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51 Vital Snapchat Statistics For Marketers 

Snapchat advertising can do a lot for your business, allowing you to reach highly engaged audiences, drive cost-efficient conversions, and accelerate brand growth. 

However, the world of social media marketing changes at mind-blowing speed. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new Snapchat advertising opportunities, you’ll need to keep up-to-date with the latest facts, figures, and insights.

Normally, this would require some extensive Google searching and in-depth research. 

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But we know you don’t have time for that – so we’ve got you covered right here. 

We’ve pulled together 51 must-know Snapchat statistics that will help you to understand the current status of the platform and identify exciting marketing opportunities for your brand. 

As a specialist Snapchat ads agency we can help you with your campaigns just get in touch for a free consultation.

General Snapchat Statistics

1. Snapchat attracts over 635 million monthly active users…

The Snapchat app is enormous, offering advertisers access to a huge number of Snapchat users. Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness and generate conversions at scale, Snapchat is a fantastic platform for mass marketing. 

2. …and a staggering 347 million daily active users.

A large number of these monthly Snapchat users are also active on a daily basis, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reach and engage your target audience. 

3. The Snapchat app was downloaded 330m times in 2022 – approximately 54m of these downloads occurred in the US market.

Although Snapchat launched all the way back in 2011, the platform has continued to achieve significant growth. Internet users from around the globe are constantly downloading the app, but the US presents a particularly large opportunity for digital advertisers.

4. More than 2.4m Snaps are uploaded to the platform every single minute. 

Snapchat’s users are extremely active and highly engaged with the app. If you can deliver content that genuinely resonates with your target audience, they’re very likely to click, share, and interact with it. 

5. The Snapchat app supports more than 40 different languages. 

Snapchat is a truly global platform, with an established presence in many different countries. For brands looking to reach an international audience, the platform is a powerful tool, particularly if your campaigns are fuelled by data-driven targeting tactics. 

Snapchat may not be able to compete with the likes of Facebook and Instagram in terms of scale, but it still outperforms platforms like Twitter and Pinterest when it comes to popularity. A well-balanced mix of social channels is the best way to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. 

7. In a US customer satisfaction survey, Snapchat scored higher than Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Consumers tend to be happy with the service and features that Snapchat provides, making the platform a good place to build your reputation and maintain brand safety. 

Snapchat User Statistics 

8. The number of daily active users on Snapchat has increased by 19% YoY. 

Snapchat has been running for over a decade, but the platform is still continuing to drive growth and attract new users, which is a testament to the long-term appeal of the app. This is also a promising signal for advertisers, who can confidently include the platform in their long-term marketing plans and media strategies. 

9. India boasts the largest Snapchat user base in the world, with around 144 million users active on the platform. 

Snapchat attracts users from a huge range of different demographics, age groups, and locations. If you’re looking to achieve global marketing reach, Snapchat is a solid option.

10. Just 0.1% of Snapchat users are unique to the platform – 83.6% of users are also active on Facebook, while 81% also use Instagram. 

Social media users tend to be active across multiple platforms and networks, which is why building a smart cross-channel strategy is key for maximising your ad reach. Select the channels that are most popular with your target audience, and adapt your creative approach to each platform. 

11. In the United States, the 15-25 age bracket represents 48% of Snapchat users. 

Snapchat is hugely popular among younger generations, so if you’re looking to reach and convert younger shoppers online, the Snapchat app can be extremely effective. Just remember to stay up-to-date with the latest formats and content trends that are resonating with younger demographics. 

12. Snapchat attracts a large number of active users, but interestingly, only 1.4% of them would call Snapchat their ‘favourite’ social platform. 

Social media users are frequently active on different apps for different reasons. Make sure that you’re leveraging a diverse range of platforms to extend your audience reach, and try to avoid focusing too much budget on a single network. 

13. 42.3% of Snapchat users claim they use the platform to share photos/videos, while 35.8% use Snapchat to message friends and family. 

Understanding why your target audience uses Snapchat and what content they’re looking for is crucial if you want to deliver creative messages that are relevant, engaging, and persuasive.

Snapchat Demographics Statistics 

14. Just over half (52.9%) of the Snapchat global user base is female. 

The Snapchat user base is enormous, but fairly balanced in terms of gender split. 

Snapchat demographics statistics

15. Snapchat’s global audience leans towards a younger demographic. 20.3% of Snapchat users are under the age of 18, while 38.9% fall into the 18 to 24 age bracket. 

Snapchat is incredibly popular among younger audiences and continues to attract large volumes of young people. If you’re hoping to target younger shoppers, Snapchat is a smart addition to your marketing plans.

16. Only 22.8% of Millennials (25-34) use Snapchat. 

Snapchat attracts a decent number of users in the Millennial age group, but platforms like Facebook and Instagram tend to be more popular with this audience. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t reach a sizable Millennial audience through Snapchat – you’ll just need to ensure that your targeting strategy is accurate and cost-efficient. 

