTok is an excellent platform for social media marketing, but to maximise your total reach, you need to build a cross-platform strategy that targets multiple channels. 

It’s also vital that you tailor your content and messaging to different social platforms. While long-form videos may perform well on channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, TikTok is all about short content that instantly grabs attention. 

8. Gen Z is discovering and purchasing products on social media more frequently than any other generation. 

Gen Z has adopted social media shopping at scale, and TikTok is hugely popular among this generation. This presents a golden opportunity for digital marketers – to leverage TikTok ads (and particularly Shopping Ads) to drive conversions and secure valuable sales. 

TikTok is immensely popular among the Gen Z audience, evidenced by this statistic from the US. If you’re a brand looking to connect with Gen Z users, TikTok marketing is a no-brainer – just make sure that you’re delivering messages that resonate with this audience. 

10. 36% of consumers are keen to learn about products through short-form videos like TikToks.

Short-form videos are becoming the default content type on social media, and TikTok has accelerated this transition. Although there’s still a time and place for long-form videos, make sure you’re producing snappy short-form assets to engage and convert TikTok audiences.

dancers being filmed on iphone

TikTok Demographic Statistics 

11. 47% of TikTok users are aged between 10-29. 

The TikTok app has been embraced at scale by younger generations. Brands can use the platform to connect effectively with younger audiences, but they need to tailor their content and tone of voice accordingly. 

12. 42% of TikTok users are aged between 30-49. 

Although TikTok is insanely popular among younger age groups, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach older customers on the platform. With the right targeting tactics and messaging, brands can still engage users aged 30+ at scale. 

13. 37% of TikTok users have a household income of over $100k. 

Many TikTok users have a healthy household income, which is a good thing for e-commerce advertisers. It’s also important to note that as younger TikTok generations grow up, they’ll likely increase their household income and spending power. 

14. 53% of TikTok creators are aged between 18-24. 

TikTok creators are hugely influential on the platform. Since many of these creators are in a similar age bracket to the majority of the user base, they can also produce authentic content that can be super effective for advertisers. 

15. 56.1% of the global TikTok user base is female. 

The global TikTok audience skews towards female users, but on the whole, the app is fairly balanced. This means that many advertisers can take advantage of the platform, whether they’re targeting a specific segment or a broad audience. 

woman posing

TikTok Usage Statistics 

16. TikTok users consume around 24 hours of content on the app every month. 

Although the majority of TikTok videos are bite-sized pieces of content, TikTok users still consume a huge number of them every single month. In fact, kids spend an average of 75 minutes watching TikTok content per day.

TikTok audiences are super active and ready to discover fresh content – all you need to do is create videos that resonate with them. 

17. The average TikTok user opens the app 19 times a day.

TikTok videos are generally short, snappy, and addictive. Users are constantly opening and refreshing the app to see if new content is available in-feed, and every time your audience re-opens the app, you have an opportunity to engage them. 

The average user also spends 10.85 minutes per session on TikTok, so you have plenty of time to grab their attention and land your brand message. 

18. 83% of TikTok users have posted a video at some point.

Content creation on TikTok isn’t restricted to established influencers, and the majority of users have posted their own videos on the platform. That means marketers can reach an active community who are ready and willing to share, reply to, and engage with their content.

This statistic also explains why formats like Branded Hashtag Challenges are so successful on the TikTok platform. Users are more than happy to get involved with video sharing and creation, so use this to your advantage to boost organic reach! 

19. Projections suggest that there will be 15m UK TikTok users in 2025. 

The reach and influence of TikTok are expanding across the planet, and the UK is no exception. This is a good sign for UK advertisers, who will be able to access a growing audience and scale up their marketing efforts in the future. 

20. 30% of Gen Z prefer using TikTok for product research. 

It turns out that Gen Z isn’t just using TikTok for crazy filters and dance videos – these users are also actively researching new products. TikTok is quickly becoming a powerful tool for e-commerce brands, that can utilise the platform to drive high-value sales and conversions. 

