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Go Groopie, a prominent deal marketplace brand, serves as a provider of vouchers for a wide range of products and services sourced from various businesses. Their platform offers deep discounts, typically ranging from 50% to 90% off market prices, on a diverse selection of offerings across three key categories: physical products, local service offers, and domestic and international travel promotions. Go Groopie’s primary goal is to connect customers with irresistible deals and provide them with exceptional value for their money.




In a competitive market, Go Groopie faced the challenge of curating and promoting the best deals available to capture the attention of potential customers. With a vast array of deals to choose from, identifying the top-performing vouchers required extensive testing and optimisation. The sheer volume and diversity of offers necessitated a structured approach to ensure effective organisation, optimisation, and streamlined management across various categories and seasonal campaigns.




Go Groopie’s success hinged on implementing a robust advertising strategy that highlighted the best offers and captured the interest of their target audience. We recognised the importance of testing multiple ad variations to identify the most engaging and compelling creatives. Our strategy involved running a significant number of ads, leveraging captivating product imagery or videos, and emphasising the substantial discounts in the ad’s primary text and headline. To streamline the campaign management and optimise performance, we created multiple ad accounts dedicated to specific categories and seasonal promotions, such as Christmas offers and tech products.




The implementation of our advertising strategy yielded impressive results for Go Groopie, driving increased customer engagement and boosting the platform’s popularity. Through rigorous testing and optimisation, we identified the most effective ad variations that resonated with the target audience, resulting in higher click-through rates and conversions. The visually captivating creatives, combined with the emphasis on substantial discounts, successfully captured the attention and interest of potential customers. The use of separate ad accounts for different categories and seasonal promotions allowed for streamlined management and improved targeting, further enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness.

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