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Nebula, a horoscope and astrology app catering to Gen Z and Millennial users, aimed to enhance its advertising efforts by creating compelling ad creatives that resonate with its target audience. As a platform known for providing quality astrology-based services, Nebula sought to leverage engaging content to drive user engagement and attract new users.




Nebula had been managing their TikTok ads in-house but faced challenges in sourcing effective video content. The time and effort invested in sourcing videos did not yield the desired results. Recognising the need for expert assistance, Nebula approached Upbeat Agency to outsource the creative process and enhance the production of ad content.




Upbeat Agency combined their expertise in performance marketing and content creation to devise an effective strategy for Nebula. Leveraging their knowledge of the target audience and industry, Upbeat Agency focused on developing engaging scripts and briefs to guide the content creation process. Through their extensive network of creators, Upbeat Agency sourced talented individuals who could produce high-quality video content aligned with Nebula’s brand identity and messaging.

To address ad fatigue, Upbeat Agency prioritised strengthening key aspects such as clear call-to-actions (CTAs) and variations in topics. This approach ensured that the ads remained fresh and captivating, capturing the attention of the target audience and driving desired actions.


By partnering with Upbeat Agency, Nebula witnessed significant improvements in their TikTok advertising campaigns. The professionally produced ad creatives, enriched with engaging scripts and compelling visuals, resonated strongly with the target audience. The collaboration resulted in increased user engagement and improved campaign performance.


The expertise of Upbeat Agency in performance marketing and content creation helped Nebula to optimise their advertising efforts. The refined ad content, featuring strong CTAs and topic variations, prevented ad fatigue and maintained the interest of viewers. As a result, Nebula experienced a boost in brand awareness, user acquisition, and engagement with their astrology-based services.

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