17. Older Snapchat users do exist, but there aren’t too many of them. Only 3.7% of Snapchat’s user base is aged over 50. 

Businesses looking to exclusively target older shoppers may want to leverage different platforms, as the Snapchat audience skews heavily towards the younger generation. Although older audiences are becoming more prevalent on Snapchat, growth is relatively slow in this department. 

18. 6 out of 10 teenagers are active on Snapchat, which represents an increase of 18% since 2015. 

Snapchat is continuing to establish itself as a powerhouse among younger audiences and is particularly influential with teenage social media users. For brands that can communicate authentically with younger shoppers, Snapchat is a goldmine for engagements and conversions. 

19. Snapchat reaches 90% of the Gen Z population in more than 20 countries. 

The Snapchat platform offers staggering reach among Gen Z users worldwide, which is ideal for brands looking to engage younger audiences across the globe. However, Gen Z users present a few unique behaviours and interests that marketers will need to acknowledge. 

Snapchat Usage Statistics 

20. The average Snapchat user spends 21 minutes per day (and 3 hours per month) on the app.

Snapchat users spend a significant amount of time on the platform every day/month – if you can maintain an active brand presence, you have a strong chance of engaging your audience on a frequent basis. 

21. Snapchat users open the app around 30 times every single day. 

Snapchatters are regularly re-opening the app to explore fresh content and discover new updates, and each session represents an opportunity for you to reach your audience. Just remember to keep your creative assets and product messages fresh to prevent stagnation over time. 

22. Approximately 4bn Snaps are sent on the Snapchat app every day. 

Snapchat users are constantly exchanging content and communicating with friends. If you can find a way to redirect some of this engagement towards your brand, the results can be jaw-dropping. 

23. More than 300m Snapchat users engage with Spotlight content every month. 

The Snapchat ‘Spotlight’ page is all about helping users to discover fresh user-generated content. UGC and short-form videos are both insanely popular in the world of social media, and the Spotlight section capitalises on this popularity. 

24. There was a 55% increase in time spent watching Spotlight content between 2021-2022.

If you want to effectively capture the attention of your Snapchat audience, make sure that you’re leveraging both UGC-style assets and short-form videos. Short-form video has become the dominant format on social media, so make sure your strategy reflects this! 

25. 90% of Snapchat users report positive feelings while using the app and viewing Snapchat Stories. 

Snapchat users tend to carry positive sentiments towards the platform, and marketers can take full advantage of this by building a strong brand presence on the app. 

26. Snapchat users are 150% more likely than non-Snapchat users to prefer communicating through visuals rather than words. 

The Snapchat platform is all about quality visual content that encourages engagement, so make sure that you’re creating impactful assets that will stand out in a busy feed. 

Snapchat Marketing & Advertising Statistics 

27. 63% of Snapchat’s daily active users are using Augmented Reality (AR) filters. 

Augmented Reality filters aren’t just popular on Snapchat, but they also allow you to encourage mass engagement from your target audience. Don’t shy away from producing some creative AR experiences to captivate potential customers!

28. Snapchat has the potential to reach over 557m people through paid advertising. 

If you’re searching for a social platform that can help you to rapidly boost brand awareness and reach massive prospect audiences, look no further than Snapchat. 

Farfetch Snapchat Ad

FARFETCH Snapchat Ad

29. 64% of users watch Snapchat ads with audio enabled. 

Visual content is massively important on Snapchat, but don’t overlook the power of audio. Utilising impactful sounds (or popular music tracks) can help you to gain viral fame and increase engagement. 

30. The number of Snapchat Stories that include music/audio has increased by 3x. 

The pairing of short-form videos and trending music snippets has become incredibly popular on social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, so make sure that you’re taking advantage of this combination. 

31. More than 57% of businesses upload video ads to the Snapchat platform. 

Although it’s possible to run Single Image ads on Snapchat, snappy video content tends to drive higher levels of engagement on the platform. 

32. The best day for Snapchat engagement in 2022 was New Year’s Eve. 

Accurate targeting and effective creative messaging are both crucial for success on Snapchat – but the timing of your ad campaigns is equally important. Relevant promotions around seasonal events (e.g. Black Friday, Christmas) can deliver exceptional results. 

33. Snapchat users are 1.5x more likely to interact with mobile games, including AR experiences. 

If you can add a gamification element to your Snapchat ad campaigns (i.e. through AR filters/experiences) then you’ll have a good chance of driving sky-high levels of engagement. 

34. Snapchat users find ads with ‘brand purpose’ 8% more immersive/engaging than ads without a clear purpose. 

If you have an authentic brand purpose or company mission that you can communicate through your ad campaigns, you may see an increase in audience engagement. 

