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Scamp & Dude



Scamp and Dude, a purpose-led fashion brand, originated from the founder’s personal experience of undergoing life-saving brain surgery and spending an extended period in the hospital. With a focus on “feel good fashion,” the brand offers vibrant and stylish clothing for children, designed to make them feel and look good. In addition, Scamp and Dude actively support those in need by donating products to women and children in hospitals.


Scamp and Dude approached Upbeat seeking to expand their advertising efforts onto the Meta platform. Although the brand had not previously advertised on Meta, they were intrigued by the platform’s potential after hearing Upbeat Agency’s founder speak at an event. 




The primary challenge for Scamp and Dude was navigating the transition from traditional advertising channels to the Meta platform. As a brand committed to both fashion and social impact, it was crucial to develop a Meta advertising strategy that effectively showcased their vibrant clothing line and communicated their purpose-driven mission. Additionally, the brand sought to generate leads and expand their email lists to foster long-term customer relationships.




To address Scamp and Dude’s objectives, we devised a comprehensive Meta advertising strategy. Leveraging the suite of tools available, we ensured a diverse range of ad formats and creatives to captivate the target audience. Our approach included implementing a complete marketing funnel within the Meta advertising account, encompassing dynamic product ads for retargeting and customer retention. Additionally, we supplemented the brand’s existing image creatives with engaging video content. Lead generation was another key aspect of the strategy, aimed at strengthening their email lists and fostering ongoing customer engagement.



The implementation of Scamp and Dude’s Meta advertising strategy yielded impressive results, driving brand growth and expanding their customer base. By effectively leveraging the platform’s tools and capabilities, we successfully showcased the brand’s vibrant clothing line and communicated their purpose-driven mission. The diverse range of ad formats and creatives captivated the target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales growth. The lead generation campaigns also proved fruitful, enabling Scamp and Dude to strengthen their email lists and foster ongoing customer relationships.

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