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ProCook, a kitchenware brand with over 20 years of experience, has been dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality cookware sets to customers across the UK. Initially operating through mail orders, the brand has expanded its presence with over 50 stores nationwide. Their product range has grown extensively, offering everything a well-equipped kitchen needs, from essential items to specialised tools. ProCook differentiates itself by offering mostly own-brand and exclusive products, allowing them to provide significant discounts compared to competitors. The main objective of the campaign was to leverage the brand’s competitive pricing, utilise existing customer data, and employ targeted strategies to drive engagement, conversions, and scale the business effectively.




The campaign faced several challenges, including effectively targeting the right audience based on their interests, leveraging website traffic for remarketing efforts, and optimising promotional offers to drive conversions. Additionally, identifying winning products to scale the business and effectively segmenting messaging for different product ranges were key challenges that needed to be addressed.




To achieve the campaign objectives, we developed a comprehensive strategy that encompassed interest-based targeting, remarketing, website traffic utilisation, and running special offers and promotions. By leveraging audience interests, we aimed to reach potential customers who were actively seeking kitchenware products. Website traffic was utilised through remarketing campaigns to engage with visitors who had shown interest but had not yet converted. Special offers and promotions were deployed strategically to incentivise purchases and drive conversions. Additionally, we focused on identifying winning products within different product ranges and scaling their promotion for maximum impact.




The implementation of our targeted strategy yielded positive results for ProCook, driving engagement, conversions, and scalability. Interest-based targeting enabled us to reach potential customers with specific interests, effectively connecting with an audience actively seeking kitchenware products. Remarketing efforts utilising website traffic allowed us to re-engage with interested visitors, increasing the chances of conversion. The deployment of special offers and promotions successfully incentivised purchases and drove higher conversion rates. By identifying winning products within different product ranges, we were able to scale their promotion, maximising their visibility and sales potential. Overall, these efforts resulted in increased website traffic, improved engagement metrics, higher conversion rates, and business growth for ProCook.

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