Just remember to set up your product-led ads for success. Showcase your most compelling benefits, deliver a clear CTA, and make sure that your product pages are easy to navigate. 

selecting photos on iphone

TikTok Marketing & Advertising Statistics 

21. 68% of TikTok users are more likely to remember a brand if they feature a song they like in their videos. 

Music is hugely important on TikTok, so make sure that you’re taking advantage of trending audio snippets. By incorporating popular songs into your videos, you can boost engagement with your audience and effectively increase brand awareness. 

New audio trends are constantly emerging on TikTok, so stay in the loop and be ready to produce some reactive video content. Sometimes the most spontaneous TikTok videos can end up being the most effective for marketers. 

22. The highest-performing TikTok videos are between 21 and 34 seconds long. 

If you want to maximise impressions and engagement, aim for this sweet spot when you’re producing new TikTok videos. Punchy and entertaining content performs best on the platform, so deliver your key brand messages quickly. 

You should also ensure that your branding is clearly visible in your videos, particularly in the opening seconds. Although you have limited time to work with, you still need to make a lasting impression on your audience.

23. 56% of TikTok users feel closer to brands that publish authentic, human content on the platform. 

You don’t need to constantly produce highly polished videos to succeed on TikTok. Many users are more receptive to natural and unfiltered content, so make sure that your posts feel relatable rather than overly corporate. 

24. 49% of users claim that TikTok helps them to make purchase decisions. 

TikTok marketers don’t just have the ability to entertain their target audience – they can also directly influence their purchase decisions. Since users are searching for product information, make sure that you’re giving it to them in a captivating way. 

Highlight your most persuasive selling points, show your product being used, and make sure that you provide a clear CTA that encourages prospects to buy or learn more. 

25. Branded Hashtag Challenges can generate 4x higher ad recall and 4.5x higher brand awareness than standard mobile ads. 

If you have an original and relevant idea for a Branded Hashtag Challenge, these campaigns can drive exceptional results on TikTok. Hashtag Challenges have the potential to achieve massive organic reach, as every upload will expand the scale of your campaign.

on the iphone

TikTok Influencer Statistics 

26. Collaborating with TikTok creators can increase ad recall by 27%.

TikTok creators are extremely influential on the platform. Users will pay close attention to creator content because it feels genuine and trustworthy. If you can associate your brand with a relevant and engaging creator, the results will often be excellent. 

27. 45% of advertisers use TikTok for influencer marketing campaigns. 

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular across social media platforms, but it’s particularly effective on TikTok. There are many different TikTok micro-influencers that brands can partner with, reaching audiences who are ready to consume content. 

The key is to find influencers that align closely with your brand values and identity. Look for reliable creators who have credibility with your target audience and can sell your product convincingly.

28. Partnering with TikTok creators boosts view-through-rates by 193%. 

TikTok creators immediately add a new level of trust and credibility to your marketing efforts. Partnering with creators through the TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great way to find brand ambassadors who can elevate your campaigns and improve ad performance. 

The biggest TikTok user (Khaby Lame) has a mind-blowing 152.6 million followers. The influence and reach of TikTok creators cannot be overstated, and even micro-influencers can deliver incredible returns for marketers. 

Although many global brands will choose to partner with massive influencers, you can still achieve tremendous results by working with TikTok micro-influencers who are trusted and respected by your target audience. 

30. United States influencers see sky-high engagement rates on TikTok. 

Data gathered on US TikTok influencers shows that these creators achieve outstanding engagement rates, outperforming other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. If you’re keen to experiment with influencer marketing, TikTok is a great place to start. 

videographer using camera

TikTok Revenue & Growth Statistics 

31. TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in 2021. 

TikTok has seen a meteoric rise since launching in 2016, and it doesn’t seem like its popularity will be slowing down anytime soon. 

Despite being a relatively new social media platform, TikTok has already outperformed established networks like Facebook and Instagram in terms of downloads and usage statistics. 

