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Shake That Weight

graphic design


Shake That Weight, a renowned meal replacement brand, is dedicated to helping customers achieve their weight loss goals through a range of delicious products, including shakes, meals, and snacks. Their offerings are carefully designed to be low in fat and carbohydrates while providing a high protein content through a unique production method. The brand’s success is underscored by the inspiring stories and transformative journeys shared by real individuals, accompanied by before and after photos, displayed on their website. Shake That Weight approached us with two primary objectives: to expand their mailing list and generate more product purchases. In addition to their paid marketing efforts, they also sought to revitalise their organic social media presence by organising a professional photoshoot to capture fresh, Instagram-worthy imagery. This imagery, along with customer testimonials and motivational quotes, would be used to enhance their social media pages.


Shake That Weight faced the challenge of achieving two distinct goals: increasing their mailing list and driving product purchases. Additionally, they aimed to overcome Facebook’s ad policy restrictions on user-generated content, which played a crucial role in their brand’s success story narrative. Our task was to find creative solutions to showcase user testimonials and imagery in a compliant manner, while maximising the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.


To address Shake That Weight’s objectives, we devised a dual-track strategy. Firstly, we created lead generation campaigns in a separate ad account to optimise each campaign objective effectively. We leveraged the power of user-generated content, which formed the core of Shake That Weight’s success stories, by utilising carousel cards and video creatives to showcase testimonials and imagery. For their organic social media efforts, we conducted a professional photoshoot to capture fresh, visually appealing content that would engage their target audience and invigorate their social media presence. This content, along with motivational quotes and customer testimonials, would be shared across their social media channels.



The collaboration between Shake That Weight and our agency produced impactful results across both paid and organic marketing efforts. The lead generation campaigns in the separate ad account successfully expanded the brand’s mailing list, driving increased engagement and opportunities for direct communication. By leveraging compliant carousel cards and video creatives, we effectively conveyed the success stories and transformative journeys of Shake That Weight customers, fostering trust and resonance among the target audience. The revitalised organic social media pages, enriched with fresh, visually captivating imagery, customer testimonials, and motivational quotes, resulted in higher engagement, increased brand visibility, and a stronger online presence.

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