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Gamewatchers, an established company with over 30 years of experience, specialises in providing eco-friendly, ethical, and authentic safari holiday packages. With a strong focus on environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation, the brand has garnered international recognition through various prestigious awards. Founded by a passionate Kenyan citizen who has been instrumental in wildlife conservation efforts, Gamewatchers offers unparalleled safari experiences that set them apart from competitors. The main objective of the campaign was to generate leads and ultimately convert them into bookings, showcasing the brand’s commitment to conservation and providing an exceptional safari experience.




One of the key challenges was to effectively communicate the brand’s values and unique selling proposition to the target audience. Additionally, capturing leads and encouraging users to make bookings required a multi-faceted approach that combined education, inspiration, and direct engagement. Leveraging the expertise and knowledge of the brand founder was crucial in creating compelling ad copy that would position Gamewatchers as the top choice in the industry.




To achieve the campaign objectives, we developed a comprehensive strategy that encompassed both educational and direct approaches. The educational side of the strategy focused on guiding users through an email series that provided valuable insights and tips for curating a memorable safari experience while emphasising the brand’s commitment to wildlife conservation. The expertise of the brand founder played a pivotal role in creating compelling ad copy that highlighted the brand’s unique offerings. Additionally, we implemented a direct strategy by driving traffic to a dedicated landing page where users could explore specific aspects of their safari trip in detail and request a quote.




The implementation of our strategy yielded positive outcomes for Gamewatchers, generating leads and driving bookings. The educational component successfully engaged users, nurturing their interest and deepened their understanding of the brand’s unique value proposition. The collaboration with the brand founder in crafting compelling ad copy elevated the brand’s positioning and attracted a highly receptive audience. The direct approach, through the dedicated landing page, provided users with the necessary information and tools to explore their safari options and take the next step towards booking. These combined efforts resulted in increased engagement, lead generation, and ultimately, a boost in bookings for Gamewatchers.

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