35. Snapchat ads lasting 5-6 seconds drive the best performance, according to platform data.

Keep your Snapchat ads short and snappy. Be succinct with your product messaging, and land your key selling points as quickly as possible. 

36. Gen Z shows some of the highest ad recall on the Snapchat platform, with 55% of Gen Z users able to recall an ad they viewed for less than 2 seconds. 

Gen Z is highly receptive to short-form video content, meaning they can swiftly absorb product messages and speedy ads. 

37. Social media users tend to prefer using Snapchat for ‘sharing real-life moments’ versus other social platforms.

Snapchatters enjoy using the platform to share personal moments and communicate with friends/family. With the right creative messaging, brands can tap into these emotional connections and build a reputation as trusted businesses. 

Snapchat Influencer Statistics 

38. A Q3 2022 Snapchat report showed that the app attracts more than 800 content creators from 20+ countries

Influencer marketing can deliver outstanding results on the Snapchat platform, and marketers can work alongside trusted content creators from a huge number of different countries. 

Influencer marketing is now extremely common across social networks, but Snapchat provides brands with a rare opportunity to stand out and capture audience attention. If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition and experiment with influencer campaigns, Snapchat is a fantastic environment. 

Coco Pops Snapchat Ad

Coco Pops Snapchat Ad

Snapchat Revenue & Growth Statistics 

40. Snapchat generated $1.13bn in revenue in Q1 2023, which represents a 6% increase YoY. 

A significant amount of this revenue was generated from the US market, and Snapchat is still showing impressive growth despite being launched 10+ years ago. 

41. Snapchat is currently valued at $38.3bn. 

Snapchat has grown to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, opening up a range of marketing opportunities to generate consistent revenue. 

42. In 2022, Snapchat saw a 7% increase YoY in ad reach, representing an additional 38m people available on the platform. 

Although social media marketers can choose from an extensive range of platforms and networks, Snapchat is continuing to develop its ad offering and expand its audience base. 

Snapchat Business Statistics 

43. Since January 2021, more than 250m Snapchat users have utilised AR Shopping Lenses. 

Augmented Reality may previously have felt like a futuristic concept, but Snapchat enables brands to easily leverage this technology and use it to drive high-value sales. Showcasing your products through AR Lenses is a brilliant way to boost engagement and stand out from the competition. 

44. Snapchat’s ‘Swipe-Up’ rate is 5x higher than average social media click-through rates. 

The ‘swipe-up’ functionality on Snapchat is hugely engaging for audiences. With persuasive creative messaging and a compelling CTA, you can create a seamless customer journey that drives quality traffic to your website.

45. Snapchat users are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases online. 

Snapchat users are ready and willing to make speedy purchase decisions – you just need to provide them with a high-quality product offering that incentivises them to buy.

46. Close friends are highly influential for Snapchat users. In fact, they’re 4x more influential than celebrities/influencers when it comes to purchase decisions. 

Snapchat users will often make purchase decisions based on the recommendations of friends and family. If you can build trust and credibility among a broad audience (i.e. through UGC and testimonials) then you’ll have a good chance of increasing your conversions.

47. Users are more likely to share their shopping experiences/favourite purchases on Snapchat than on any other social platform. 

Shopper reviews and testimonials can be hugely beneficial for your brand on Snapchat, so make sure that you’re providing quality customer service to encourage positive recommendations. 

48. 23.2% of Snapchatters use the platform to follow/research brands and products. 

Snapchat users aren’t just scrolling through video content and chatting with friends. They’re also actively seeking out new products and companies to purchase from, which presents e-commerce brands with a golden opportunity for driving sales. 

49. 50% of Snapchat shoppers agree that AR provides them with more confidence about product quality. 

Around 7 in 10 Snapchat shoppers are using AR to interact with products, so make sure that you’re utilising AR technology as much as possible. Allowing users to explore your product range through Augmented Reality is a surefire way to increase engagement and conversions. 

50. After watching an ad on Snapchat, users are 34% more likely to purchase an advertised product and 45% more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

Snapchat marketing has a powerful influence over the purchase decisions of users. Not only can you generate valuable direct conversions, but you can also encourage product recommendations to boost your reputation and secure long-term sales. 

51. The 35+ market is steadily growing for Snapchat marketers – the app has seen a 40% increase YoY in time spent engaging with publisher content. 

While Snapchat is still primarily popular with younger demographics, 35+ users are now becoming more engaged with content on the platform. For brands looking to reach a diverse customer audience, this is great news for future campaigns. 

Now that you’re equipped with the latest Snapchat marketing statistics, you’ll be in a great position to crush your marketing objectives with Snapchat advertising. 

Just remember to follow best practices, tailor your creative strategy around the platform, and keep an eye on the latest research data. The more you know about audience behaviours and marketing opportunities on Snapchat, the better your campaign results will be! 



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