32. TikTok generated an estimated $4.6bn in revenue in 2021 – a 142% increase year-on-year. 

TikTok is absolutely crushing it at the moment. New users are constantly flocking to the platform, advertisers are pouring huge budgets into campaigns, and TikTok content is spreading like wildfire across the internet.

This is obviously great news for TikTok (and parent company ByteDance) – but it’s also a good sign for marketers on the app.

TikTok is moving from strength to strength, and it feels like the app is in a very strong position for the future. This means brands can invest their ad spend with confidence and build a long-term strategy for the platform. 

33. Consumers spent around $2.3bn on TikTok in 2021. 

TikTok (and the Chinese version of TikTok ‘Douyin’) saw an incredible amount of consumer spending last year, as users continued to throw cash at in-app purchases. 

TikTok is quickly proving itself to be an e-commerce powerhouse, particularly with the recent addition of Shopping Ads designed to boost online sales. It’s clear that users aren’t just actively hunting for new products on the app – they’re also willing to buy them. 

34. In 2020, the TikTok app was valued at $50bn by investors. 

TikTok was last officially valued in 2020 by investors, and it was estimated that the platform was worth around £50bn. 

The app has only surged in popularity since then, and the user base has also increased considerably, growing from around 689m monthly active users in 2020 to one billion users in 2022. 

35. TikTok has a 4.7-star rating in the Apple store and a 4.4-star rating in the Google Play store. 

TikTok isn’t just successful at attracting new downloads – it’s also proven that it can retain a huge audience of active users. TikTok has a solid reputation for delivering a positive user experience, which is good news for marketers who are keen to experiment with the app. 

TikTok For Business Statistics 

36. 67% of users say that TikTok inspires them to shop – even when they weren’t planning on doing so. 

TikTok has a lot to offer digital advertisers, from a colossal user audience to creative ad formats and smart marketing features. But one of the biggest advantages that brands can unlock is the ability to influence purchase decisions. 

The lines between online shopping and social media are becoming increasingly blurred, and with the right product messages and creative assets, you can drive a huge number of high-value sales through TikTok. 

37. TikTok is the biggest app in terms of consumer spend. 

The TikTok audience is absolutely enormous – and more importantly, these users are also willing to spend their cash in-app on the right products and services. 

Plus, there are plenty of ways for you to showcase your products to drive sales. Many brands have achieved mind-blowing success through organic posts and TikTok trends, while others have skyrocketed efficiency through paid ads. 

38. TikTok ads reach 17.9% of all internet users above the age of 18. 

The reach of TikTok is staggering, and advertisers have the opportunity to connect with a gigantic audience of global users. 

So what does this mean for marketers? For one thing, it means that you’re almost guaranteed to find a huge number of valuable prospects on TikTok that you can target and convert. 

It also means that you can steadily scale up your marketing spend over time without sacrificing efficiency, as you’re unlikely to run out of new customers any time soon!

39. 14% of marketers planned to increase their TikTok spend in 2021. 

More and more advertisers are beginning to recognise the marketing potential of TikTok, which means that the platform is becoming increasingly competitive.

If you’re still on the fence about TikTok marketing, now is the time to act. By establishing your brand presence on the app before your competitors do, you can steal the attention of prospects and capture valuable market share. 

40. TikTok’s perceived effectiveness is increasing among marketers. 

The social media marketing landscape is constantly shifting, and TikTok is one of the rising stars for many advertisers. 

The platform has released several new ad formats and marketing opportunities over the years, and brands are seeing the benefits in their campaign results. Make sure that you’re taking full advantage of every feature that TikTok has to offer and scaling up your investment based on performance. 

If you’re planning to launch TikTok marketing campaigns, it’s essential to understand as much as possible about the platform before spending your money.

By identifying the right opportunities for your brand within TikTok, you can maximise the returns you generate. Get help with your campaigns from a specialist TikTok ads agency here.

Use these statistics to inform your marketing decisions, and be sure to keep an eye on new developments, trends and updates as they emerge to stay ahead of the curve.



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