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Easigrass, a renowned brand with 30 years of experience, specialises in providing high-quality artificial grass solutions for both residential and business customers. What began as a service limited to London has now expanded to cover the entire UK and multiple countries worldwide. Easigrass has received numerous awards and has had the privilege of working with prestigious clients such as English Premier League football teams, Wimbledon Tennis, the England rugby squad, TV networks, and department stores.


Given the nature of their business and the price point of their services, the primary focus for Easigrass was lead generation. Their goal was to generate leads for customers interested in receiving a quote for their artificial grass solutions. With a diverse target audience, Easigrass aimed to effectively reach both residential and commercial customers seeking quotes.




The primary challenge for Easigrass was generating qualified leads in a cost-effective manner. As a premium service provider, their target audience required personalised quotes based on their specific requirements. Additionally, Easigrass wanted to leverage their extensive customer lists to identify potential leads and expand their customer base. It was essential to develop a targeted advertising strategy that effectively reached the desired customer segments and maximised lead generation.




To address Easigrass’s lead generation objectives, we crafted a comprehensive advertising strategy on Meta. Our approach involved creating separate campaigns that targeted specific interests relevant to the two customer segments: residential and commercial. Leveraging the brand’s extensive customer lists, we segmented the data into two main pools: private customers and commercial customers. These segmented lists were then uploaded to Meta, allowing us to create lookalike audiences to aid in prospecting for potential leads with similar characteristics.




The implementation of Easigrass’s lead generation strategy on Meta yielded impressive results, driving significant growth in qualified leads and expanding their customer base. By targeting specific interests and leveraging lookalike audiences based on customer data, we effectively reached the desired customer segments. The personalised approach of offering quotes resonated with potential customers, leading to a high conversion rate. The campaign’s success was reflected in the increased number of quote requests received, allowing Easigrass to engage with interested customers and provide tailored solutions.

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